Chaos Dwarf themed terrain

I’m curious if anyone has any CD themed terrain or tables they’ve assembled over the years. I’m currently printing out Lost Kingdom terrain pieces to eventually make a large display and/or gaming board.

I’ve printed a number of their less involved terrain pieces and my main goal is to finish the Ziggurat seen below. It’s pretty big and takes a while to print but looks pretty sweet. I’ll post more terrain I’m working on and what it looks like once painted here in reply.


That looks absolutely splendid! I bought all those files through the kickstarter and I don’t even own a printer (fomo). :smiley:

I remember them to be absurdly large though… are you printing “as is” or scaling down?

I am planning on using these (with modeled big hats):

as statues for terrain pieces/unit fillers but I haven’t finished any as of yet. :frowning:

Same on grabbing all of the files early during the kickstarter. Not everyone likes LostKingdom’s style but he makes quality models.

I am printing them as is without any resizing atm. The inside of the Ziggurat is right at 55cm square which I’m creating floors for at the moment to lay on top of the supports. Hopefully this time next week I’ll have the first layer done.

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Is that a full scale print? It’s magnificent!


Oh. never mind haha. you are a madman!



This thing is already pretty large, I can’t imagine printing or building the full Ishtar Citadel… The amount of plastic and time it would take to print is crazy, but it would look awesome. Keep in mind, what I’m printing is the smallest top tier.


Holy moly that’s big. You could print it out and use it as a shed in your backyard!


That is a fantastic looking 3d print you have going there, really captures that babylon style aesthetic that the big hats have going in their vibe!

Its not quite on the same detail level that you have on the print there but I always imagined old school big hats with this style of terrain, Ive attached a picture to this post for reference.

It’s not my picture, it was posted by a user called “Bunker” on Lustria-online ( I’ll put a link below for full credit )

I’d love to print something like you’re doing now but I’m a big fab of the old school helmet style dwarfs and I don’t think it would suit them quite right.

Can’t wait to see the completed print and how you paint it all up!


I thought those big terrain STLs are just for looking, not for printing. ^^

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Haha, I was thinking maybe a doghouse or potting shed but any of these may be accurate.

@Kharrdruk_Oathbroken I do like the Babylonian aesthetic for the bighats/FW era CDs but I could also see something along the lines of giant keeps made of black metal/stone that more fits with the helmeted dudes. That’s interesting to take a more Mayan? view on the CD fortresses. LostKingdom has some nice styled terrain for that too.

@Kuanor it probably will be just for looks after its done printing haha. Plus I had a printer and nothing to printing at the time so I thought why not.

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Theres only room for the smallest eggplant. Anything larger and I’d need a bigger printer :dollar: :pound: :euro: