Legion of Jaskorh [2023-03-29]

Im the exact opposite. I point the model at impossible angles trying to make sure everying is painted to the same level. I do notice often my chaos dwarves look better painted from the back than the front…

How you guys sleep at night…geez!

Hashut knows…he is watching and judging accordingly!


Haha, well I do paint my models to the same standard al around as well :slight_smile: I just don’t like to subassemble too much, especially not for troops. And definitely not to the point where I can’t play. For my 100 model Night Goblin horde i even glued 5 models to a 40x40mm base and then painted them :sweat_smile: the only models I have currently subassembled and held together with rubber bands are my Gyrocopters and Gyrobombers, mainly because of the cockpit and pilot. It’s so nicely detailed, I cannot bring myself to bury it all beneath each other and leave it unpainted. (Although this makes zero sense, because these are details which you are literally unable to see in the end)

Yes, Hashut wants painted models. But first and foremost he wants me to crush his enemies. With my pile of unpainted plastic/resin/metal so large, I couldn’t play for years, if I left everything subassembled.

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Pleased with how the Great Muster is coming along, Hashut demanded the masters of Zharr Kagur be known. So here they are.

You already met the Sorcerer-Prophet on Lammasu. I used some bases to quickly put him at quite a steep angle, which I like a lot better than flat on the base as before. I was always quite unhappy with how tilted the rider sat on the Lammasu, but just by tilting the whole beast back this is much improved. I will sculpt some nice rocks and probably lava on the base, will look great I’m sure.
We also have two Sorcerer-Prophets on foot, the regular one and an event exclusive edition I could pick up from our marketplace, if I’m not mistaken. Their acolytes are three Daemonsmiths, the one from FW, one with the burning hands from Lost Kingdom and the Warhammer World exclusive one (thanks again @Filmdeg for making this possible). The exclusive one is such a great model, he’s actually halfway to a Sorcerer-Prophet.
Since I am in the lucky spot to have two Infernal Castellans (I’d like at this point again to thank @Fuggit_Khan for donating his prize for Scribe’s Contest XII to me and @Zanko for sponsoring the model, you guys are legend), I could convert the other one to a BSB with the standard from the Lost Kingdoms BSB. Their sculpt was nice enough, but uses the exact same body as their Daemonsmith which was a little boring and also not armoured enough for my taste. Putting the banner on was an easy enough operation, but I will have to sculpt him a bigger hand. :sweat_smile:
Then we have a Bull Centaur Taur’ruk to boost the Bull Centaur Renders in close combat. Lovely model, just as all the others.
The only one missing is Drazoath the Ashen, he will kick off Season 2 of the Great Muster.


if i were in your shoes, with all those minis to paint, oh god :dead:
but it’s an amazing collection! keep going!


Love seeing these come to life


Sacre Bleu, somehow I just stopped uploading pictures of the rest of the Great Muster!

So have a look at some other unpainted stuff I’ve build months ago.

First we have Drazhoath the Ashen on Cinderbreath. Quite the beast! Another beautiful sculpt, both the Bale Taurus as well as Drazhoath himself. Drazhoath is magnetised for easier painting and transporting, plus I prefer using generic models for generic characters, so Drazhoath should only be played as Drazhoath and not some run-of-the-mill Sorcerer-Prophet.

Next we have a unit of 30 Infernal Guard with Hailshot Blunderbuss. I used Last Kingdom Miniatures Death Guard with big hats and Arquebuses from back when they still sold physical models. The arquebuses are so-so tbh, they have since been redesigned for the STL files and are much nicer now. But still, so overall look of the unit is quite nice. Can’t wait to hit something with 20D3 S3 AP shots hitting on 4+ and re-rolling to wound.

Next up from Lost Kingdom Miniatures are the Bull Centaurs, also bought as physical models. They are a very good fit with the LoA aesthetic, they are just significantly smaller. As STLs I guess you can just blow up the prints, but LKM also released their anointed Bull Centaurs since, which I guess are an even better fit with the LoA ones. Still, if I hadn’t the LoA ones, I’d be hyped all over the place for the LMK ones :wink: Very nice models.

Last we have the K’Daai Destroyer, I mean Khadai the Disastrous from the Russian Alternative. What an absolute unit! I have to get out my milliput and do some serious gap filling here, but just look at the size of that behemoth. 6 S7 attacks at T6 and W6? Yeah, that checks out. I mean this is a monster!

So what’s still missing now?

  • my Hellcannon is still in the works. I have the old Rotten Cannon but it gets a makeover to fit with the overall style. I started this for the war machine Artisan’s Contest but couldn’t get it done in time. I had to stop the forges for a while but this is still the current item on the workbench
  • A unit of LoA Infernal Guard with Great Weapons. I have the models, I have the weapons I want to use. What I need are the right hands (for the models) to do the actual conversion. The forge world models are actually not good in this regard with the fixed shoulders and all. Still have to think about it
  • A unit of Infernal Ironsworn. I have a last batch of LKM guard here, I want to use the bare heads (since they redeemed their sins and were allowed to take these masks off) and wanted to use the beautiful hand weapons and shields, unfortunately I didn’t order enough or they didn’t send enough. I emailed them and they said they’d send me more, but that never happened. Might have to wait until I have to possibility to maybe print these files…
  • I backed the Raven Twin Kickstarter to get their Chaos Giant, should be exactly the same @MichaelX printed out and used for the Artisan’s Contest. The whole campaign takes ages, don’t know how long it will take until it gets here.

At this point I’ll have everything except any Hobgoblins (and technically the Skullcracker). I backed the Dancing Yak Kickstarter way back to fill this void, but that of course didn’t work out. Recently we’ve seen a lot of great Hobgoblin stuff as STL files and there is also the prospect of new ones as part of this whole Hobgrot thing. We’ll see.


It’s a good giant kit! It’s very modular. Lots of different weapon options! You’ll get your fill!

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Hah, yeah well problem is, when ordering the physical model you select which weapon options you want, you don’t get it as a modular kit unfortunately. Ah well, doesn’t matter, will still have fun with it I’m sure.

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Ah right, it’s a physical set.

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Once again smoke rises from the pits of Zharr Kagur

For the longest time the forges of Zharr Kagur have layed dormant, but as this is not only the year of terrain for me but also the time when I want to finally get rid of the last remaining unassembled models, I finally came around building a unit of Infernal Ironsworn.

I got these LKM models way back when they still sold physical models, but I didn’t have enough of the hand weapons and shields. Thankfully, this could be remedied by 3D printing. (as I don’t have one of my own, thanks again to Michael!). The models are really cool, but it will probably be a long time before I field them :slight_smile: In an army list as dense as the Legion of Azgorh, where points are always scarce, these have a tough stance as special choices. We’ll see.


Next from the assembly line are 20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats with a Chaos Dwarf Slaver as a Unit filler.

I’m aware the Hobgrot models are controversial, but I really like them. They fit the Legion of Azgorh aesthetic very well.

Then we have two more Castellan, because you can never have enough of those. Especially because I needed one with a Fireglaive.


I like the slave driver. V nice. Where did he come from?
The hobgrotz arent bad …until you paint them, its the ropes , they are the worst.

I forgot what your painting was like jasko, so i scrolled back to have a look. Last painted entry is march 2021. Not trying to shame you into action or anything or totally call you out…haha :cry:

Edit: i actually think it was michaelx painted thing.


Haha, it’s true :see_no_evil: I’ve yet to paint my Legion of Azgorh. And I will. Eventually. I have painted my Big Hats, so at least I’ve put some paint on Chaos Dwarfs. :sweat_smile:


Not sure how i missed it… nice army.

So hats, masks then helms?

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Hard to say. I guess I lean towards mask, hats then helmets.

And thanks! I painted it up for CDOffline22

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Here we have 10 Gloomspite Gitmod Snarlfang Rider to act as Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders.

Really like those models. And I’m happy to report they rank up on cavalry bases.


I finally revisited an old project I started for Artisan’s Contest XXXII but couldn’t finish in time.

I have this old Rotten Cannon and wanted to make it a little less, well, rotten to better fit with the Legion of Azgorh.

I comes without crew, but I had enough spare Lost Kingdom Miniatures models lying around to make one. This was also a welcome chance to use the masked heads, which I hadn’t used yet. I think they fit quite well with a war machine crew.

Back to the cannon, I filed away some of the weird stuff on the chassis and used lots of milliput to cover it all up. I then built a frame out of a chopstick und fashioned a case for the cannon from a cardboard pipe. Toothpicks made nice spikes which I connected to the poles with wire and model chain. Plasticard and parts of a vegetable net were used to prolong the carriage.

I technically have a few wall torches I want to put on the sides of the four poles, I think that will looks pretty cool, but for the life of me I just cannot find them. Once I do I will attach them, but continuing to search the same places over and over again will drive me crazy.

Overall I am reasonably pleased with it. I’m sure it will all come together once it’s primed. There are nicer models out there, especially with 3D-printing, but this will always be unique and mine, that counts for something :slight_smile:


Great build! Been waiting to see this one for a while now. I think it will fit nicely with your army. The chains and support structure did a lot to upcycle it!


I do like the original, but it needs a very specific army theme to fit.
Your solution should work very well!
Putting so many chains in place must have been a pain.

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Oh my :blush: Thanks! Glad you like how it turned out.

Haha, yeah it took a few minutes :sweat_smile: Once I found my groove it was OK. The wire to hold them in place was def trickey, especially on the horizontal toothpicks - mainly because I had glued them in place before :upside_down_face: And of course, when I tried to glue the first chain on the toothpick, it broke. One link after the already glued in upper wire. You can see where I had to fix it with wire (lowest chain on the right, second link from the top)