Knightly Chaos Dwarf from Westfalia Miniatures

Just saw a preview of this guy and very childlike goblin…


The Mandwarfian?



This is… a way.


Top form guys, loving it :grin:


Haha, glorious! :02:


Looks awesome that guy! :metal:

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Some cool stuff on his page. It might almost be fun to back his physical patreon that yields a different physical model every month. would be more useful for an RPG player though, getting a somewhat random assortment delivered to you. His marrow legion would be cool depth guard for Vampire Coast, but I’d need so many to make a unit.

I’ll definitely be following for his monsters kickstarter launch

I should say actually, @reaver , a friend of mine is intending to put together a Vampire Coast army; at the moment he has a few models picked out, but as the nautically-focussed guy you are, if you have any choice suggestions for minis I’m sure he would be very grateful.

I think he’s already ordered this with the intention of using it as a necrofex (possibly with a bit of kitbashing):

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I printed and painted a couple of these guys last year, they’re pretty fun minis!

They recently released some Furry Halfling Ewoks and the main characters in Fantasy style, so I should really print them out.


As @Oxymandias has posted here somewhere Black Scorpion Miniatures has good pirates and undead pirates.

Edit: found it

I had already noticed that elsewhere, but thanks for the help! I think part of the appeal for my friend was the “just dredge the sea and animate what comes up” aesthetic of the rotting (leviathans/prometheans? I can never remember which is which) so if any of you have any big nasty sea beastie recommendations (I’m sure @admiral will probably have a few too) then let me know.

Although to be fair I should probably start a new thread for that, I seem to have inadvertently hijacked this one. It was just the vampirates mention that reminded me.