Loidrial set foot in Mordheim

This is my Mordheim-related thread, I will post here when I get the chance.
In the next post I will upload all the images that will be added later with the next posts, creating a sort of gallery!
Ciao! :eggplant:


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Hi guys, I have opened a new OFF TOPIC where I will collect some material on Mordheim.
I don’t know the rules yet, I’m halfway through (and as you know, I hate reading)
This first post explains how I ended up creating it.

A 2/3 months ago I was invited to a special whatsapp chat. after chatting for about a good year with some Italian hobbyst on instagram, I was contacted privately by one of them asking me if I wanted to be part of this chat of theirs!
some of the members are among my favourite Italian painters, many of them have even won Golden Demons!!! What the fuck am I doing among them!!! hauhuahua

Anyway, by talking to these monsters on a daily basis, my desire to experiment and do new things has grown even more. 2 weekends ago Milano Wargames took place, where a Mordheim tournament organised by Mordheim Italia was held.
Many of the guys from this group were there, some as participants and others as visitors, it was like finding friends you hadn’t seen for years, and instead they were all people I was meeting for the first time! (I also met Fabelzel! we live 1.30h away)

anyway, their passion for mordheim, and the magnificent tables I found on display made me want to try and do something small of my own.
I take the opportunity to leave photos of the absolute best table of the day, created by one of the participants of that whatsapp chat!

I have something like 120 photos from that event, I would love to fill this forum, but I’ll spare you xD

Here from left to right:
[Uollas_Uolsh] [MetalMaria] Me, and the table creator [VegetarianoZombi]

Me and @Fabelzel


Ugh… this makes me want mordheim terrain… but i don’t have the time, space and opponents to do so :sweat_smile:

This thread might push me over the edge :innocent:


So this is what i did in the last 48h!
i started around 10 pm toying around with this idea, i cut of a template, some card board and coffee sticks, around 3.20 in the morning i had this

the day after i continued working on the outer layers like so

Nothing is measured, everything is eyeballed as this is ment to be just a test piece, the only thing i regret, i should have make the 1st floor bit higher, 2" are not much for models to be put with ease below. Future ones will be 3"

yesterday night i coated the walls with a mix of plaster, glue, sand and water

then i painted almost it all, this morning everything i had to make some lil cleanup on the little rubble token i made with all that plaster left overs and and loose cut parts

And now I have a nice test piece, which I have no use for, but it will turn at some point, i hope.
First i should read all the rules for the game hauhuahuahua


I guess, if you want to have a miniature half-timbered house, one way to go is to build… well, an actual half-timbered house in miniature scale. Amazing work :hatoff:


Started yesterday evening another one
I realised that those templates I’m using are the same of the original mordheim box

This one will have a stone base


Made some stone work


Those tables and these buildings are incredible Eddie, your doing an amazing job of making one of those tables yourself

It’s great you found that chat and have this motivation for a great game like Mordhiem


Looking forward for the first match!


@GhraskDragh ahhauaha thx!! Idk it of will turn into a whole table, but for now let’s see what I get!
@Bassman gotta have my ass kicked by you as well, looking forward! I sucks at gaming hahauaua

Also little update on the house


Almost there with the second house, few minor things and it will be time to add plaster on the walls then paint


I love how the Blunderbuss team carefully approach the ruins… sneaky!


As you guys know we’ll, and as @Oxymandias reported with his German Porco Dio warband, I have some bad bad influence on people.

Cutting short, due to my being fucking childish, and abusing too much of the :eggplant: emoticon, the #eggplant28 was born, and now there are 20/25 talented Italian artists who are into this shit ahuauah some of those even won golden demons!! Fucking serious business!!!

And obviously I had to add it into the building so this is the final (until I’ll add some moss as suggested by @MichaelX )result!


Beautiful work Ed


Finally, after surgery and 2 months recovery, and not painting since those houses above late december, i went back to my root.
and i failed with my intents

i went back painting Confrontation miniatures, has been… idk probably 10 years since i painted a confro model, the black troll from my blood bowl pirate orc team, and today aftere purchasing this box 15 years ago, i painted the 1st of the militians from the city of Cadwallon

I hope to be able to finish them all, and that my brain will click properly for once
I dont like the result and those were 3 stressful days to accomplish this result which is lower than what i consider my standards, but oh well, at least is 1 painted miniature!


Oh no, he killed porco!


and onward with the second model completed!
damn it took me 4/5 days because of the incredible amount of details he have on. so much stuff, i didnt realised how packed he was before painting him


5 days well spent. He is wonderful.

I love the mini, and the sheep.


Thanks @Uther.the.unhinged ! I hope you will like the new one as well!

3 days for this one, the model wasn’t the prettiest but mmm came out ok

I’m halfway there this box after so so many years sitting in the closet with other boxes