Green Stuff Roll Maker Megathread - just roll with it


A Reaver recreation from this video at about 4 minutes

  1. Create a conical tube similar to step 1 of roots tutorial

  2. Using pair of large plates, try to maintain the cone while creating grooves. It can be hard to do this without blurring the texture as the plates want to slide down along the cone. Try your best to maintain the plates relative position and only translate them along the grooves. I find that a couple of deliberate strokes here is best as opposed to many repeated passes. This one took several tries. You’ll figure it out!

  3. Coil it up using a tool ideally pressing only in the grooves so as not to disturb your work. Getting the coil started is the tricky part so make sure the tool is wet.

  4. I have a MIGHTY NEED for these. I cannot share any other details at this time

Here’s a sample of these embellished with barnacles and snail ladies.