CDO Perpetual Campaign: The Royal Game of Zharr

Hello Chaos Dwarf Online users,

Let me introduce you to a new initiative, The Royal Game of Zharr. This is a perpetual campaign for CDO users to take part in, where by submitting the results of their wargames, their character’s inluence in the central circle of Zharr Naggrund may rise to lofty heights or come crashing down in shame and ignomy.

The purpose of this campaign is to enthuse users into playing with their Chaos Dwarf miniatures more often. In the same way that BatG has enthused many of us to paint more, it is my hope that this will get use throwing dice more often!

1) How this works:

Warlords and Sorcerers of Zharr Naggrund constantly vie for the favour or their superiors and look for opportunities to outdo their rivals. In the “Royal Game of Zharr” your victories and losses in real life tabletop wargames can change your warlord’s status and standing in the city centre of Zharr Naggrund.
To play, all you need to do is message me, playing the role of Astragoth Ironhand and GM of the campaign, sending him a picture of your chosen warlord and ask to be given control of a small part of the city. From then on, whenever your chaos dwarfs fight, in your wargame of choice, message him with the result. Was it a major or minor victory? A major or minor loss? A draw? Your results will affect your standing in the city. You may gain or lose influence over certain districts if your results please or displease Astragoth Ironhand. In small narratice excerpts, your warlord may be publicly praised or disciplined.
From time to time, Astragoth will decree that a particular enemy or enemies must be sought out and destroyed on the battlefield. In these cases, additional boons may be granted to those who complete these tasks, finding and fighting opponents with these armies.
The system is without rules and is completely narratively driven. I serve as the “game master” and myword is canon regardless of whether or not it is perceived as “fair”. Players in the royal game of Zharr should know that life in The Darklands is many things…but seldom is it fair.

2) The Map of Central Zharr Naggrund:

3) The Current Warlords of Zharr Naggrund.
(Place holder for images of the generals taking part)

4) Live Map of Zharr Naggrund displaying each general’s “sphere of influence” over parts of the city centre.

The link below is the “live map”. This is the map that will be linked regularly and where players can compare their “sphere of influence” with one another.!134&ithint=file%2Cpptx&authkey=!AgG2_oUijzjJDJ0

5) Frequenty Asked Questions:

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I don’t play very often. Is this okay?
Yes! Although bare in mind your influence may grow slower if you fight less battles. However, those who play many battles, may lose them all so this might be for the best!

Can I use non chaos dwarf armies in this campaign?
Yes and no. If you have an army that is allied with chaos dwarfs, you may attribute their victory to your general. Perhaps your orcs or ogres are slaves under his control? However, there are some armies who would never fight for the glory of Zharr Naggrund such as elves, lizardmen or humans. So consider this before messaging with a battle outcome.

Do you care what game system I play?
Nope! This is a narrative perpetual campaign. It doesn’t matter if your victories or losses were in AoS, KoW, WHFB , T9A , 28mm, 15mm, mass battle or skirmish. All that matters is that you message with the outcomes so that the game master can update the map and narrative outcomes.

I don’t want to miss any updates such as narrative announcements or challenges. How can I do this?
Campaigners will be added to a group that i can tag with a single “@” so that they do not miss updates.

What happens if I have to drop out?
No big deal, message me and we will work out a narrative reason for your warlord leaving the city. Maybe they die, are banished or turn to stone? After this your territories will be up for grabs!

Does it matter who I play?
No! Maybe you’ve only got one gamer mate who only has one faction? So what!? Declare war on that faction and keep on beating them! Maybe you are a club gamer or tournament gamer who gets many games against different factions. This is also fine. Even playing against Chaos Dwarfs is fine. Perhaps they are a traitor who needs to be put down? Also, this can run alongside any other campaigns or gaming events you are a part of. All it requires is that you message with outcome of any games you have played.

The campaign has already started. Can I still join in?
Absolutely! There are always new daemonsmiths climbing the ranks and wanting to make a name for themselves. We will find a space for you!

The whole map is full. How can I gain more territory?
If you keep winning, your influence will grow! If there is no room for expansion, perhaps Astragoth will punish those who are losing or not fighting regularly by gifting some of their territory to you!

What is to stop a player from lying about their wins and hiding their losses?
Nothing at all. But imagine having an ego so fragile that you feel the need to do such a thing! This is a bit of fun. If you are winning regularly, you will be rewarded. If you lose regularly, laugh it off and enjoy the narrative shennanigans of your warlord being flogged in a town square.

This is called “perpetual”. Will it really go on forever?
Until the light-death of the universe? Probably not. For a little while? I hope so. It will depend on engagement and enjoyment. If it has to end, I may come up with a suitable narrative event to end it on. (I won’t call it The End Times, don’t worry!)



I love this idea. Would matches on TTS count? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Great idea! Azrubal the Ambitious shall participate. Time to take a nice picture of him! :smile:

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@KhamdrimSkyMaster if thats your main way of getting tabletop gaming in, I’d hate to exclude you because of it. So got for it


Excellent @Antenor ! I look forward to it


I don’t have anyone near me that would play fantasy, so I’m stuck with good ole TTS. Hell, I’d even be down to play you or Chitz (or anyone who’d be willing to deal with my lack of knowledge).


I’ve never used TTS but i’ll try anything once!


I will absolutely be joining!


Well in that case…. Khamdrin SkyMaster’s legions take to the skies for glory!!


Ill join! And ill have to start spamming my gaming group for battles apparently!

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This looks GREAT.


Apparently that’s your first post in 5 months Vince :joy::joy::joy:

Lurker by name?

But you are present for all my games of warhammer, how will I be able to cheat

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I go through phases… Some months I read 5k posts, some months I read none.


even though i have yet to play a game, nor do i have the means to do so, i will be following this for the story’s sake! I may also lie about any and all wins I have.


Oh shit, does that work? You gotta enlight me with it as I never tried playing WHFB on TTS!
I knew there was a possibility but never explored it


I love this idea very much!
Will try to join, but I fear I don’t get enough games in (and I usually try to balance my games a little between my armies).

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@Jasko i get this but I think you should definitely get involved. Don’t forget that your goblins victories and losses can be attributed to your general as well :slight_smile:

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@Antenor @KhamdrimSkyMaster @Jasko @flagellant04 @MichaelX - you guys seem like definitely interested

@chitzkoi @Habitual_Lurker @Stumpy you guys seem Interested too

Let’s say one week before we kick off.
If you send me a picture of the miniature that represents your warlord, the name of their faction and a little about them - Astrogoth will gift them a small part of the city.

After I’ve got at least 5 players ready , I reckon, I’ll start the campaign by setting up an “@“ group with a narrative opener and the results can begin flooding in.


Interesting :thinking: Could also apply to Ogre Kingdoms?! I mean that might open up a whole other side of it.
I would say that “third party” games should not have the same impact on the story as games with Chaos Dwarfs though, right? Like, a major win with my general gives my a certain outcome in the Royal Game, but if I only used some allied/enslaved Goblins or Ogres or so, it’s not quite as impactful for my guy. Or would that make it too tedious? And on the other hand, using some enslaved Goblin tribe is probably accepted (and almost necessary) in CD society…

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