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Hey hey! :smiley:

After a long time away, I return to find there’s a shiny new forum and all sorts! This is crazy cool!

So in a former life (you might have known me as TallForADuardin), I put together a Legion of Azgorh army entirely from GW Plastics and greenstuff, because I was poor and didn’t want to be a crappy recaster. Looked a little like this:

It was my first Armies on Parade entry and it netted a buttload of prizes at my local store, #humblebrag. I was super proud of it, though in hindsight I can see a lot of places I’d now improve. Sadly, I then sold it to pay for tasty crunchy medication (though very much not complaining, it’s done wonders!).

Aaanyway, this morning I got an notification telling me this place existed, and the small grumpy chap at the back of my mind decided it might be fun to reclaim the glories of old. I don’t know if I’ll remake everything exactly as it was - some of it I think was almost perfect (those K’daai, the Taurus Sorceror) and some I think I’d like to change. If nothing else, it’ll be fun to come up with new ideas, not just slavishly recreate the past. There’s also loads more kits to choose from now!

So that’s the plan! There’s no time scale, I haven’t even decided exactly what I’m going to do yet, but my parameters I think will remain the same:

  • Built for AoS, because that’s what most folks play in these parts.
  • Every model a conversion - no stock miniatures.
  • Every part of every model either a GW miniature or my own sculpting.
  • Not relying on my 3D printer, unless it’s a part I’ve designed myself (I’ve got way too reliant on printing others’ work!).

All the above will mean it’s store and WHW legal, as well as posing a really interesting challenge to me. In the mean time, I’m going to scrapbook, throw some ideas together, and probably pick up some of those ubiquitous hobgrots because they’re cheap as chips on ebay! :smiley:


Cat x


Oh my days! Your’re the one with the chaos cow chariot! Yes!!! (Feel like I’ve met a celebrity)

Would you like your older posts in the archive re-attributed to your new username? Cos I think @MichaelX can do that if you require. (Sorry buddy giving you a little job there haha)

Lovely seeing these models and looking forward to seeing what comes next. Welcome home.

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I can, let me know @KitbashCat if you want that… its no effort at all.

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Having had a snoop at the old CDO, it seems I didn’t actually post any of my most recent things as TallforaDwarf - I think I may have been mainly FB based at that time? So no worries, but thankyou anyway! :smiley:

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haha yes, i was on my way back to say the same :smiley:

Oh my days! Your’re the one with the chaos cow chariot! Yes!!!

Ha, yes, that was me! Glad to know my things were memorable! :smiley:

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a) Lovely army! very striking.
b) Every single person on here has at some point sold models they now regret… part of the hobby!
c) You should get it back! :stuck_out_tongue: yes im enabling you…
d) Happy to see you post a blog… now make new stuff and add it here!

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Very nice conversions. I like the warriors the most, they look great

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Great Taurus chariot, great army, great to have you back. All converted is definitely cool.


Vague ‘I should really be asleep’ thought:

Chaos Dwarf slave army - Skaven rules.

Master Moulder - Slaver lord, whip, mancatcher, Dawi
Clawlord - Bog standard chaos Dwarf lord.
Clan Rats - Hobgrot slaves, command are Dawi
Rat Ogors - Slave Ogors, pal up with a MMoulder
Hell-Pit Abomination - Slave Gargant maybe - pals up with a MMoulder, some additional Dawi on base.

Not hugely dwarf-heavy, in my provisional 1000 point list I counted 9 dwarves plus whatever I can fit on the HPA base, but it might be fun and thematic?

Also considering Skaven list to build a skyre-style list with all these wierd and wonderful chaos Dwarf inventions (we’ve seen that hobgrots have bombs, so poison wind globadiers are in) alongside maybe more traditional "evil dwarf Shooty rocket’ and “Thomas the tank engine but black metal”.

The rules for AOS and WHFB basically are maths. So poison wind globadiers become napalm grenadiers as long as the stats remain.

I love the skaven counts as idea btw. Soooo much fun to be had there! I would steal, sorry, pay homage, to that idea if my daughter did not play ‘Big Bad Mice’. She would never forgive me.


Welcome, and what a great army you created there! I especially love your CD Warrior conversions from vanilla dwarfs. Looking forward to witnessing your further Dawi Zharr adventures. :hatoff:

This is the way.


Can I just say how great it is to hear you play warhammer with your daughter - absolute hobby parenting win there! :smiley:


Thankyou! There’ll be more of the Hammerer conversions in this project - even if they’re a minority compared to all the grots, ogres, and such! :smiley: These new ones will look a little different, but should still fill that aesthetic niche! :smiley:


These look AMAZING. I’m just getting into hammerer kitbashing myself. Feels like you could write an amazing magma tutorial


Ah thankyou!

Very briefly, it’s just ALL the reds, oranges, and yellows you can find, working from reddest to most yellow, with white highlights, washed with a yellow/orange wash to pull it all together. If this takes off I’ll do a proper painted tutorial :slight_smile:

This evening’s work - four shields for Hobgrots. I tried to keep within the aesthetics of their existing armour - jagged, roughly arrowhead shaped, with decorative bosses. These are to make the 20 Hobgrot Slittas I’ve got coming in the post into a rabble of clanrats slave speargrots. Their existing stabberizer blades should make nice spearheads, once I whistle up some spear shafts.


@Oxymandias look at these :slight_smile:


Thats interesting, I’ll use Stormvermin for hobgobs but not clanrats. Too furry for me

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Well, the hobgrots are staying hobgrots - just using the clanrat rules :slight_smile:

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