Emissary exchange (well..sort of) poll V2

Hi all,

We were having a nonsensical chat on the off-topic discord channel and a bolt of inspiration hit me… The people on the discord at that time seemed excited. So here it goes…

What if we do another kind of exchange, but instead of forwarding a model you paint… why not sculpt and kit bash a new model and forward it to the next in line? Like we choose or make a base model, and the first person adds something to it. Then forwards it to the next in line who also adds to it.

It would require some planning as to know how much we need to do (and maybe even who does what) but it should not be much more difficult than the current emissary going around the globe.

Since you would not really get anything from it like a new model for your army I there is the option to combine it with a normal emissary exchange with this as a bonus.

The result could be a price in an upcoming contest.

Anyway, just an idea… let me know what you guys think!


I’m in, regardless of the format. Let’s do this.

Sounds like my kind of fun.

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I’d be interested.


The current exchange filled me with so much panic and stress about getting it done and fears about inadequacy about sending my model on. I lost sleep over it. I started going grey.

So what I’m saying is…

I’m in :facepunch:t2:


You had me there for a second… :sweat_smile:


Now I don’t really know anything about sculpting or casting so this might be a really silly question, but if you had the final sculpted model and someone knew how to cast, could one duplicate said model? As I say, maybe not. But just a thought.

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Could definitely be a thing. Or get it 3D scanned. I know (well internet know) a guy with the skills and tech to do very high quality scans

Doesn’t casting require some thought on how it’s sculpted?

3d scanning might be better suited.

Actually that’s probably way smarter.

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I really enjoyed both having an amazing mini from @Oxymandias and painting one that I hope @Xander enjoys too.
I’d be up for having a little go on this, though it’s been a while since I’ve sculpted anything :grimacing:


Great idea! I’d be interested. :smile:

Cool… up to 7 already… well 8 if @Admiral joins in…

So… what do we propose? First person starts the sculpt from scratch and anyone adds stuff to it?
That would mean a lot of work for the first guy.

Maybe even more important…

Which theme? Mounted character? Kdaai daemon?
Siege equipment? Terrain? Filler?

Do we make it castable for admiral? Or 3d scanable? Castable would mean @Admiral would best be last in line. Scanable would make @Oxymandias last.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…


@Admiral - when making a model castable do you not have to take certain things into account? Such as posing etc? Would this work on a dr Frankensteins model?

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Wonderful idea there! Especially to make an available miniature out of it. :smiley:

I’m in!

Yes, for casting you have to make each piece castable: 1 piece, if making a “flat-posed” model without loose parts, more pieces if you make it multipart to achieve poses not doable in one piece.

Think of metal Citadel miniatures from the 1990s or 2000s, how they are posed and where the mouldlines are placed. The mouldline is where the mould halves separate. Undercuts need to be minimized, but moulds for metal and resin can take more undercuts than a careful sculptor expects. I could help ensure everything would be castable as the last link in the chain if we were to take that route.

It would be wonderful if we could scan it and put up as a 3D-file. Do you have such high-end gear, @Oxymandias ? @Little_Joe kindly explained over on T9A forums the limitations of most scanners at the moment, and the need to digitally resculpt the blurred scan in 3D.

Having it as a scan file would make it available a lot faster and potentially for free, while cast in a mould (which I’d gladly do if you like) would entail more waiting and a price tag due to production costs. I hope to sort out some new moulds in autumn, if burnout recovery allows. Then it would be off to the caster, and after circa 3 months castings would be received. If health is back up I’ll sort them and release quickly, otherwise there would be some more waiting.

So the optimal solution would be to scan this Frankenstein sculpt and put up as an STL file for printing. But I’m all game for cast mini as well if you like. :smiley:

Plus, scanned model may allow for more daring posing of arms and the like.

We would have to avoid GW-specific symbols. Eight-pointed stars are fair game, and almost-runes of Hashut would work. Sculptors wanting to reference certain settings’ iconography should tweak it somewhat.

Let’s hear what approach we’ll take. I’m eager to join in the madness. :beer:

Top initiative!


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I reckon 1 clever person might sculpt centaur legs. Those legs get scanned/ printed and sent out. Then everyone designs head/arms torsos to their individual taste. Then you will have a full individual unit to cast or scan, all very individual. Also means a single model wont get too busy or broken or lost in the post…

Everyone is also only sculpting half a model and they will all be to the same scale


I know a guy - I’ll dm you

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I like this idea. The only thing stopping me from signing up for this is the worry that I could ruin someone else’s hard work with my clumsy, clumsy hands. This idea neatly bypasses that potential issue.


We could make symbols… interchangeable to some extent for those wanting something else but only distribute those between trustees… I could easily make some 3d emblems.

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I too like this, though a single piece also has a lot of allure to me.

I like the idea of having a common base so risk is minimized. I don’t think a unit comprised of models sculpted to all of our styles and skills will be very cohesive though, and that defeats the point a bit…

I feel more for doing a single large model… but logistics would be even more tricky then with emissary exchange 1.

On the other hand… that package shipped around the world (7 hops already) in the same box that only now is starting to loose structural integrity. @Reaver did some structural reinforcing with duct tape, so I fully expect to see it back in a few weeks with a good few shipping and customs labels on it.
In that box were 9 packages containing a forged metal amulet weighing about 100gr (Not sure if that’s right but they are heavy. ) or so, fluff and a model. As far as I know no model has been damaged, and my printed dwarf was rather fragile. I assume if a decent good quality box wit sufficient insulation is used and the model is secured in place with peanuts or something it should go well…