Insectoid Introduces Itself


I’m an AOS player from Germany who recently came back into this beautiful hobby after a decade-long hiatus since the times of WHFB.

I enjoy kitbashing and converting, growing my bitz box, and the occasional game now and then.
Nowadays my armies include Skaven, where I prefer Clan Moulder, as well as Maggotkin of Nurgle, Disciples of Tzeentch, Orruk Warclans, and Soulblight Gravelords.
However, since my earlier days of 7th Edition WHFB I’ve been aware if the hidden gem that is Chaos Dwarfs and the treasure trove that is this forum. I even played a couple games with the old Ravening Hordes army list and some slightly converted Battle for Skull Pass dwarfs, but back then I did not have the time, skill or financial ability to realise a full army project.
Now, with Hashut returning to the AOS setting, I am really excited to pick up where I left off so many years ago, and I will be happy to share this journey here, with you, on this forum that I’ve been lurking on all this time. Super happy to finally add something myself!


Willkommen! Looking forward to witnessing your journey. I’m sure you’re going to have a great time here :hatoff:


Howdy! Welcome!

You have great taste in armies :wink:

We also like army blogs for other armies if you some day care to share!

i can’t wait to see your dwarfs!

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Welcome to the forum, friend. Definitely show us everything you want about your hobby, old, new, Chaos Dwarfs, other armies and game systems, it’s all awesome :wink:

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Welcome to the nicest and best chaos dwarf community in the whole world! :wink: Glad you’re here … and now the rabble would like to see pictures! :hatoff:


Can’t wait to see your armies! Welcome :metal:t2:

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Welcome Welcome! I look forward to seeing your skills!

As someone in a similar situation, welcome (back). The lava is warm.


Welcome, Sir! Look forward to seeing your armies.


and welcome, glad to have another fighter for the chaos dwarfs in Germany and in general. Am curious about your pictures


From which region in Germany are you?

@flagellant04 , @Jasko we have another neon green enjoyer in our midst! Oh… wait… maybe wrong insectoid.

insert laser sounds pew pew



I’m from Cologne :hatoff:


@Reaver: I still remember these from my childhood. Those neon green pieces were the bomb for all kinds of cool constructions! Guess I was building a bitz box before I even knew the term…


Welcome back into the fold.

upside down 1x1 lego cones make for good bighats!

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Same :slight_smile:

@Jasko: Woah, that’s amazing :smiley: You ever visit the Top Tables store?

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Not yet, but a friend of mine sometimes goes and we’re technically planning on going together at some point :sweat_smile:

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I know a budding bromance when i see one :rofl: