Golden Hat XXXVI - Winners!

One idea that has been tossed around the discord I believe is to have some type of contest where people have to mimic somebody else’s style. Like when you vote for your favorites you also guess at who entered each piece. If ~50%(? arbitrary stab at a number) of people can guess you correctly then you get dropped out of the running. haha. Logistically would add complexity but could be interesting. I’m sure there are other (better) ideas

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Hello all

Just a quick note: I’ve awarded the medals from this comp but I do not keep track of whether you have earned veteran badges. remember if you have entered 5 artisans/golden hats you are owed your first veteran badge (scribes competitions have their own veteran badge)

Send me a message if you are owed badges and just point out what comps you entered and I can sort this out.

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Thanks again for voting for my entry.
My mini is from madpuppet

I repositioned the arm and added more snot using green stuff.
The hat is a piece of reticulation pipe with lots of green stuff and card for the trim with the odd skull thrown in.
The top of the hat is one of the resin GW base treatments with more green stuff for the flames.
The base is an old scenic one that suited very well.
I used a heap of GW and Valeyo paints and my usual purple approach to match the rest of my boys.
Thanks again and let’s keep the hobby going here in CDO.


Congrats to all! So many different kind of entries once again! Glorious show up! Hashut is pleased!!!
. :tower1:
. :tower4:
. :hatshut:


Congratulations to all the entrants, for a few of us it was an effort just to get something submitted! All entries look great and I think anyone could have taken this out with their very cool looking model.
There was a very nice variance of models up for display each showing a wonderful amount of character and creativity, the great thing with Golden Hat is that it is really open slather on what you create, no restrictions on model or basing, they way I interpreted the rules was “Make something as cool AF, go nuts!” With that in mind I believe the forums entrants did exactly that!!
I had no idea who painted what, and was surprised at all when I found out their owners, of special I would like to mention “Mr. I am going to make myself a wooden spoon because I am coming last” @Abecedar - I picked and voted your model as one of the winners!! - Perhaps you can send that wooden spoon on now, yours was defs not a wooden spoon entry :smiley: I really loved the creativity and humour your model got across, I spent much time laughing at the giant auditioning and thus it got a vote from me. It was very hard for me to choose just 3 models for this comp and I did not base my votes on painting skill alone, I chose based on what looked cool AS on a whole and that made it very difficult as they all looked very bloody good. Hashut would be very proud of all of you and realistically the wooden spoon should go to those that did not enter as all the entrants here are winners in my eyes :hatoff: :beer: Bloody well done!! For Hashut, For Zharr Naggrund!! :hatshut:


Fantastic entries all of them. So much skill.
Personally loved the giant Hobbo and the brothers Djinn.
Well done to all and especially the worthy winners!


Indeed a splendid turnout with a riotous mix of styles and ideas! Every entry here is genuinely great and imaginative in its own way. I had a lot of joy seeing every entry for the first time. It was all unpredictable.

Spot on @Deebo , CDO contests were originally run with a lot more restrictions for the sake of fairness (in an attempt to create a more level playing field) and in order to pursue an army book by sticking to army list format bases and whatnot. But over the years of running comps and sticking to the tried and tested format I repeatedly ran into hiccups, where the restrictive rules themselves was the problem, not the members’ freewheeling entries that happened to break some unnecessary rule. So we’ve pruned it.

At the end of the day we want to have nice pictures of cool minis, that’s all there is to it when you boil it down. :hatoff:

I’ll cobble together next contest within the coming days. Might be slow if I get sick or preoccupied with helping my parents with stuff.

Do you want the upcoming AC to be niche and out of the normal box of army lists and warriors, or do you want it to be more mainstream and accessible/useful for collectors building their armies? We’ve got a nice niche theme locked and loaded, but it can be used later. Let’s hear some thoughts. :smile:



Agree 100%. I see it as a competition for fun. It helps to keep interest alive for those that have already painted massive armies or those struggling for motivation with massive armies to paint.

I am most motivated by covering all the options in the various army books. I want to be able to use it somehow oneday when i finally start playing my 1st chaos dwarf games. But even other stuff could be used as unit fillers probably.


I think @Reaver and I would like the theme to be something that rhymes with mass fanon…but happy for any direction of course haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Such wit! Much Tenacity! Fully endorse
:head4: :+1: .


+1 for the bass tenon


Or am I confusing stuff with mordheim here…

Leet me put it this was… there wil be lots of sculpting involved if we do this. No way around it.

An arse cannon is very specific. I know of a few on here that have several of these already (inc me).

Bass tenon? Sounds like a premium ale, i have one of those!

(Bass is an irish beer for those that arent aware)


True @Zoddtheimmortal

Could say daemon cannon? Then that’s more open. And the. We can all make arsecannons anyway hahah :joy:


Maybe one could make it even more general, as there is also the beautiful 5th edition style of CD artillery with no daemons involved at all? So that the job would just be to kitbash / scratch-build / convert / sculpt a piece of CD artillery. And whoever wants to make it especially painful for some unfortunate daemon can just go and do it. :tongue: Plus, since it’s an AC, people could go extra crazy with their ideas because there is no pressure of getting it painted till the deadline (at least that’s how I think ACs work, subject to correction of course) - which is perhaps especially nice for a contest about artillery, which in recent designs often displays a tendency towards the monumental. :smile: Just my thoughts, though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate myself. But it would perhaps be a way to get more people with their different styles involved.


Yeah that’s cool. Very cool and open. Maybe the angle is the monumental? Make a piece of world ending artillery. True artisans style. Like what are you gonna use to bring down the walls of Constantinople? Haha. Bigger the brief the wider the scope for creativity.

Like I say. I’m making a bum cannon. Even if the brief is to make a banner or a character, or a piece or scenery, or a boat or something. I’m making a rectally reloading orifice ordnance and nobody can stop me :joy::see_no_evil:


I would be most interested in something that can be fielded in a list. Doesn’t have to be game specific, but most interested if it is able to be used counts as at a minimum. The daemon cannon, general cannont, or artillery idea works great (though be perfectly happy with a troop unit, or similar as well) as there is plenty of room to make it what you want… I suspect I shall find myself building another large model…


Amazing stuff, such top entries. I may try my hand at the next one.


Go for it