Chaos Dwarf Kickstarter Coming soon from Punga Miniatures

BigMekBork on our discord server discovered this Kickstarter coming soon

We think it’s actual models not STLs. So better for some users and not so good for others haha

Models look class though!


Hot damn!

@Habitual_Lurker mentioned that they have had past kickstarters that delivered late and caused some disappointment. So maybe tread carefully Hashut Heads


In the interests of balance I will point out that people did eventually get their minis and were happy with them. The issues were lateness, terrible communication and awful customer service when people were trying to chase their orders. So make your own judgement call really.

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Like with any Kickstarter really.

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well, shit. it’s great. damn!

Jupp, I like it as well… :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s a fine looking BC, no doubt.

Although I came across this today, so proceed with caution:

Im a bit confused the conversation posted seems to be about Norba Miniatures which ran a KS some time ago. But the Chaos Dwarves above are by Punga, which got some bad Covid delays but all delivered as far as I know.

Haha I’m an idiot who misreads things, that’s clearly the issue here. What a muppet!
I’m hanging my head in shame.

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On the upside that does mean I can now back this kickstarter without worrying about it.

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These are soo good! Cant wait for the KS.


Yowza! Those are some nice evil footballers!

One more reminder request because I keep forgetting: how does this Kickstarter thing work again? Would I need to pay a monthly subscription to have access to these minis?

Nah @Ihsan997 that’s patreon. This is the one where you all pay into it once to get it made

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Right, that’s the one I was thinking of. Is there a link for further info outside of Facebook? I don’t use it. I checked their website, and apparently there’s a newsletter. I’m not sure if that’s another way to see the details.

Not atm, but Ill post once it live for sure.

Kickstarter work like this: Starts when the KS is live and you got a say 2 week window to pledge what you want to buy. After two weeks you get to confirm it and then pay. The KS then gets made and shipped out, this usually takes a few weeks-months for these companies. Some boardgames and stuff never really launch so there is always a risk(See the 10mm Chaos Dwarfs Dancing Yak Miniatures). But Punga and several other smaller companies has made this a part of their model together with Patreon. Its simply a way to make sure you can estimate sales a bit for physical models and not sit on too much stock etc. @Admiral used the same process for Admiralty Miniatures, made moulds etc to know all costs, run a KS to estimate how much to cast and then ship when its all done. :slight_smile:

Ive backed 15-20 KS thru the years and never had any of them not deliver, but its “trust thing”. You pay to get something made…


Damn those are everytime more and more interesting
I’ll probably buy them when they’re live, damn those are some nice models!

Also, So strange to see them in 32mm


I have some campaigns I backed for boardgames and dice that ended right at the start of the pandemic. They have not yet been delivered, but they do still update us on the progress. Production and transport is still backed up quite a bit. I’m not worried.

It’s a good description of how KS works!

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