Deebo's Battle Against the Hordes of Grey! [BATG2021]

Those who know my collection know I have serious “Grey’s Disease”.
I have never in my life played a Warhammer game with a fully painted army, my 1st game would have been around 1996.

I have played in a couple of tournaments, played at multiple clubs and had many games at mates houses and in my own Warhammer rooms over the years and have always burdened the shame of fielding unpainted models.

Something must be done, this can not continue, it’s time for WAR!
By the end of this year I would like to play a game where every single model is painted, not one grey on the table.
This is my primary goal.
My secondary goal is to not end this years BATG in the negatives although I will be starting in the negatives.

To achieve these two goals I will be setting smaller monthly goals in which I will pledge and name an amount of models to be painted within a 4 week period.

My first pledge will begin on the 8th of February at which time I will name and picture the grey’s that I will be attacking with brush and paint. On the 8th of March I will hopefully be showing every single one of those grey’s with a full set of paint on them as well as the next lot of grey’s to be attacked.

I welcome one and all to post here, to get behind me and cheer me on, encouragement will be my key to victory. I am not a great painter by any standard but I am gonna have a damn good crack at this!

:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Purchased: 11
:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Created: 0
:heavy_minus_sign: Models Painted: 0
Score: Negative 11 - Not for long you grey bastards!

Hashut Save Me :taurus2:

Edit: With the new models purchased part, I will add to that as things arrive rather than when I pay for them, ya never know if something might not show up.


:joy: Yes let’s go!!!

Good luck my friend, roll on Feb 8th :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2: :lammasu2:


Not to add pressure :smiley: or maybe a little… no! lets call it motivation… i’m watching this thread (so i’ll get notifications if something is posted!)

Really looking forward to seeing your pile of shame shrink!

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Thank you, I often need alot of motivation when it comes to painting and it is great to have you guys getting behind me, So to reward that I have sat and thought long and hard about what will be the 1st pledge. It was not easy choosing an army but ya know what… at the end of the day I am Dawi Zharr at heart and so these guys will be 1st no matter how hard I find it. These models must be completed by the 8th of March.

Got those guys above undercoated in my old school Skull White and will get cracking on the actual paint job when I get home on the 8th Feb.
I may have ordered more models off fleabay and felt a bit bad so I also started work on my Russian Alternative models today and I am going to try and pack them and a painting kit into my suitcase for my business trip and work on them at night after work.
I intend to do the paintjob in the same old school style as my old ones… Painted guy in the background is my reference and foreman to yell at me! “Paint for Hashut, Paint slave!!”


If only those of us that struggle against the grey could will ourselves to adopt a storage system with a similar methodology.

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 8.20.41 PM


LOL :rofl: @Reaver If only haha!

So my CDs made it all the way to Coffs harbour mostly undamaged, one dude lost a hand. Been trying to get a bit of painting in each night before bed, scored an awesome new light before I left so it came along too.
I would love to get these 11 models done before I get home but it is slow going on these new miniatures compared to the old ones.


Yeah, the Citadel Paint Set! oh the memories

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Coffs harbour! I love that place. Best time of my life there probably (1st time) learnt to scuba dive there too. Tried to emigrate there but i couldnr get work. Went to sydney tbwn back to northern ireland. Lucky bugger!

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It is pretty nice, my biggest client has his main office here and he brings me up alot to do various jobs. We stay just across from the water in jetty village, shame you did not get to stay!

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Nice , i worked in the hostel there for a quite a while. You have to paint fast in australia, paint dries fast! I used to paint some models in a little lite ace van. Aussies get so ripped off on model prices

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Very true on all accounts my friend!! LOL :rofl: I was up in a roof running cat6 today, was hotter than Zharr Naggrund!

@Zoddtheimmortal, @Deebo as a new wet palette owner i can recommend it :smiley: They say it works very well in hot climates too!

Never heard of it mate… Could you elaborate for me?

Sounds to do with wine tasting :smiley:

Haha not for food.

Its basically a plastic bin with a sponge (or “hydrofoam”) on the bottom and parchment paper on top. You soak the sponge in water before adding the paper. When you add a drop of paint on it it stays moist due to the water, sometimes for weeks. Its also thinned to a perfect consistency each time.
Also helps a lot with wet blending or even layering as you can mix on the fly.

There are easy and cheap diy versions to try, but the army painter, StaWet or the Everlasting from redgrassgames are great.

Edit: i was walking the dog in the rain while typing this so i’ll elaborate a little more.

I have not used them for very long (2 days :smiley:) BUUUT i have been looking at pro’s and con’s for a long time and i can confirm a lot if the pro’s. I added some base color (citadel) 2 days ago and it is just as usuable as when i first put it there. It also thinned very nicely without mixing it on a normal palette and adding thinner over and over. Most pro painters say not to use it for metallics and inks/washes/… becuase they just soak up in the sponge and/or leave metallic flaks all over the palette. I have not tried it.


That would be very handy down here, I will have to get one, in summer ya can’t even have a ciggy break without ya paint drying up, so much gets wasted

I hope it helps. You can try a DIY version first, before buying one. In my opinion they work well enough to get the idea, but not as good as one specifically made for this. The most simple one is a few layers of paper towel and parchement paper on top. Doesn’t stay wet nearly as long (days/weeks) but it should help with the paint drying in minutes.

I use acrylic thinner (which is basically water, flow improver and dry retardant) to thin my paints. In my climate that’s extends drying time from 15/20 minutes to 50/60 minutes. My primary reasons for wanting one is the consistency in thinning the paints and being able to keep mixed paints a few days longer.


This was the video that swayed me into doing a DIY version and eventually getting an official redgrass one

edit: also this one

edit edit: @MichaelX I definitely used my DIY one for vallejo metals all the time but I was always replacing the padding underneath so not an issue. I’m a heathen and I’ve used my redgrass one for metals as well and haven’t noticed the sponge picking up anything so far (although it hasn’t been that long). Maybe the sheets they provide are a bit more resistant to bleedthrough. If I were smart I’d have a DIY palette just for metals but alas I’m stubbornly comfortable with how nice it is having the consistency of the redgrass one.

I definitely don’t use it for washes since they would just run everywhere.


Yeah, to be honest i haven’t tested with many paints. I might try with metalics when the paper is about spent and i have to replace it anyway.

Edit: The squidmar one is great. He mentions the metallics.

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I’ll let you know when I have the faceslap moment and have to replace my sponge for that reason.

Good luck @Deebo sorry for hijacking this blog.