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Hi all,

Quick question, with undoubtedly not a quick answer…

The discord server seems to have waves of furry related spam. This isn’t particularly NSFW or anything, but it is somewhat annoying to get random contextless images of semi naked skaven folk, sometimes in the middle of a conversation.

Personally it annoys me a great deal, and I know there are more of you who feel similar… I try to be somewhat neutral, but for some reason it just irks me a lot.

I already asked this question on discord and is spawned a lot of chatter and no real clear cut solution.

Should we add furry related stuff to the list of not allowed topics? To clarify, I DO NOT mean a furry related joke in the context of some conversation. I also DO NOT mean someone sharing a spicy sculpt or mini, again in the context of some conversation or sharing your sculpted minis.
I’m talking about sharing random furry (or any NSFW like) images without context. This is still a chaos dwarf community, and I propose we all try to keep it that way.

Should the majority of us vote to let it be as it is I shall not utter another word about it

  • Ban furry stuff
  • Don’t ban furry stuff

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I made the poll a yes/no poll as too many options often muddles the result. If enough of us want to ban it i will start discussions on WHAT exactly we ban…


It. We ban “it”. :joy:


Heyyyy we finally got a vote in favour!

I’m on the fence; I’d say possibly not a ban on ‘furry’ stuff, but maybe instead a ban on sexualised stuff out of context? Not all furry art is sexualised, but I think most of it shared in the Discord OT has leant in that direction. Of course we then have the problem of deciding where the line is drawn on that front; we probably all have different levels of prudishness so what some might find obscene would be fine for others. Like most things I don’t think this is a clear cut topic. :man_shrugging:t2:


For me personally the difference is very simple.

Is it used in the context of a conversation… sure
Is it just flung in off topic without any context… not fine.

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Nobody has ever felt the need to post nice normal human jugs on the off topic, you guys ever notice that?

It’s tamer than my instagram for everything except animals


And yeah, i agree with this. We get a lot of people who just post their shit and don’t engage with others. They only want to talk about their own stuff and they don’t read up or whatever. The rat tits are actually a subset of that behaviour. I would genuinely look on it differently if it was you @Lord_of_Uzkulak , because you are responsive, engaged and just a normal proper member of the community. But probably because of those things, you somehow don’t seem to feel the need to post rat tits…


Well that and rat tits aren’t my thing; there’s far sexier furry stuff out there than that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I absolutely LOVE that the suggested topic under this is Eisenhans. I guess it was the rat tits that pushed the algorithm over the line?


Baaajahahahhahahajbajz @Eisenhans what say you in your defence?


Now at last we know the true cause of his Slow Descent into Madness…

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Out-of-context furry porn spam is not the kind of problem I’d expect CDO to have, but I think it’s the spam that’s the main issue and it’d be just as problematic if someone drowned a channel in no-context pictures of spatulas.

Maybe as step 1 start a NSFW off-topic channel and send them there, then you’re just policing on-topic-ness and spam rather than furry porn specifically?

Not a frequent Discord user, but Im sure there are better places for Furry related content than CDO! :sweat_smile: By all means do what you like as long as you dont hurt another person, but if its not relevant for CDO then it shouldn’t be there.

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This has been suggested before but honestly… then it will turn into degenerate mush even faster…

You are right about it being spam more then the furry stuff specifically. Just the no context barrage of rat people drawings at this point…


Ill close this poll in a week or do.


I just dont think we need a place for people to masturbate in our community built around out of production wargaming miniatures

Even having to type those words in the same sentence is bizarre


Hey, that depends entirely on how the Oathbreakers and TOW Chaos Dwarf models will look, no kink-shame!

I’ll let myself out…


First the shibari hobgoblins, then the pierced nipples on the human slaves, at this point I expect the new Astragoth to be in a gimp suit


at the last Chaos God Christmas party

Hashut: enters Ho Ho Ho

Slaanesh: Heyyyyyyy, look who’s made it, baby Khorne!

Hashut: fuming For the last time, perv, I’m nothing like Khorne!

Slaanesh: Sure, sure, you’re right. fondling… something But do tell, I see a lot of your followers, well, not a lot in a strictly quantative sense, you know, it’s more like occasional, running around with fire and burning coal, and I was just…

Hashut: Well he can’t call dibs on fire, now can he? Burning sacrifices kind of comes with the whole God-thing, that’s nothing special!

Slaanesh: I don’t know, pal, I also see lots of red among your people…

Hashut: Oh COME ON, now a whole damn colour? Red was always my favourite, you can ask my mum, even when I was little I…

Slaanesh: Hey I’m just saying, yellow was available, or a nice orange, but soooomehow you just went with red, didn’t you? Interesting.

Hashut: mumbling There’s also some gray, but whatever…

Slaanesh: slapping Hashut on the shoulder But hey, you’re probably right, what do I know, right? Look, there’s one of your Bull-like Daemons!

Hashut: dead eye stare That’s a Bloodthirster and you know it

Slaanesh: Oh is it now? chuckles What are the chances?

Hashut: I’m nothing like Khorne!

Khorne: coming over HEY LITTLE PUPPY pets Hashut on the head

Hashut: turning to Slaanesh, sighs What can I do?

Slaanesh: grins, putting his arm around Hashut’s shoulders Oh I have some ideas…