Emissary exchange poll

Hey all,

I am thinking about how cool it would be to have an army that has representatives of some, or each :wink:, of your armies in it. It would be cool to have a storyline that tells of the first emissary coming to talk diplomacy, and more joining him, and being sent out to the other strongholds.

In my mind that would be a cool in game representation of the kind of community we have on this forum.

I think thats what the old emissary exchange on the old forum was about, but not sure.

Are there people interested in this? If so i would not mind doing the administrative work to make it happen.


Something in the line of this:

  • single model
  • hero or champion type model
  • no or empty base for army consistency
  • should get a little bit of fluff. Could be a small bio, or a tinder profile bio
  • should have a name

We could even keep track of all exchanges on here so we can see how far the alliance is spread. That would require each participant to have a little background story for their army, but for me that would be a incentive!

So of course I would be there again! :smile:

@MichaelX - excellent imitative! Well up for taking part.

Consider me very interested mate! Something to bare in mind when organising is finding out where people are based and where they are willing to post to :slight_smile:

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Well, there might be something worth looking into. You have acces to 2 countries for shipping costs, so do i, maybe we can work out something were instead of 1v1 i send 2 emissary to you, and you add some events to the fluff of one about what happend to him while with your army, and then forward it to a country that is cheaper to sent to for you then for me. It would take a considerable amount of planning but i don’t mind working stuff out a little.

I was a bit hesitant at first but the more that I think about it… This could be pretty damn cool.

I am in Australia which might be a bit crap for postage but it’s not every day my emissary gets to travel the globe and I am sure he would get better rates at Australia Post than I would at Qantas… Not that we are allowed to use Qantas at the moment lol

Im sure, if you’d like to send more emissaries, you could send them an one group and they could get forwarded. But it has to be planned first for that to work

Did 3 in the first round, so I don’t see why not again.

Potentially everyone ships as many as they want to a central hub, then the lot gets shipped around in a “circle”? Conceivably everyone would only have to pay for two shipments.

A lore compilation as the emissaries wander the world would be fantastic. The current person with the package adding a paragraph about the stop in their territory.

A summit of Chaos Dwarf leaders that tour the various lands to assess their collective strength to mount an invasion.

I’m interested


Okay, so right now there are some interested parties:

  1. @MichaelX
  2. @Zanko
  3. @Oxymandias
  4. @Deebo
  5. @Abecedar
  6. @Reaver

I’ll ask if there are any more in the discord in a minute, the more the merrier right?


That’s what I always say! :wink:

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I was thinking the following:

  • Everyone paints the same model for each recipient OR packages them in small labeled boxes.
  • They get shipped around in a circle twice.
  • Everyone takes out the models addressed to them and adds their own to the package.
  • A log is updated.

For example:

  1. I start the package loop and add 6 models with participant names on them, if desired with background a log of the journey they are undertaking and send this package to the participant closes/cheapest to me.
  2. The receiver takes out all models labeled for them and add 6 of their own, if desired with background and finally update the log and forwards the model to the next on the list, closest/cheapest to them.
  3. Each consecutive participant repeats step 3 until the last participant on the list returns the package back to me (or if cheaper in reverse order, but thats less fun though)
  4. I then take out all models labeled to me, again update the log and forward it again to the next on the list.
  5. Step 5 is then repeated until everyone has their 6 models.

The HUGE issue i do see with this is the package getting damaged, lost, stolen,…
Also, this will take forever until everyone has their models but thats not a biggie for me.

This way everyone “only” paid for shipping twice

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Brilliant plan.

I’ll join. :slight_smile:


I probably won’t have the same model for each individual, unless things fall through in execution… but I will do my best in hopes that nobody will feel slighted or at the mercy of their seat in the circle.

Edit: perhaps I could individually box these and have each person pull one mystery box from the “Reaver bin”

Plan sounds good, suspense from such a lengthy journey will only add to the gravity of such a momentous exchange.

All was going well until the words 6 painted models came into play :sad:
I suffer from grey’s disease …


Well… look at it this way, you also get 6 painted models! And depending on where in the chain you are you could potentially have a lot of time.

Also, I propose the models to be rather simple heroes.

Oeh, mystery box sounds good too @Reaver

This sounds fascinating…6models…but what 6 models?

Well… 6 for now, if more people join it might become more :sweat_smile:

if too many people join i’ll make some changes to the plan i guess.

seems like we’re up to 7 now with @xander ?

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