"In which we imagine EvilFuzzyDoom happy" [BATG 2024]

I’ve spent a lot of this weekend staring at various online shops and thinking about buying more models.

Then I remembered I’m trying to pay off my wedding and save some money so, in the dying hours of Sunday I painted three guardsmen models instead:

Sorry about the shocking picture, I’m still dialling-in photos on the new phone!

There’s nothing special about these guys, they’re just in the rogue trader tribute scheme I figured out last year.

Three off the pile.

BATG Score: -24 :white_check_mark:

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Over the course of a few evenings this week, I’ve painted the last four Ironguts for my Ogor Mawtribes:

I had to do a little reverse engineering to get the paint scheme right. I figured out the pants (Flesh Tearers Red with Basilicanum Grey over the top), but was unable to replicate the rusty steel from the first four. I suspect my original recipe was overengineered anyway, the new guys look fine and the difference is less than I care to notice.

Here’s the full unit of eight:

They look pretty meaty! You can barely tell they were painted almost two years apart (!).

With that, I have 1010 points of Ogors painted (thanks Dataslate) and I only have the Mawpot left to paint. That will probably have to wait a while: I’m really not confident about my storage arrangements for terrain at the moment; I want to spray prime and the weather is not being cooperative; and I want to varnish it, which is a process I’m completely unfamiliar with so will want to practice in ideal conditions.

Anyway, 4 off the pile and a unit completed.

BATG Score: -28 :white_check_mark:

I’ve been reviewing my old Cadians and they’re almost complete, but I was missing a heavy weapon team.

So, I got a heavy weapon team. Just 52 old Cadians left to paint.

2 on the pile.

BATG Score: -26 :white_check_mark:

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Today I boxed up some stuff and put it in the post.

First is all the rest of the historical models I picked up for Turnip28 a couple of years ago. I’m done with the game for now and I can pass them on to a friend who wants to get into the game, so this is a win-win.

This little box has 50 models in it! 32 Napoleonic soldiers and 18 Agincourt men-at-arms, off to a new home.

The rest is the on-sprue Cawdor models I got for my Cities of Sigmar project, which is dead in the water now because of the recent changes to the model line. The project stalled so hard the units I wanted them to represent got discontinued.

This is 13 models - 10 Cawdor gangers, 3 Redemptionists and a pair of upgrade sprues. All the sprues are basically untouched. Beautiful models all, but I just have no use for them - and I do have the leftovers from the other sprues, if it comes to it.

These won’t count towards the BATG score, but they do help bringing my overall backlog down.

63 off for Shame Golf.

Meanwhile, the hobby table is very busy with various Astra Militarum stuff:

Send help.

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I gave myself a treat today:

A Van Saar gang from Necromunda, and an upgrade sprue for some extra weapon options and arms. I plan to use them as Catachans in 40K and as Reconnaissance Squads for Horus Heresy,


And I had decided in advance that I wanted to have these guys built the day I got them, try and recreate the old magic of tearing off the shrink wrap and building the new models immediately, just like when I was a kid (with more time and less concern about ventilation).

Hopefully I’ll get a free moment this week to prime them. I’m planning a super simple paint job for them - as stealthy sneaky guys - so that should translate to a quick turnaround on the painting table.

10 on the pile.

BATG Score: -16 :white_check_mark:

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The Van Saar scouts are painted!

These guys will serve as Catachans in 40k (note the flamers) and as Reconnaissance squads in 30k Militia. I wanted them to feel grungy and stealthy, to suit those roles.

I used my paint palette for the rest of the Heresy Militia for these guys, only leaving out the sky blue I occasionally use on lenses and plasma coils:

  1. Prime Rustoleum Flat Grey
  2. All-over basecoat Garaghak’s Sewer/AP Dark Wood
  3. Drybrush Ionrach Skin
  4. Lighter drybrush Deepkin Flesh
  5. Paint skin Darkoath Flesh
  6. Paint hair Gore-Grunta Fur
  7. Paint weapon bodies, pipes and rebreathers with Black Templar/AP Grim Black
  8. Paint markings and eyes Khorne Red and highlight with Wazdakka Red
  9. Paint metals Leadbelcher/Vallejo Metal Colour Steel
  10. Wash the entire model AP Strong Tone diluted 50:50 with AP Quickshade Medium

They were so simple that I was able to do almost everything on the couch in front of the TV with my wife. I only had to stop when it got dark, and came back to do the metals, final wash and basing at my hobby desk.

If only everything was so easy!

10 off the pile.

BATG Score: -26 :white_check_mark: