Halgar Hellgaze's Doomseekers [BATG 2021]

Allright, my last (and also first) battle of the gray was not a great succes. I plan to change that this year. I really hope to have a finished CD army by the end of it, but if possible, by the summer.

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Total: 34

Having ended 2020 with a useless unit sucked, but I tried to just plow trough and do the next unit. I chose to do my hellcannons, since a Hellcannon is one of the first models i ever painted. I figured the sentiment would boost my morale and it did.

This is a wip i am working on atm. The cannons are about 70% done. I started on tha bases because i want to mount the cannons on them asap, to make them a bit more manageable.

I still need to do the crew, finish the bone piles, add stuff to the bases, do lots more work on the cannons, decide if I want to do more osl like dry brushing, … but you get the idea…


Oh that looks great! Good luck with the motivation I certainly hope we get more updates like this

I think that glow will look osl enough when the metal is brought down by washes but maybe it is them when it is down is the best time to decide. I really like the green, is this a choice to lean into some of the new AoS lore that we use lost souls to power our warmachines? Or just a really cool colour choice? :grin:

:21: either way

Thank you!

I wanted a soul-isch look but i did not know it was aos specific. I felt the model looked like souls of damned.

Also, i didn’t want to go for the classic fire look, and even though i like the look of blue, it felt too… good…

Choice was between purple/pink and this.
Eventually i figured warpstone colors would look nice.

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Great choice @MichaelX

Classic Warp glow can’t go wrong :+1:t2:

Allright… a bit more done. They are now mounted on their bases, chains and all…

I really like the contrast.

I need to add more details, a bit osl here and there,…

But I’m in the final stage, the boring stuff is done.


Your Hellcannons look very “nurgle like”, but cool nonetheless! Nice work, more of it! :wink:

Today was a good day! I finished the cannons and the crew, i only need to add some washes to the crew.


Two more models done.

Deathshrieker rocket launchers. Still have to find a crew.

The Official Tally

:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Purchased: 0
:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Created: 34
:heavy_minus_sign: Models Painted: 5

Total: 29


Looks badass @MichaelX

Like an artillery piece you would not wanna mess with!!!

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Brilliant work guys, I have been noticing on alot of models you guys have these awesome looking rock/lava bases… I need to step up my game I think, they look really cool. :hatoff:

Thank you! I have to admit that they are also printed though :slight_smile:

Some examples by titan forge miniatures



Excellent job, nice to see a Death Rocket with a bit of weight behind it

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Love those bases, wish I had a 3D printer right about now :grin:

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Crikey they have come along way from just sprinkling some flock!

Another one bites the dust!

The Official Tally

:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Purchased: 0
:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Created: 34
:heavy_minus_sign: Models Painted: 6

Total: 28


It’s painting like that which makes me start thinking maybe I should have grabbed some of those models from forge world

Looks great on those bases, I really like the heat effect you’ve done too on the barrel and Magma pot


Thank you! I was unsure about it for a while but in the end it works well!

Yeah the heat effect really sets it off, I also like it alot. Well done :hatoff: