Chaos Dwarf model prices

Hey guys,

I collected the iconic big hat Chaos Dwarfs as a boy but have sadly misplaced much of my collection. With the advent of the Old World, I thought it might be fun to try and recreate my army.

My question is, what are fair prices for those classic GW models? Are they particularly pricey at the moment because of TOW, or is that price pretty consistent?

And does anyone have any sneaky tips on where to look?

Thanks, James


Hey James,

They’ve always been pricey due to rareness and being a niche army.

@chitzkoi might be able to offer some more insights.


Hi james! Welcome to CDO!
I’m sure you can imagine this is a constant topic for us.

The first thing to do is AVOID EBAY. I’ll explain. Do you use Discord?


I do!


Not sure how classic we’re going. I only track big hat and Azgorh stuff - and I only do it a few times each year. Started in 2019 or so.

Briefly, based on eBay only, and using the completed listings for things that look like original models and not recasts or things painted to a high standard (prices in $CDN) per model:

Blunderbuss: $16.26
metal axemen: $17.13
plastic axemen: $7.93
metal musician: $17.65
metal standard bearer: $20.92
metal leader: $29
astragoth: $63.95
metal heroes or sorcerer: $86.62
lord on taurus: $141.26
sorcerer on lammasu: $184.83

hobgoblin hero on wolf: $58.79
hobgoblin champions: $20.80
hobgoblin with hand weapons: $12.49
hobgoblin archers: $15.48
hobgoblin musicians: $13.91
hobgoblin sneaky gits: $11.15
hobgoblin wolf riders: $27.43

If you’re after older stuff (MM90, etc) that would take a more digging. I have a few prices, most average out to $16.60 per model right now although the MM90/1 sorcerer seems to have the biggest price swings. I’ve seen some go for just over $90CDN and others for around $25

Best of luck dodging the eBay price gougers,

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You can find some additional insight here

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