Does anyone have any sources or insight on the long-speculated Age of Sigmar Chaos Dwarf re-release

I remember even before Forgeworld discontinued the Legions of Azgorh range it was ‘known’ or widely rumoured that Chaos Dwarfs were going to be re-launched for Age of Sigmar.

Of course we know that Warhammer: The Old World is being somewhat co-ordinated with Total War: Warhammer III, as shown by the Kislev (Warhammer Community Link) and Cathay examples, and it has of course been long known and anticipated that Chaos Dwarfs will be in TW:WH3 (even before the recent trailer and confirmation facebook comment)

I recently wrote to Games Workshop to suggest they do a Made-To-Order run on the Forgeworld Chaos Dwarfs (citing the prices of second-hand forgeworld chorf infantry being regularly £100 per 10 models), to which they gave an encouraging reply email saying they take such feedback seriously and would forward my suggestion to the people in charge of such decisions. But of course one suggestion means very little in the grand scheme so I don’t anticipate any action being taken as a result of my one random email.

So does anyone here have any insight on a new Legion of Azgorh/Chaos Dwarfs Games Workshop release?


I’m afraid we don’t have any insider information beyond what you have already posted. GW is rather successful in keeping things for themselves (if you ignore these 4chan 40K release schedule leaks although I would not be too surprised if they were purposefully ‘leaked’). You can check the Horns of Hashut and hobgrot release threads for forum member speculations (mainly about nudism and missing appendages though, so be warned).

As for made-to-order, GW does not seem to take it too seriously. Bretonnia, Kislev, CD Big Hats, Khemri, 40K all metal guard ranges, … if you judge from eBay prices, all those seem pretty lucrative but probably much less so if you factor in the expenses of doing a one-off production run.

And if it comforts you, we also never got a reply for this petition beyond the standard customer service texts.


Don’t have any sources, but echoing what Anzu said about the nuggets (and kind of like a TL;DR for those threads):

  • Hobgrots are mentioned to serve “dark masters” who equip them with very much not-orky stuff, Hobgrots act as intermediaries between the Orruks and these guys.
  • Horns of Hashut. So not only is Hashut back, they are specifically mentioned as being in the vanguard of Hashut’s legions. It would make zero sense for GW doing that and then have Hashut’s legion not be chaos dwarfs. They are just not that trolly. Would have been like releasing a new (human) guard regiment, calling them “Squats” and then be like “here they are, now STFU”

So yeah, Oathbreakers (at least that was the name that was floating around) will be coming, I think that remains quite certain


Just linking this here, where another member mentions similarly contacting Forgeworld:

We know quite a lot if you believe the detail on the rumours.

That detail says that the Oathbreakers will be the villains of the end-of-edition storyline for AOS3.

That suggests they will be the last faction, or nearly last faction, to be released - as with World Eaters before the current lead up to 40k 10th this summer.

GW does annual cycles for a big summer release, alternating a new AOS edition, a new paint range release, and a new 40k edition.

That tracks for a new AOS edition on summer 2024. Which means a storyline just like arks of omen playing out this time next year. If you drop us into the new faction slot for world eaters, that means winter 23/24 for Oathbreakers - if you go earlier and put us into the Votann slot, we would land autumn 23 instead.


My FLGS is an indie store and their owner told me their GW rep told them that CD are coming to Sigmar and Old World but would not say when. But their GW rep was adamant that CD were coming out.

I know store managers/owners aren’t the most reliable but the GW rep they use when he talks about future releases is always right about things.


So the Adepticon reveals for AOS had a mystery battletome coming in Fall that is not an existing army…could this finally be Chaos Dwarfs? There’s a random article I saw on my phone where that person also thinks it will be Chaos Dwarfs for Sigmar.

I will only say this, total warhammer 3 on pc will release chaos dwarf dlc the 13th. Maybe that will impact aos? who knows? My honest opinion is that they scrap the aos shit and go back to to warhammer fantasy. Fucking idiots if ye ask me.

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The Image for those unaware:

The source article.

I’m actually just thinking, there doesn’t really seem to be many AoS factions left that haven’t have a Battletome update recently.

Looking at the Games Workshop Store filtered for “Battletome”(snapshot mirror file), the only non-third edition battletome right now is Flesh Eater Courts. That means the second mystery battletome is quite likely to be something new.


Correct me if Im wrong, but the lore supposed to be Archaon using Chaos Dwarf war machines to storm Azyr as some kind of climax for this edition? With a new edition of 40K this year my guess would be AoS 4th ed for 2024 and Chaos Dwarfs drop Q4 '23 or Q1 '24.

Edit: Right, as other has said above. :slight_smile:


My theory: GW loves picking themes for the handbooks and supplements.

Kragnos was year of the behemoth / monster.

General handbook ‘23 was the year of the infantry / small hero.

It’s only a matter of time before the theme is “year of the warmachine”; and THATS when we’ll get CD’s returning. Because that’s what CD’s bring to the table; currently, chaos has only a handful of war machines outside of Skaven.

So, if we get hints that the ‘24 book is war machines, that’s a sure sign. If not, probably next year.


Apparently they have stated at Warhammer Fest that Chaos Dwarf rules and models ARE COMING, but not for a while.