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What a glorious concept.

Pity it did not make the GH.

I think if you made the bull body redder it would :
A pop more
B make the concept easier to recognise (I am sure the knife ears would still be fooled).

I hope you do make it
It is as I say fantastic


As my dumb dressed up bullcentaur didn’t make the final cut, glad thing I remembered to have @Russian-Alternative ones I bought last year!

I have the feeling that due to the colour scheme, some of you were able to recognise them as mine (aren’t always we all in for the recognition game at every contest?)

Idk really why I’m making the muted colours CDs, but it’s a scheme that feels right at home with me, ground and natural colours are my favourite of all

So here one early pic of how the thing was coming together at first

And after couple of days of work, at 01.35 AM of the last day I finished the entry xD


A worthy winner! Got a vote from me. Love the colour scheme, and I especially admire the weathering on the metal and the work on his face - he looks almost alive and breathing. Wonderful work!

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Lovely model wonderfully painted. Definitely got my vote!

Awesome paintjob! :metal: