Join me in the Battle Against the Grey

Back in t’day, I and several other members, would tally our minis painted, minus minis obtained (and sometimes edit the number based on minis gifted away or sold etc). It was a great way to help motivate us to paint what we have (in a way to “earn” the right to get more shinies) and to generate content and blogs etc.

I loved the aspect of trying to beat my own score each year as well. As anyone that has seen my signature on the old CDO forum can attest to, there are some years I essentially managed nothing.

I want to change that. More to the point, I want to invite you all to embark upon this quest with me. To that end, I want to make this thread a repository for links to people’s blogs following this tradition of old!

I would suggest a member posts their intent to join in, link to their blog showcasing each purchase and completed model etc and then edit said post each year to add a link to the new year’s findings. I’d recommend updating said blogs either monthly or when a change happens, dependent on preference, but there’s no real rules to it. It’s to encourage diminishing our piles of shame and grey mountains!

I will shortly make my 2020 beat the grey blog and add it as a reply here. Join me, friends of the Dawi Zharr!

P.S. this isn’t specific to Chaos Dwarf armies either. I for one will have a blog for my Chaos Dwarf stuff that will be ongoing and these yearly blogs will be for everything coming and going and completed.

P.P.S. as an example, here is my old Pledge Blog for 2011


This is a really cool idea, so I can see what unpainted Chaos Dwarf models I have.
I just won’t be able to start immediately, because we are waiting for new furniture and the contents of the old furniture is spread all over the apartment for an unforeseeable time - it’s just a bit chaotic! :wink:

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I like this idea. This forum is one of the most positive I’ve ever been on so this might actually be motivating!

Just to be clear. You have to tell beforehand what you have and want to paint? Or just show an inventory of what you have and have painted and keep that up to date if and when you do paint something?


Well this is tempting, my track record is not a great one and I often find myself (as I’m sure many of us do) looking at new minis online ready to by before glancing over at all my unfinished ones :grimacing:
Hey I didn’t try this before…maybe I should this time, as @MichaelX said of there is a forum to do it on them this is the one

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I’ve done these types of challenges before and they are great. I would suggest that Sept-Dec is a pretty tough time to start with all sorts of amazing sales coming up. Having a bit more time limited helps with commitment from people too. 6 months was a bit long. 3 might be a sweet spot as you can do 3 on, 3 off, 3 on, 3 off in a calendar year.


That sounds like a smart addition.

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@Zanko, I’d say join in any way - if you buy models, it’ll stop you forgetting them. If you get some painted, you can show them off. Besides, buying lots and painting few gives an easier target for the next year :stuck_out_tongue:

@MichaelX, no need to announce plans with these ones (unless you want to). All I do is say what I’ve ended up buying and show off what I’ve painted and compare the numbers (any big models, to quote Gimli, still only counts as one).

@GhraskDragh, join us :smiley: you’re blogging anyway, so why not compared to your incoming models :stuck_out_tongue:

@midgetmanifesto, there’s absolutely nothing official about this, people can set their own challenges and timeframes and I had intended to comment on my timing anyway. For my part, I run it annually, Jan-Dec inclusive, and this year will be mostly just a single post looking at the first 9 months with a few little updates across the last three, just setting a number for me to beat in 2021.

Also, if I haven’t already said, I’ll make a thread so people can share the links to their blogs and I’ll update the first post to include them all. For my part, each pledge year will be a new thread, so under my name, I’ll list then in order, then someone else’s in order and it’ll act as a directory, in essence :slight_smile:


@HashutsBlessing did you get to creating an index thread?

Also, should we start a new thread in this category for our own journey?

I’d like to start keeping track :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I may be interested as well. Recently I’ve been trying to paint from both the bottom of my backlog (finishing the oldest models) and the top (justifying the newest exciting purchases)… so this would probably be good for me.

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Well… i took an early start! Here’s my thread.

[BATG] - Halgar Hellgaze’s Doomseekers

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It took me far longer to get round to taking photos than I’d expected and I wasn’t coming back on the forum without them :stuck_out_tongue:

It then took me several days after taking photos to find time to come on anyway.

For now, share your links in here as @MichaelX has already done - I’m about to make my thread, then I’ll make one for collating everyone’s threads for this year in one place.

EDIT: My 2020 pledge blog.

So @Reaver , will you do a BATG for 2021? :wink:

Hmm… 2021 is largely going to be a BATGToBBtBG for me. Battle against the grey tower of Bloodborne the Board Game. I could definitely share progress against that as part of a BatG thread.


That is lot of work for one year :rofl:

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I’m going to start with bosses and player characters… much more manageable and enjoyable. I don’t even want to see a count of the mob enemies…

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Big tower of greg to battle there :smiley:
I look forward to seeing the progress!

Although I’d recommend doing a mob, then something cool and repeat; horrible to have had loads of fun with cool stuff,only to wade through the masses of obligation :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in this for 2021 :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:

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The more the merrier!

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You make a good point. That’s definitely the smart way haha. I want to prioritize the player characters so starting the campaigns people don’t feel restricted to only use the subset I have painted. And keeping the boss painting at minimum ahead of the campaign, so they’re painted for their debut. If the board game is as difficult as it’s source and we end up losing some games that should give me opportunity to speed paint some mobs.

Haha, insane… :exploding_head:

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