Lost Legions of Karak Vlag [LLoKV] 2022NOV2

I’m providing the Ariel mobility. Kham here is more in the aerial realm.

Printing, digital hacking, and traditional sculpting all at play in a unit! Arise ye servants of the Chaos Dwarf Outer Gods, Hashoot has come to bargain.


hey man my brain is off, i got nurgle rot and everything is in a fog! excellent catch on my spelling fail tho hahaha!

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Just when you think a thread is safe, memes come right out of Erewhon.


Not Pictured: hes squatting on a shed dropping ass cannon ammo


VERY sexy models! can’t wait to see them finished.


So, I’m gonna be honest in admitting that I never thought I’d make a human model for my Karak Vlag legions, but when the Artisan’s Contest XXXV came around, I had to throw my attempt in with the gods of this discourse. I had previously found a 3d sculpt of the Rock with his quizzical look and thought it was hilarious, planning on making a Rock marine out of him, so it didn’t take long to shift him over to a Horn of Hashut human follower.

This was definitely my most ambitious Artisan entry so far, since I started from scratch with a wire mesh. I use a darkoath chieftain from the Silver Tower set to mark height and sizes of his body parts.

I then went ham in sculpting up his details. The biggest hurdle I found was how little one could accomplish in a single sitting, since the greenstuff had to cure in between almost every layer.

Once the body was done, I printed the head, and started adding the details, horns, chains, and lamellar armor. Since I still needed him to fit in my army, I used the LK impaled slaves and set them up for some “life draining” so that the rest of the chaos scarred army could continue to enslave the rest of the eastern empire with their life force.

And there we have him! I loved making this dude. Although, I think his “guns” are bit too big…


Lovely sculpt and diorama build!

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Thanks!! It took a lot of time but was an absolute joy to a. I felt like I learned a lot out of it

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I really liked this entry, it looked like it had some story!
And Lego gears.

Is the slaves’ paint job finished or was it… abridged for contest deadline reasons?

I was trying to depict it being lifeless at that point. Does it need more work? If so, any recommendations?

I will say it definitely looks better in person than it does through photos. I struggle with getting decent photos of my work

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I know the problem, currently waiting for a friend with better camera before I put my entry into the thread. ^^

Judging from your photos as is, I’d expect dried blood on certain places, and for them looking dead a less rosy flesh tone.

Maybe a nice blue filter application

Last negative addition to the BATG for the year. I printed some blunderbuss guys, using some spare bits from a longbeards. Some printing, creative chopping, and some more greenstuff, and the guys were ready:

Also had a random Mage Knight steam golem lying around, so he also got a makeover (to include some beardy details)

Then it was time to paint them all up. With these, I further contribute to the net zero of my printed to painted models (-17)

The champion is by far my favorite since I had to give him some well needed rhinoplasty, since I forgot to remove a support until it was painted, caved, tried to take it off, taking his nose off in the process


Somehow I missed this until now really great conversions throughout. I especially like the ship cannon conversions and the bird men. The later are very 80s Flash Gordon! The minotaur is also a great conversion. That base model is such a great piece to chop up and revise. So many great ideas well executed.
Will keep an eye on this going forward!


Appreciate it, man! I love customising. Hoping to base and complete it soon. The artillery is pretty much all I really have left (minus the urge to paint some black orks and some hobbos)


The bearded face on the wee mecha warrior is just brilliant!


Beard makes everything cooler :sunglasses: :hatoff:

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Ahhauaha oh shit I saw this just now hahHahha

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So, not a complete build yet, but wanted to show the progress I could, since the Golden Hat took almost all of the time I had. Been working on some hobgoblins using the Lost Kingdom miniature khanate gobbos. So far, I used up the 29 pts I had left from last year’s effort to print 15 spearmen and 14 bowmen.

Wasn’t a huge fan of their heads so far (not enough nose and chin… tsk tsk), so I took the problem into my own hands

Only to find out that the size was too large (notice for everyone printing in 85% scale and thinking 110% looks good for the heads: don’t do it. It ain’t right). So I reprinted in 95% and redid the sculpting :sob::sob:

Then I assembled the bodies in as dynamic of a pose as I could. And here they are:

The next post should hopefully be the paint job for the spearmen (any advice would be appreciated for color schemes), and/or the hats for the bowmen.


Had another short but productive sculpting session with the bowmen. Finally made their little hats:

Staring at the 15 I made, I realize it’s time for me to print and sculpt their boss/hero, but here are some of my favorite poses and sculpts so far: