Conversion potential for new Hobgrot Slittaz

It is an oddly versatile kit, I’ve put together 10 warriors, 10 sneaky gits and a hero. I’ve got loads of bits left over, so I need to see what I can cobble together. Even if it’s just a mound of corpses or some torture victims.
I reckon there are enough that are posed with a wide legged stance that you could make wolf riders without too much work.


Hmmmmm I’m getting dangerously close to buying some. I’m skint atm. But next month hmmm

Good news is they are shit in AoS from what I hear. Means they should be cheap cos most gamers won’t want them


Great! Perfect for us then. I hope gw do more hobbo stuff, have a feeling they probably wont though.

Excited to see what else they do us chaos generals can utilise.

Buy yourself 10 while they are this cheap oxymandius, i reckon you will love them


You’re right there. I’d better pick some up before they get FAQ’d into usability.


This is it isn’t it haha.

I’m living in overdraft this month after my car decided to have a wobble. Hopefully they are still rubbish by pay day :joy:

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Always happens just as the money tree runs out of foliage mate.

Can’t imagine they’ll be rewriting any rules just yet, you’ll be OK.


Hoy guys, how about the hobbo heads? Do you get more of those? I don’t like the bald one, they look like testicles to me.
Are there enough helmets? :hob2020:
Bald heads will be great for you all with converting skills for sure

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Yes you get loads of surplus heads -helmets and bald.
Not all heads fit on all bodies as they use pegs to fit in, they can be cut off. I plan on using spare heads and bodies elsewhere… great value kit.

Iprefer the helmets too, each hobbo has the option of 2 heads mostly. Ill start experimenting more once ive built my 1st 20


Yes, 20 vanilla sounds like a well thought choice.
I guess the sprues are 10x sprue then repeat? Or there are 20 different bodies and all?
My eBay purchase is still on its way home
:hat1: .
:cry3: .

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The extra heads is of particular interst…I’m getting 40 next week. If that allows me to convert more from other things even better !

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From making 10 i have 11 spare heads and 5 3/4 bodies missing a leg and front armour. You do have a spare front armour too. The left overs you could make 2 extra and the heads could go on orc or goblin bodies or some greenstuffed creation…


My thoughts exactly. Especially if some have green stuff cloaks etc. It could hide a lot of non sculpted detail!!

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Yeah, there’s a crazy amount of bits on those sprues. Green stuff is definitely our friend here.


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I made this a splinter thread :slight_smile:

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Also… discuss ^


Keeping the armour outside on the clothes certainly works. It goes for a new aesthetic. Nice one.


Makes me think church-y. Or like redemptionists in necromunda.
I take it your deformed goblins will now be relegated to goblins. They certainly fit the part of downtrodden goblin slaves.

I got the stab grot yesterday. He is tall, too tall for a goblin unless he is a very lean peter crouch kind of goblin. Or maybe a hobbo youth.

I always think of hobbos as a breed made by mixing men and gobbos (prob lord of rings- prancing pony etc). Dont know what you all think about that…

Back in tha day i nearly collected a gw hobbo army i


Yeah I was thinking the same

Yes! This! Half orcs / Uruk Hai vibes


Maybe adding some straps or belts of something so armour isn’t just floating?