Updating/restoring my Mordheim stuff

Hi guys,

I’m super happy to have found my way back to this forum. It was like coming home and brought back loads of memories of crazy Brush Slave projects and support on my blogs.

So lets try that again! Unfortunately I’m not working on anything Chaos Dwarfy at the moment…

disclaimer This is going to be a long one, so sit down, take off your shoes and grab a beer, it’s story time with Uncle Bas ;p

Last year has been a weird one. With all the lockdowns, social distancing and more fun times I’ve been a little lost. With no tournaments and no wargames in the forseeing future I was painting random stuff that was gathering dust in my closet for way too long.

To get a little structure back in my days I decided to keep a log of all the random projects I was painting. If you’re interested you can find this “Corona-quarantine project log” check out my Instagram. I’m currently at project #40

One day I was sorting out my bitsbox and found my old Mordheim Skaven warband. I built this crew when the game came out (somewhere in the late 90s?) and had loads of fun with this game. But somewhere along the road this crew ended up with the rest of my leftovers, and they were pretty beat up:

I figured this would be a nice Corona project, so I decided to give them a little update. Some time in the stripper and some extra models from a friend later and I once again have a proper Skaven warband to stalk the Mordheim ruins:

There was just one little project, so lets continue the story in the next post…


My Skaven warband was finished and I wanted to make some cool pictures. And that brings us to the reason I actually started this topic! I told you it would be a long story! :wink:

My problem was, cool pictures need cool backgrounds! Just like in the older rulebooks, Skaven should be stalking around a city, not standing on a boring black or white background! And I knew I had the Mordheim buildings lying around a box somewhere, I used to use these for my games of Warhammer!

But, just like the Skaven, the buildings were starting to show their age…

I had tried to updated them before long ago, but it turns out that foamboard and balsawood aren’t the most durable materials…

So yeah, I knew I could do better now. I grabbed some plasticard and some time cutting, scraping and glueing later I ended up with this:

It’s a long stronger now, I think I can throw it around the room without too much damage, so it should be fine for a couple of years. A little coat of paint and this is how it looks now:

I really want to stay close to the style GW uses, so I won’t add too much debris and rubble.

And this first building turned out really well. I liked it so much an idea started to form…


The first building was a succes, and it demanded more. It looks like the lockdown will never end, so I should have some more time to work on stuff like this…

And the Mordheim starter had loads more terrain. For the youngsters, this is what was included:

(it is so old, there seem to be no HD pics of it online ;p)

Ok, so next project. There was some terrain in the box that never got build, because it was too flimsy or too hard to put together. I’m talking about the fireplace and the statue. I took the original templates and build my own from plasticard. I also added some barricades:

Again, a lot more sturdy and usable in battle I think :slight_smile: And with a coat of paint it turned out like this:

So that looks a lot better. One building and some random scatter terrain, almost enough for a backdrop for some picture ;p


And that brings us to today (finally). Good start of a project asks for more, so I’m working on some more buildings:

This turned into this:

And that’s where I’m at for now. I plan to at least finish the Starterbox, and then maybe work my way through the Blood on the Streets buildlings (if I can find some extra plastic bits).

I hope you like it! There’s more to come :smile:

Is there a Chaos Dwarf warband for Mordheim? Might be a fun and more ontopic subject for this forum ;p


Outstanding- love mordheim

I’m currently planning a pretty crazy mordheim board project for whenever this virus buggers off and my group can start gaming again. I’ll post pics and progress when I do :slight_smile:


This is an outstanding project, loved seeing all that old card scenery and great job creating them too, amazing stuff


And you can also use it for Frorstgrave!

Love the last building and the new project it has become. I would cut up the last building in 2. is easier for storage and gives more options on the battlefield. (and its a nice little challenge for you to keep it interesting)


Hmm… Maybe if I put some magnets in? Totally useless but magnets are magic…

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This is why I love forums! You post stuff and get feedback to make it better :smiley:

Lets see if this works…


Bas that’s excellent!!! 100% stealing this idea! Haha

There’s an unofficial one which is very popular.

Never played it myself but have made a warband to work with the rules:

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There’s also ‘In Hashuts Name’ - https://www.scribd.com/book/28082790

Haven’t used either this or the other one so can’t vouch for which is best.

Cool, I’ll check out the rules and have a look through my to do pile to see if I can put together a warband :slight_smile:

For now I’ve been steadily working on another building. This time the biggest one from the starterset. I took Bolgs advice and decided to make it break apart in some smaller parts for easy storage and more options on the playing field.

It’s still a WIP. There are some details left to do but the main structure is finished. After this I only have to build one other building from the starterset. And then ofcourse there’s painting…

The next couple of days we have a snowstorm coming here in the Netherlands, so it should be nice and cosy to paint a few buildings from the warmth of my home ;p

(I’ve uploaded the video’s to Youtube. Should be easier/more clear to see on here)


So much inspiration here Bas !!! Great work


Ok kids, today I was reminded of one of the most important rules of modelling:

Always cut away from yourself!

Now I have a nice gash in my hand, so that wasn’t fun.

But there was a positive in this experience! When I cut myself I threw the building I was working on across my house in frustration… and it survived! So it gets a check on the sturdy test ;p


Ouch, a lesson learned… again, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope it didn’t go too bad.

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This is a lesson is seem to have to learn and relearn constantly.

I once had to drive to hospital using a manual car (and one hand) because the other was covered in tissue paper and held above my head due to the bleeding.

It was a warhammer related injury :joy:

I lost a chunk of my left index finger because the “flesh was not viable” (which sounds like a heavy metal album to me) and when the nurse asked me how I did it and I explained he called me a “twat”hahah.


While working on the last building of this set, I couldn’t resist making this picture:

So yeah, there’s not much paint on it, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Mordheim!


Frack. Its already stunning!

Looking forward to the finished result