Legion of Jaskorh [2024-03-31]

I have begun work on my main hobby project for this year - finally assembling the Legion of Azgorh army idling away in a box for the last two years. That pile of shame has to transform into a slightly less shaming pile, so I can squash my opponent’s armies with it.

With recent events I am relieved I went ahead and just got everything I wanted in one go. It’s the complete Forgeworld range, a hefty chunk of the Lost Kingdom Miniatures (back when they still sold physical models) and a few additional items from Russian Alternative and others. What I am completely missing at this point are any Hobgoblins, we’ll see if the Russian Alternative can eventually fill this gap.

The plan is to finish everything this year and have a first game with it. We’ll see.


The only model I just had to assemble right away (and the only one I’ve already posted on the old forum) is the Sorcerer-Prophet (Lost Kingdom Miniatures) on Lammasu (Raging Heroes).

It’s great model and was fun converting a little bit, I magnetised the whole thing to also use the Lammasu unmounted or with the original Manticore head (not that I have a way of actually using it in a game)


First progress in 2021 is made. I’ll start with the Infernal Guard with Hand Weapons and Shield (Forgeworld)


just in time now that they are OOP xD
fantastic manticore + shedu head
i always loved that mini! unfortunatly it doesnt fit my classic bighat army (i already have the lammasu too)
curious to see how you will make it


Yeah I know, I had long planned to start assembling this year, and then comes the news that they’re OOP. Honestly I hadn’t even really checked the models, and in the second batch found a model with a pretty bad foot. I was a little panicked then and immediately checked all the other models, but It’s really only 1-2 bad infernal guards. Phew.

That Lammasu is great. It’s a liiiiiittle small, but then again it is not as powerful as a Taurus, so I guess it’s fine. And the Sorcerer-Prophet on top is a little too tilted the way I assembled it, I will have to alleviate that when I put the Lammasu on the base.

As for Big Hats, yeah, I have a small army of those as well. The pile never ends…


So glad to see this project up here @Jasko I look forward to seeing updates :slight_smile:


Thanks mate, yeah, it’s about time :21:


Fantastic collection and perfect timing :24: I really like this range, enjoy the building

Looking forward to the 2021 progress


The Great Muster continues, soon the first regiment shall venture forth from the forges of the Tower of Jaskorh


The first unit marches forth from the Great Muster. 38 Infernal Guard with Shields will form the backbone of the army of the Tower of Jaskorh.

The models are really beautiful, no questions there. I was actually a little surprised how easily they assemble, but man, I am getting increasingly tired of lining up infantry. I love WHFB with the square bases and the movement and everything, but the lining up part, where sometimes you barely get to fit models in one exact place in the unit like a jigsaw puzzle is just frustrating.

The shields are currently only attached with blue tack, I mean I do hope to eventually paint the models. I used a sonic cleaner to clean the pieces which worked really well, can only recommend.

Next up in the assembly line are probably the Fireglaives, I want to build them in order to use some army lists as soon as possible.


O M F G!! My jaw dropped and I started salivating down my chin when I saw that first post! :shock:

I have never ever seen so much un-opened Chaos Dwarf sets in all my life, even in stores when they used to be sold.
You have alot of work ahead of you but… Man!! What a job to do! I am more than a little jealous :hat:

Can’t wait to see it all together :+1:


Thanks mate! Yeah I hope I pick up pace when I’m finished with the infantry.


Same here. Very enviable! Hope you really do paint all, would be nice to see such a great collection come to life!


Love the Sorcerer-Prophet modelling work.

Good progress! I’m a tad tired of lining up models, and much more tired of having them stand packed close, so that your arduous paintjob eventually rubs off as you constantly remove them as casualties despire being careful. Dwarfs on 20mm square bases are particularly exposed to this, since they’re fat with robed armour. 25mm round bases do have their advantages. After spending many hours converting and painting a model and applying varnish so that it’s all finished, the last thing I feel like is repairing worn paintjobs.

Funny thing is that a friend of mine, Johan von Elak online, once got so tired of his Bloodletters refusing to rank up properly, that he started piling them on the unit tray in a lump on a tournament. Next tournament, he had changed them all to round bases. This was not for 40k double duty and neither was it for AoS (this was some years before the End Times of 2015). They were on 25mm rounds in order to enable him to rotate them about and thus rank them up easier. Not an option for 20mm square infantry, but always a good idea for 25mm infantry. :smile:


@Admiral who don’t you varnish them? That insures the paint will stay put.

I really hope that too, but it will be a really long time until I come that far. Last year’s big hobby project was painting my Night Goblin army, but I only managed to paint 100 models. Despite being a horde army, that is my smallest army, and I would like to have a whole army finished. Not having the army assembled even in the end bugged me even more, that is why assembling everything moved to the front of my queue, and my Legion of Azgorh is the last to get assembled. Next in line for painting would probably be my Dwarfs, which are about 50% painted. And even if I painted those models over 20 years ago and not really well, “finishing” up the army would be a major accomplishment. Chaos Dwarfs could be next in line then, as my remaining three armies are all unpainted, so no need reason to not get started on Chaos Dwarfs at that point. :taurus2: That is also the point where I would change my general approach to army painting. I paint my Night Goblins to my tabletop standard, but would switch to battle ready for the other armies.


I feel your pain, and your friend Johan’s as well! And probably thousands of Warhammer players did as well. I’m sure that was the main reason GW moved away from square bases for AoS.

Funny enough, the most recent Dwarf kits (Ironbreakers/Irondragons and Hammerers/Longbeards) line up very nice, they all fit perfectly in the groves of their brethren. Worst for me so far were High Elves, ugh. And those Avatars of War Dwarfs, just a nightmare.


I always varnish, but paint still wears off from exposed edges of skirts in the long run where you have tightly packed units of fat Dwarfs on 20mm bases and constantly have to pick them away as casualties. I’ve heard of people who use miraculously strong types of varnish, who have no problem whatsoever. I don’t know what kinds of varnish those would be.

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I suppose high gloss varnish followed by a matte varnish to dull the glossyness. That’s how I do it anyway. Once varnished its like a coat of glass on it.

Matte varnish is rather “soft” in my experience, but proper gloss varnish (i use varnish that costs 3 euro a can…) becomes tough as nails.

I had a metal model u use for testing paint effects on that I varnished with it… I had to sand blast it to get rid of the varnish layer before stripping.


I varnished 1 model ever. Gorfang rotgut. Lovely model, i ruinned it. Havent ever used varnish since. I wrap each model in toilet roll individually for going to a game. Takes forever to pack up afterwards…