Grim Dark Chaos Dwarfs

Amazing stuff here. Beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Thanks guys, always nice reading through comments like these

Been doing a bit of reading lately over on the old forum, went through my latest old thread over there (saw on my profile joined that site in 2007… :old:) it’s good sometimes to remember the journey. Although I loved having a huge collection of Chaos Dwarfs it did mean I always struggled to find a consistent theme that I was comfortable with, one that suited the 3rd Ed wouldn’t fit LoA and one that fit LoA wouldn’t fit Big Hats etc etc.
Wasn’t until I decided to slim down the collection and pick a generation of minis to have I started getting somewhere, I still have a few things from the old collection so I can paint one day as a break from whatever project I’m on but LoA is the main bulk of my force now and the only guys I need to find a theme for.

So it was nice to look through all the old pics and the old ideas I had over the years…

One of my first ever posts I believe, was made before I joined 2007

My early ideas for the Marauders, green armour and crazy beards

More recent take on big hats

This pic makes me think of the The Doors every time I look at it, listening to noting but while I painted these…change change chaaaange!

I hope you don’t mind this little trip down memory lane, I mention at the beginning of this thread that the first time I tried this Grim Dark White armour scheme it worked exactly as I thought but didn’t mention it took me a long while to get to the thought


Great thread. Loved seeing all the photos and reading about them. The “new” colour scheme looks great. And the weathering is very inspiring (I might give that another try as I’ve never seen to master it)


Even though Dark Angels have been taking up most of my hobby time lately these guys still take top priority in the hobby cabinet on the top shelf


Still dipping in and out of the Great Taurus but not sure I’ve shown the foot soldiers since I decided to go with burning weapons, I think the weapons will really stand out next to the glowing fires of the warmachines when I get around to them some time in the next decade :man_facepalming:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


My project for July is bringing me back to Chaos Dwarfs.

I shared on this this thread these One Page Rules that has really intrigued, at least until we get some updates for AoS, so I’ve written a list for 750 points as they recommend for a starting point and gives me a chance to complete in a sensible timescale.

So using the Havoc Dwarfs list and what I already have painted I came up with this, which I’m hoping to complete this month

With what I’ve done already that would give me;
9 Chaos Dwarf Warriors
3 Bull Centaurs
1 Sorcerer
3 Grotesques

Let’s go!

The Havoc Dwarfs rules are here


First morning back at it.

This is what I was talking about @Kharnagor and others over on the Artwork thread apologies @Reaver it wasn’t a competition entry :grimacing: :cd1991gif:
I thought for a while about alternate skin tones for these guys and wanted to try and red option much like the awesome Artwork shared

I’ll work a glow into the eyes much like the weapon and other eyes on ‘The King’
I think I may also work a pattern running down the back too :thinking: happy with the first morning though


Devilishly brutal look! It suits him fine. Good idea. :smiley:

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Love the skin tone, this is going to turn out great!

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Cheers guys, definitely turned out better than my first attempt from a couple of years ago


Love the new look, Hashut accepts this offering!


Awesome and brutal loooking BC! Love the paint scheme! :metal:

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oh wow, that’s fantastic. nice job.


Cheers guys, I like how it has turned out so far I’ll push the grim darkness now on the armour and stuff just to try and help them fit in a bit more with the rest of the army.

First couple of days work in, got some 12hr shifts now until the weekend so I’ll pick it back up again then

Progress as it stands

Some paint down on the Bull boys, painted black over a lot of areas I wanted to repaint the sorcerer (I think the skin will need redoing too to bring it more inline with the rest of the models) and got the very familiar for me warrior setup ready to batch paint. I’m looking forward to that

I know the Grotesque being included in the One Page Rules list is a nod to Kings of War Abyssal Dwarfs bit I’m not really a fan of those minis so I’ve been thinking what I could use instead.
I love the idea of mixing monsters into this list like the old days, I think white armour and red icons I’ve done are also pretty creepy so right now I’m thinking spiders? Maybe the amazing new bat models for the Soulblight Gravelords?
Any other ideas you guys think are worth a try and would for into that theme?


With the red skin tone of your bull centaurs id be thinking mounted juggernaughts , maybe a shaggoth or cyclops, even trolls or minotaurs.

Minotaurs go well with cds.
Im not sure i could connect cds to spiders but interested to see ehat you come up with


I don’t know the rules on grotesques but if powerful enough a red skinned themed Ghorgon might be nice


Thanks both,

I could have said more about them, the Grotesque are 3 strong unit, monster size with poison attack, hence why I wanted to go down a more creepy route though I always loved those Dragon ogre and Minotaur models :thinking:

I know it’s a bit outside the lore but I don’t always go straight down the line with bulls and Hashut, I’m very open to these guys being more general Chaos and Monsters like the original Citadel Marauders were so I think it’s why I can easily see other things like huge bats and giant spiders fighting along side these.

Plus I also don’t think I mentioned a friend of mind has designed some dungeon stone bases which I’m planning to paint up as black as if these guys all dwell some deep below the surface, making the glow from the weapons more impactful.

Got a little done today, filled in some metals and leather on the first bull. Still a way to go yet

The back was looking a bit plain too, so tried out a bit of that pattern I mentioned

Also did a bit more to the skin of the Sorcerer, tried to push the pale and red, may still need a bit of work I think


Those Bull Centaurs are coming along amazing. One of the best palettes that I have seen. Lovin’ the scheme.


Thanks @Jackswift
It’s nice to be back painting Chaos Dwarfs again and to find these schemes that are working for me, being an over thinker it’s really hard to land on schemes I’m happy with so I’ll hopefully get a little more done today at some point

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Airbrush and decal time, such a nice step as with not so much work you get an awful lot done, feels a lot closer to getting finished

I couldn’t make my mind up on models for the Grotesque options so I changed the list a little as I’ve always known what I want to do for my K’daai or Flame Spirits


Test model of the Fire Spirit, haven’t done the weapons yet, not sure to keep them as flame effect of maybe go for a black/obsidian?