Lord Krarqokatal's faithful [2022-03-21] Big Bird (Titan Forge Amazon mount)

You can’t go budget on your bass cab, though. I fully endorse this decision. Touring is great, until it’s not.

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Oh, it was great. And I’ve gotten most of it back so it’s all good :slight_smile:

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I fully relate to one army leading into the next, I was the same with my Chaos back in the day when they were all in one book, a little bit of this and a little bit of that but when they split them into 3 I had no full army of any of them, something I have since corrected.
And it still goes on, just this year starting the no elf wood elf army I dreamed of since 7th ed, the Ogres, 3d printed the beastmen this year too oh and now it looks like in the near future I will be doing Brets as a mate just gifted me some knights lol so that would put me at everything apart from Amazons which my sub conscious tells me we can probs 3d print one day, Kislev (hmmmm I wonder if I can find some stl’s) and elves… NEVER… although they would be good to have as something for my Dawi to bash on.
Off to Coffs Harbour on a working week from Monday but when I get back a week later I am going to start doing another tidy up on my room… it has gone a bit sideways since the last 2 CDO competitions, then get a full inventory done, set up my new lights like what @Oxymandias has, find a better home for the printer and wash station (currently on gaming table), take some pictures, do some blogging, get some gaming and painting done… always so much to do and so little time

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I have some Amazon’s and ogres for you… :wink: I’ll upload them at some point for you…


Ahh you are a brother from another mother for sure! Thank you!! :hatoff: :beer:

Some progress in the land of the lizards!

I have decided to paint all remaining lizardmen for the CDO meetup 2022 as I’m bringing them and I want them done before I start printing a whole new army (looking at you tomb kings and ogre kingdoms) or adding more to them.

I still need to paint 20 temple guard and 39 cold one riders. Both units have some paints on them so it’s not too much work.

I’ve also decided to finish all the Chaos dwarfs I currently physically own.

While that list is still doable I’ve also decided I should finally paint all my printed LKM temples…

Today I (nearly) finished all the vines. These have a LOT of vines.

The cool part is they can stack, or not. Lots of options on these!

But they will look so amazing when done!


Our gaming tables will look awesome!

Was it @Oxymandias or @chitzkoi who wanted to write a narrative event for the meetup? Anyway, def needs to be set in lustria now :slight_smile:


Chitz is the lore master and I’m the one who’s written a few narrative campaign packs before.

Perhaps a team up @chitzkoi ?


Yes please?

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First thought: for a lot of different, competing armies of Chaos Dwarfs, and some Tomb Kings and High Elves to descend on Lustria, they must be searching for something… or someone… that the others cannot possibly be allowed to find first


Slide into my DMs. We will come up with something good ok sure

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Hunting for a powerful relic (magic item) comes to mind

Sounds good!
I’d say it would be great if the background could be done in advance, so we can all maybe come up with something specific for our armies? (Personally I can conveniently build upon my Mutiny on the Bountharr story :smiley:)

@MichaelX You’re bringing your Lizardmen, right?

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I’m planning in LM and CD atm.

I’ll probably make a few lists in advance for both

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When painting the vines I went from smallest to largest temple… not good for motivation…

Last night I started painting the wall reliefs, and I started with the big temple.

I think when red and maybe some bronzes are added these will look great.

Add the contrasting green flowers and it will be awsome!


These pieces are absolutely beautiful and I really look forward to seeing them in person.

I love how goal-oriented you are, I really should be taking notes.


In the mean time I do have to keep hitting those deadlines, so I painted these 20 temple guard!

CDOffline… here I come!


This post marks a joyous occasion!

I have painted every single lizardmen model I have.

The last batch were among the first I got! Saurus cold one riders. 29 of them!


Congratulations! 29 cavalry, that must have been quite the marathon. A big reptilian pat on the back to you sir. They’re so vivid.

Bet it felt good updating that spreadsheet.

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You bet it did :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks man, these are a bit more colorful then the others… but not too much.

If I could go back I would do them all much brighter.