Chaos Dwarf Radio: The Brazen Broadcast #2.5

Welcome to a bonus “2.5” episode of Chaos Dwarf Radio.
@Oxymandias , @chitzkoi , @MichaelX and @Reaver discuss the entrants from the 36th Golden Hat painting competition!
Check out the pictures we are talking about before or while you listen! Golden Hat XXXVI - Voting!
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Link to the entrants discussed: Golden Hat XXXVI - Voting!

Featuring the work of: @Deebo , @MichaelX , @Reaver @denelian5 @Abecedar , @HighOnHeresy @Zanko , @ryanamandaanna @Oxymandias , @Jackswift @IronHaiden and @Zoddtheimmortal


Thanks for the tidy up @tjub ! Handnt noticed the new section :slight_smile:


Great episode and thanks for all the kind words about mine and everyone else’s entries


Very detailed examination of each entry. Listened to it while i was painting. Good job!


Awesome broadcast!
Thank you all for the kind words and the many laughs, put it up on the TV and had everyone in stitches!!
@chitzkoi - Nailed it on the head exactly, my thought process for this paint scheme… “Fuck that, it’s 1994!” :hatoff:

I have been told by my wife that I must graffiti that quote onto my new cupboard where the Chaos Dwarfs live lol

Also big ups to LK mini’s for providing this lovely model for me to use, even if not as originally intended, I saw too much potential in him to be just a statue and was hell bent on taking him back to the 90’s… bright, colourful & pissed off haha as @Oxymandias & @MichaelX mentioned.

@Reaver - Any advertisement contracts come up in the States, PM me, I am his manager and this bad boy loves smashing walls!! lol

Thank you all again for the review it has fueled my hell forges and my daemon smiths are hard at work tonight continuing their building of a weapon of terrible power in the name of the blessed Hashut and CDO!
All Hail Hashut, Long live CDO! :hatshut:


“ Oh Yeah! “


Glad you enjoyed it @Deebo.

You should print that quote on a fancy plaque and spray paint it gold!


Ohhh I like that idea!


Loved seeing all the creative entries.


Thank you for an awesome show and all the kind words! :lammasu1:

I’m happy you guys like the skin and beard colours, and indeed the whip is from one of the newer Blood Thirster models.

FYI I never took GW tournaments into consideration for my build, but went with ideas in my head and bit box. But… in the end, yup it’s totally GW parts only :upside_down_face: You should see his brother though, Bologs goes all kinds’a crazy with bits and concepts :cd1991gif:


Wonderful going, wonderful spirit! Great stuff. It’s so rewarding listening to this. :beer:

I somehow also missed the broken wall meaning that the giant had ran through it, by staring exclusively at @Deebo 's eye-catching giant.

And yep, @Zanko (and @Abecedar) are persistent like true Dwarfs… of Chaos of course!

I’m constantly impressed anew by their vast painted collections, their new ideas and additions to their armies. As a long-running contest monkey, it’s always a treat to see these long-running competition warriors’ entries. I cannot predict any of their upcoming entries, even though @Zanko have a Lizard King theme while @Abecedar often goes for something humorous with brutalized captive Dwarf Slayers involved, so it’s a long-running joy to see them both crank out ever more fine additions to their growing forces with marvellous consistency and tenacity, and active imagination.

Special hat off to these two contest veterans par excellence. :hatoff:

Great work, everyone!

…and @Abecedar , I must ask at last: Do you hate Unbreakable units? :wink:


PS. Everyone who entered GH XXXVI, don’t miss this Brazen Broadcast. You’ll hear some lovely discussions about your very good entries, all of you:

01 - @Deebo
02 - @MichaelX
03 - @Reaver
04 - @denelian5
05 - @Abecedar
06 - @HighOnHeresy
07 - @Zanko
08 - @ryanamandaanna
09 - @Oxymandias
10 - @Jackswift
11 - @IronHaiden
12 - @Zoddtheimmortal



I’ve finished watching through it while sculpting, and by Hashut, what a rollercoaster of an ending! My sides are practically bursting right now and I’m not surprised if the neighbours have heard loud laughter within the last minutes. :smiley:

I am so proud of you all. You were given what you wanted and you grabbed it with both hands with eager fervour! Oh, and your wives’ and girlfriends reactions were hilarious, haha!

And yes folks… guilty as charged. :hatoff:

@Uther.the.unhinged : Given your trepidations for what is to come in the Artisan’s Contest, I believe this would be of interest to you and Igor. The relevant talk starts from circa 1:29:00 here, though the entire broadcast is of great quality and well worth watching. I really recommend you listen to the last 12 minutes.


Nah, I’m not biased or nuthin’. I just hates Dwarfs.
And “Unbreakable” is just dwarfs standing there waiting to die.

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Finally got to take a listen to the entire Broadcast. Top notch stuff gentlemen. The detail you go into related to each model is excellent, and keeps the listener well engaged. Thanks very much for the comments on my entry. Great incentive to keep chopping things to bits and reassembling them :cd1990gif:. It is always great to hear how others see each of the entries, and what draws the eye. There were many items called out on the entries, that I also had not noticed or realized what was there when initially viewing the images. I hope you keep up these broadcasts for future contests. It adds something to the contest itself, and will be something the entrants and spectators look forward to. Cheers and Thanks! :hatoff:


Thanks guys for another fantastic episode! Your passion for Chaos Dwarfs and this community is always palpable, and you’ve inspired me to for the first time enter an Artisan’s or Golden Hat competition. I’ll even try to enter a painted model, @MichaelX :cd1991gif: (but thank Hashut it’s not strictly mandatory for the Artisan’s contest…)


I’m sure it will be fantASStic @Jasko !


Ahaha, well I don’t think I will join your particular sub-contest there :joy:
I’m finally moving in together with my gf in a few weeks, which will already stress her hitherto surprisingly supportive attitude towards the hobby (she isn’t really aware just how much stuff is hiding in every corner of my apartment), not sure I should pick exactly this time to also introduce her to the concept of deamon-ass-cannons…


On the other hand… if she stays after that she’s a keeper


When i asked my wife for an daemon ass cannon for my birthday last year she thought it was a sex toy or something. She seemed slightly disappointed when i showed her. She did love telling everyone she knew what she had bought me though…


Haha… I find it hard to believe you :sweat_smile: a wife being disappointed when her husband gets excited about a weird/old model? Couldn’t have happened :sweat_smile: