Halgar Hellgaze's Ass Cannon commission log - Artisan's Contest XXXII

WARNING Picture heavy :smiley:

Weeks ago, when @Reaver, @chitzkoi, @Oxymandias and i were joking about doing an ass cannon AC sculpt i got hyped enough to attempt my first real scratch build and sculpt. I’ve done some greenstuff fixing and sculpted some wood beams in the past but nothing very detailed or finished.

I had no real idea except for a rough concept in my head. I knew I wanted a big fat ugly daemon, so I started there. Since it was my first sculpt I decided to use 3d printed head and hands, as to have a good start. Glued some scrap together and covered it in air dry paper maché clay. Don’t have pictures of the air dry clay step but this is the base I started from.

Now… the head I used didn’t look scared enough for what he eventually was going to go trough so I decided to add eyes.

Then I did not like the way his tongue looked so did some dentistry work with a Dremel.

This is the result, compared to an unmodified head.

Next I started adding to the body. I used oven bake polymer clay since I didn’t have any greenstuff left. It worked quite well!

At this point I had a conversation with @Admiral about the ass cannon mini competition. He said he doubted any ass cannon would do well since it might put off some people. That actually triggered me to go over the top. Figured that would be the best way to get peoples attention. So… I added some cleavage and started working on the skin and the… eyeball anuses…

I wanted to exaggerate the skin folds and fat layers.

The feet were hard… Could not decide how they should look. So I made some basic feet shape to begin

Next I wanted to start building the contraption he was going to be suspended in. Initially I figured id build some kind of wooden frame, like two huge cranes or something. But that would not fit my army at all, so I figured what if I make him part of my Forgeworld train…

So I started designing a carriage in Fusion 360. I used the wheels I made as replacement for the missing ones of my iron daemon. Made a diagram to make sure it all fits (he’s a big boy…)

Then I started to make it match the FW trains, added some triagles to the rims, added diamant pattern to the floors and added the wheel mounting points.


And it fits (barely) !

Next i started working on the mounting and aiming mechanism.

Now, with the basic components done I needed to add a whole lot of detail, so I designed some simple machinery and bits and pieces in fusion again.


I started working on the Crew, some misprinted LKM minis.

And started hooking up the machine.

Now at this point I wanted to prime the daemon to see if I should/could do more to it to make it pop, without all this bright distracting colours… and I dropped him… NOOOOO… But… luckily I found all missing bits and pieces. It took me about 30 minutes of looking on hands and knees though…

I decided to take it as a sign from Hashut that he needed more work, so I figured I could solve one of the biggest issues I had not yet been able to fix. The hands protruding out from the carriage. I cut the fingers of one of his hands , repositions them and started fixing all the damage done.

Perfect! I added Hashut’s branding iron to the crewmember responsible for firing the cannon.

And started adding all those details I designed and printed to the carriage.

Now it was time to add some bits and pieces i haven’t sculpted myself to bind it all together

And we are ready for paint!

The first iteration of paint looked a bit too… Christmassy…

So out with the green and in with the gold.

And the purple seemed to flat so i drybrushed it with several layers of blue, leaving the purple underneat.

I added a lot of weathering

Around this time i had 32 days of quarantaine due to getting covid so all was halted for a week or two

Part 2 in next post


Love it. He got my vote.

I always appreciate a bit of explanation in this level of detail, it really interesting watching a big project like this come together.


Part 2:

Crew got added

and eventually a base was made and added

I felt like i could do more so i also made some impact hit markers

Bonus… I was to lazy to paint the book freehand so i printed a full size sketch and weathered it…

Now… This was a great and fun endeavour and i liked every step of it, except for dropping it…

I want to say a very special thanks to @Admiral for being a great and unbiased mentor! Without your tips and guidance i would have struggled a lot more!

Also special thanks to the potcast crew (@Reaver, @Oxymandias and @chitzkoi ) for getting me hyped enough to actually build it!


Inspiring level of detail and work that went into this man. Well done


Hahahaha! Marvellous build, and great markers to go along with it as well. Thanks a lot for sharing the progress. You really took it up to professional detail levels. And going over the top is undoubtedly the right approach. I do with 40k doodles, and it usually confines me to a small niche with few bothering to check it out, so it’s good to see that going over the top pays off with dividends in Chaos Dwarf circles. Well deserved silver! :smiley:

Now, would it be possible for you to upload the marvellous train car and paraphernalia you designed so that others could download it for printing? Believe me, other converters will eventually make use of such a good train car for their armies.

Stellar asscannon!


Oh sure, ill see about getting them on thingiverse at some point!


It’s an absolutely horrifying work of art and a really impressive piece of technical work.

The - I can’t believe I’m about to write this - the sphincter-to-munition-calibre ratio explains the expression really nicely. It’s your equivalent of the fist ramrod. Adds what they call in professional painting competition community “narrative”, although bugger me if I’m writing about it.

(NB, if any readers are not sure what I’m talking about with the fist ramrod, ask Oxy)


Actually, you writing about it would conclude the Arseitans internal competition…

Heed the call, @chitzkoi . It is your destiny! :tongue:


They should write this into the rules…


Wouldn’t be much more difficult than the Rogue Trader vehicle rules.

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bigger ammo produces more range and kinetic energy (S +2) but there is a 50/50 chance of the daemons sphincter tearing and it losing a wound and -1 for all successive strength checks…


smaller ammo on the other hand has shorter range but the aim is better and the daemon is gratefull for the reduced stress… causing it to eat less crew…


So awesome!
That fact that you designed a FW compatible train car is just so great.


replace the word misfire in all relevant rules with the word prolapse

although to be fair ya boi is prolapsed already right


Indeed! I’ve wanted to see people build custom train cars for logistical transport, infantry gunnery platforms, Hellcannons and homebrew artillery pieces for almost a decade now to go with the beautiful LoA train, and now that dream is coming true. I’ve had so many plans to draw or even scratchbuild various train cars since I love the idea of a mechanized war caravan, but time is short, and scratchbuilding is time-consuming.

Hats off to @MichaelX for pioneering this daring step. May many more train cars follow in many more people’s armies. :hatoff:

I really hope someone eventually does a Daemonically possessed locomotive of some sort, Hellcannon style.

Hilarious rules, lads. Very 1980s. :smiley:


So, what you’re saying is ASS-TRAIN ARTISANS CONFIRMED!


The aiming and firing is genius and hilarious in equal measure. So great to see it from more angles, especially the chain winch and rectal restraint.

Second pass at the painting made worlds of difference, the daemon skin turned out wonderful in the end and all the better for your first purple experiment.

Wonderful work all around, traditional and 3D design. as well as bashing bits. a true arsetisans trifecta.

Also the blast markers are fantastic. I want some for mine now. Really adds to the disgusting imagination of that daemon firing such vile splooge. (can I even say that here? it feels dirty to type, need to go wash my hands)


Great concept and modeling! :hatoff:


Just ick! That stated, the sculpting work and use of bits to make a cohesive and eye catching model were very well done. Nice job, sir.


Haha thank you sir! Ieuw, ick puke,… all reactions I was going for!