CDO meetup 2022

It does have a 550 deposit… :sweat_smile:

Wow, we could do a whole CDO convention in there :smiley:

But sure, I mean something like this would be ace, more than enough room for gaming as well es sleeping.

So I guess we would be looking at either April 2nd/3rd or 9th/10th? Sounds good!

Sure, its too big. And only the first I’ve checked that seems to fit. But it does fit well…

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Bare in Mind I’d be travelling 2nd at the earliest. Maybe the later date is better?

Plenty of time before and after


Yeah I kinda figured 9th/10th would be best for you. Unless you’d be planning on a trip with the family and then the weekend would be smack in the middle…


Oh yes…the family…

I’ll level with you Jasko. I was seeing this as a long weekend away from the family hahah :see_no_evil::joy:

Dad of the year or what? Haha :joy:


Well we Dawi Zharr are a dwindling race, many of our fortresses build for more numerous days, so… :wink:


“No honey, no problem at all, you and the kids go ahead to your mum’s, I have this thing in the Netherlands, you know, with the guys, long planned and all, I’ll catch up with you at Easter then…”

Yes, 1000x yes. So long as I don’t have to organise anything.

I’m easy as far as times and place are concerned, I’m owed about half of next year off work at this point.


@Habitual_Lurker see you at the airport bar


@Oxymandias ditto… family holiday! Meaning holiday away from the family!

@Habitual_Lurker yes! And don’t worry, I don’t mind doing most of the planning.

@Jasko true! This specific venue is in Belgium, but I think it’s closer for you then 85% of the Netherlands

I was thinking the weekend of the 9th too, as it’s smack in the middle.

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Sounds like a fun idea; unfortunately due to health reasons I can’t really travel far, so anything outside of the South Wales area is a no go for me, so I’ll have to sit this one out.

Assuming it’s held somewhere with Wi-Fi, what do people think about streaming the game(s) on the Brazen Broadcast YouTube channel for those that can’t make it?


Ah that’s a shame @Lord_of_Uzkulak would have been good to have you along bud.

Yeah I think some kind of stream, recording or broadcast will be a must to record the event :slight_smile:

That is actually a great idea!

Also… shame you might not make it.

Excellent idea with the stream!

Shame you cannot make it. I’d say if this one works out well, we don’t let it be a one-off thing. The next one should be in the motherland of the hobby then, my gf anyway has friends in Wales, I’ll just park her there with them, head over for CDO Weekender 2.0, then maybe a couple of days in Cornwall with the missus, done. Actually sounds like an awesome time, let’s definitely do this one as well :joy:


This sounds like a bundle of fun. If it works for my schedule I’d love to tag along.


I updated the first post with some specifics, like potential date, location and venue details.

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That’s a long trip for you my friend. It would be pretty awsome…

Wonderful initiative! Thanks for getting that ball rolling. I’d love to take part. :beer:

9th of April should, in principle, work for me (I’m also bound to school holidays, which start on the 9th for me, so after our get-together I might stay a few more days wherever we’ll end up doing this). I cannot commit myself fully as of yet, as there are still some factors over which I have no power, but I imagine that goes for most of us. :smile:

Just an idea though: Maybe a date in summer might accomodate more people and be more suited to outdoor shenanigans? Also, judging from my perception of the last two years, summer tends to be more relaxed regarding Covid restrictions than April.