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Love everything about this. Great work!


Thank you gentlemen, and @Anzu , no you didn’t fail a stupidity check, I’m the one who failed (literally), because while posting that update I literally couldn’t remember which range from NSM it was, and so I just wrote North Star Miniatures because I was too stupid to think about looking at my previous post :wink:

Anyways, here’s just a small update on more hobgrot conversions using the Frostgrave Demons.
A couple more axe murderers, another crossbow dude (loading the crossbow bolt) and the musician coming along too. I couldn’t resist giving the musician a stereotypical rock star singing stance :notes:

Cheers :taurus3:


Awesome job as usual! I am totally into these hobgoblins, you made me fall in love with these ugly miniatures, thanks to your remodelling now they look ace :heart_eyes:


Lovely stuff as always, it’s very pleasing to see such smooth greenstuff work

I love those Wolves, may have to pick some up


Thanks guys, glad you like them so far :taurus1:
So it’s been seriously HOT here in Thailand, it’s the height of summer and when it’s a blistering 96 degrees outside, I tend to stay inside.
Which means more indoors hobby time :heart:
So it’s slow and steady, but I’d like to share a bit more progress on my Hobgoblins…


And a bit sloppy sculpting, but I couldn’t resist giving the obligatory Arrow design to an Austro-Hungarian inspired pouch

But this is the Hobgoblin that I’m really happy with, the musician. I can’t quite explain why I love him so much, but everytime I see him I smile.
I guess I’m a proud father of my Hobgoblins :heart:

They still need a fifth toe added, but basically they’re pretty much done.
I hope you like them as much as I do


Wonderful conversions! That Chaos arrow on the pouch is such a great touch.


Such wonderful work yet again


So a quick little update (honestly, it’s more of an effort to delete pics off my phone)…
I initially started to sculpt knapsacks and various other gear, pouches, etc for my Frostgrave Demon hobgrot conversions. But I decided that I need to speed up the process, so I’ve opted to use the wonderful bits from the Frostgrave Female Wizards set.
As always, Frostgrave kits are very affordable and come with loads of extra bits, so you can convert and customize to your hearts desire. Perfect!
These are the bits (you’ll get two complete sets in the box):

And here’s some of my Hobgoblins with the Frostgrave Wizards gear, daggers, etc

I’ll still sculpt some pouches and buckles, etc…but this really helps me get them done quicker.
And, I’ve started on something off topic, but I’d like to share.
The Monowheel from Ugears, an all wood engineering kit.
@Jackswift I think you had asked for pics of progress?
Anyways, here’s a bit…
The parts are laser cut in the wood, and you simply pop them out of the sheets, no tools needed. It includes sandpaper, rubber bands (it’s an operating kit, powered by wound up rubber bands) and a small wax stick (to wax the gears etc for smooth running).

When popping out the laser cut pieces, you can smell the faint burning wood smell, remember the old school wood burning hobby (yes, I’m old), well it smells just like that.
Which is cool.
Because I love the smell of napalm in the morning :skull: :fire:
(you’re cool if you get that)

So, assembling some of the gears:

And here’s an important tip, one that they state very clearly in the instructions, and yet I ignored the tip and found out the hard way that I better pay attention.
Translated: Don’t be stupid like me.
So, if you’re gonna build any of the Ugears kits, pay attention to the small laser markings on the parts. Because this may look like just a square in a circle, but these parts are so well cut to a small tolerance, that it’s actually a rectangle in a circle. And all the cussing in the world won’t make it fit if the small marks are not aligned:

The hellsmith in me is loving the gears of destruction

Well, that’s it for now.
Time to start sculpting the fifth toe on those hobgrot feet.
Stupid hobgrots.
Grumpy mumbling.


Hobgoblings looking great, i love the extra details makes them feel more alive :hob05:


The mono-wheel is coming along nicely. I very much remember wood burning. Gave myself some very nice blisters doing that as when I set my hand down on a soldering iron I was using to do line work. Whenever I open a Laser cut kit it does bring back memories.

Nice job adding the gear to the hobgobs! A great variety of options.


Well, this will be rather off topic, but I’m an old cranky Hobgoblin, so bear with me.
I just spent the last three days at the Bangkok Scale Model and Hobby Show 2022, it’s a ten day event and I was in heaven.
It’s so massive, that I spent three whole days just enjoying the military and anime modelling contests, along with shopping through literally thousands of model kits, and I didn’t walk over to the Warhammer section.
But, after getting lost on the third day, not even knowing what floor I was on (the event was the size of an airport, and spanning 5 floor levels) I did briefly stumble across a few Thai Warhammer enthusiasts, and they had these interesting resin figures:

Could be interesting K’daii?
Did I even spell that right?

And for you zombie and undead players, there were some wild Thai zombie comics, always useful for inspiration

But as I said, I spent my time enjoying my foremost hobby love, military models :two_hearts:
The Thai are really artistic, it’s part of their culture to make handcrafted items, so it was no surprise to see such a high skill level at the modelling contests

Etc etc etc

My phone shows that I took 952 pics :flushed:
But it was great to find local modelling dealers who stock plastic sheet and basing materials for all the scratch-building that I enjoy.

I’ll die happy now :grin:

Oh, and I couldn’t resist buying an original vintage Conan the Barbarian movie poster in Thai
“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!”
เพื่อบดขยี้ศัตรู เห็นพวกเขาถูกขับไปข้างหน้า และฟังเสียงคร่ำครวญจากผู้หญิงของพวกเขา!

And edit…I forgot to add that Hashut made an appearance in Bangkok:


wow that IS a really cool take on a K’daii Destroyer!


The Conan the Barbarian poster in Thai is awesome!!!

and of course, Hail to Hashut :taurus3:


Well, yet another (slightly) off topic post…
Me and my better half celebrated our anniversary last night, and she wanted dinner at our favorite steak house.
And Lo and Behold, Hashut made a guest appearance

And my better half knows that I’m a fan of Hashut, so she got me this cool Hashut inspired racing shirt

And OK Andy, I did promise you that I’ll paint my hobgrot conversions, they’re next on my hobby agenda (also known as my backlog of shame).

Cheers :taurus3:


Absolutely superb work sculpting with the green stuff on these hobgoblin miniatures, its such a perfect modern version of the classic hobgoblin sculpts.

Have you painted any of them up yet?

I’d love to see how they come together after a coat of paint!

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Thank you!
I’m glad that you like them…and as you said, I’ve tried to make a more “modern” Hobgoblin, but still with a bit of old-school style.
And I’ve finally gotten off my lazy arse and started painting them…I spent a couple of days playing around with colors, trying to figure out a color scheme that has the “grim and dark” look, but with some HeroHammer bright colors added for balance.
So here we go, I’m gonna give them a blackened armor, but their weapons and shield designs will be bright colors.
Armor has been started, it’s actually 3 different shades of black highlighted together, along with 2 shades of steel.
Of course, none of that work shows in the pics :confused:
The armor tones show up better in daylight…ah well, what the Hashut.

And I can’t forget my favorite Hobgoblin conversion, the musician :

Hope everyone likes them (so far)…
Cheers :hob02:


Very nice!

I’m looking forward to seing more of them! :slight_smile:

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Excellent job with the armour. Looking forward to see more!

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Thanks guys, and a bit more work on pouches, etc…
I decided to give them reddened leather gear, mostly in a reference to their Assyrian and Scythian historical influence…leather dates back thousands of years, but research of ancient texts etc show that “reddened” leather (from vegetable tanning dyes) most likely first appeared during the Assyrian era.
Plus I just like the look of it against a blackened armor :wink:
These are just base coats so far, I’ll add details during the weekend

That’s all for now…time to order pizza delivery :pizza: