Greetings from the Undead of Carpe Noctem!

Greetings honourable little ones…ah no, that’s your cousins…er…psychotic bears of overcompensating hats!

I bring good tidings and greetings from Carpe Noctem -

Before the End Times, our dark crypt and this site had a partnership, allowing the exchange of announcements and news. I am pleased to see Chaos Dwarfs not only survived those turbulent times, but took a step forward with some impressive new software! Carpe Noctem did go quiet for a while, but you know what we’re like. You think us really dead this time and then we always pop up like a bad pfennig!

Carpe Noctem is being resurrected, already we’ve updated our forum software to better compete with the likes of social media (oh yes, with direct image uploading goodness!), and we’ve got some activities going on. As part of that, we’d like to reach out and offer our claws…ah, hand in partnership and re-enable our previous agreements if the admins here are so willing?

I’m also pleased to announce CN’s expansion to include our Tomb King cousins. As Khemri seems to have gone for a long sleep under the sands, Carpe Noctem is a site for all things undead; Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings for WHFB, all Alliance of Death armies in AoS.

As you are, we once were, as we are, you will be!..although we’d probably rather not in this case. No offence but we have enough rage-filled psychosis with the Strigoi.



You had me at tomb kings… welcome welcome!

It’s good to see forums survive this tumultuous age of social media and transcend into the future!

Always good to form new old alliances. I’m sure @admins will agree!

I shall have a stroll on the new software asap!


Welcome back.
I’m thinking that they cannot be all bad just because their pointy teeth go the wrong way. And they really don’t discriminate at all. If you iz dead you iz dead.


Great to hear! And thanks for doing the announcement here (I’m in minimum work mode), and thanks for the PM on Lustria Online. Direct image upload software is excellent news. Be sure to tout this on relevant Facebook groups and similar nooks and crannies so that the word reaches out.

Haha, no agreement ever lapsed. It’s always been in full force, and will always be so. Announce away all you like! :hatoff:


It’s a tough road for Forums in 2021. Social Media is king, for sure. But it’s hard to beat the permanence and flexibility of forums.

Welcome to the fight!


Thanks very much for the replies, and even better to hear our agreement is still in full force :vampire: You evil stunties are ok! :sweat_smile: :+1:

Yeah, we’re fighting to get the forum back up and running, and I’m actually trying to make use of those social media groups. They already exist, so I’ve managed to get agreements to share some of our articles twice a week and hopefully entice some who see options that forums provide.

Is this the right section to post any news or activities from CN?

You can share yours to this section: Forum Announcements and Support | Carpe Noctem


Great, good to know! You’re now on the linklist. :smile:

Yep, this is the right forum section.



Hmmm, it says I’m not allowed to link to that host when I try sharing a link to CN?

It;'s also flagged up my earlier posts!

Just unflagged you @Disciple_of_Nagash . Was an automatic system thing.

Great news on your forum. And yeah cross forum promotion raises all ships. If you want to send me an advert I can include it in our next zine. Which will be out this summer all being well. Dm me for details.

Also if you’re into undead you may like a thing I made:


Thanks, I will certainly get you an advert across, and I’ll get posting up one of our events we’re running!

That diaroma is absolutely amazing! Nagash is probably my favourite Warhammer character so I love this. If you get chance, I’d love for you to post this over at CN, I know our members would love it :heart_eyes:


@Disciple_of_Nagash you might be interested in this haul that just got reeled into the Dark Lands.
:hat2: .

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