Lost Legions of Karak Vlag [LLoKV] 2022NOV2

This is a showcase of my “approaching the finish line but still not quite there yet” army that is loosely based on the concept that the lost city of Karak Vlag was somehow not lost but rather tossed into the sky. After being tortured by the gods of chaos and their hellish compadres, the inhabitants of Karak Vlag turned to Hashut for the strength and power to fight back. And fight back they did, reaching out with their blimps powered by the souls of the creatures they slayed. Now they’re back to enslave the rats that moved into their original mountains, and crush the Kislev humans to the South.

My army is comprised of the following, in various states of completion:

2x14-dawi units of fireglaives (which can be combined into a whopping 28 man unit ... yay math)

Send your broken and near-dead. I will keep them alive HERE

20-dawi unit of Immortals/Infernal Guard with Great Weapons

Great Weapons of Greatness HERE

36-skaven slaves unit, proxying in as the hobbos we all love

Skaven slaves HERE, yes-yes, click on link for Warpstone!!!

28-dawi unit of Chaos Dwarf Infantry

Magma Cannon

Iron Daemon

K'daii Fireborn
Skullcracker Blimp (yes, a blimp)


K'Daai Destroyer

First GH entry lies HERE

4 K'daai Fireborn

These are 100% proxies, and a tad small, so at some point I may be changing them out

For HQ:


In the process of getting repainted (at least for the details).

2 Daemonsmiths

Which need to be repainted

Khamdrim the Sky Master

Lord on flying Taurus

So, below will be my showcases, where I walk through my models and my designs for them. I have never used them to play and hopefully will…someday…when they’re done…soon…!


Background time!!! So firstly, I will address that this is now the third army in the warhammer franchise (but first in the fantasy franchist) so it was more of an experiment in paint schemes. I first started in the hobby working on 1:72 infantry from all ages and 1:35 scale WWII infantry and tanks. @Reaver was the one that introduced me into the hobby and convinced me that, with my love of the Chaos pantheon (which inspired my Emp Child army, my first love), and my love for the little stumpies, could be combined in the Chaos Dwarves!!!

After seeing his amazing paint jobs, I felt like I’d never live up to his style, so I decided to make my CD army as grimdark as I could. Most of the armies are painted black and drybrushed heavily. I’m experimenting with highlights and weathering techniques so hopefully this will spawn off my “testing, testing, 1, 2, 3” phase.

Finally, inspiration-wise, the army is mainly focused on the concept that the souls of the adversaries killed are collected into little tanks, which you’ll see across the armies, and siphoned into the blimps to act as the motive force. The units are sucked up either by the infantry itself or by little droids, which will pop up here and there in the army showcase links.

I will be building my lore and fluff on a separate thread (most likely) so hopefully a link for that will appear HERE.

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So these warriors double as immortals/infernal guard (if you ignore the non lore-friendly fact that a few of them are not wearing masks which I hope to rectify at a later date). They are the veteran infantry (kind of like the greybeards of our hated Dawi relatives) that have lasted long enough to make it out of the frontlines.

They first started out as a potential acolytes of Hashut army once I got my first Scibor miniatures. I realized that I could mix them in with the old GW Bloodreavers that I got in my first kit which drew me back in the hobby.

I then got a massive order of fireglaives in off of eBay when some guy decided to offload all of his army at once (scored a command unit, and about 20-30 fireglaives), as well as a kit of the axe infantry from Russian Alternative. So I made silicon molds of the axes and shields (which turned out horribly since I don’t think I added enough vents) and the double handed weapons (which worked … kinda).

Toothpicks and resin copies then allowed me to fill out the units:

So I finally had some units. The most daunting part of this was recognizing that I didn’t have enough hands (specifically the left hand, god knows why).

Obligatory filler unit included:

After a quick paint job, here they are. Not fully flushed out, but at least a working unit. They are currently being worked on to work on the details and make them look decent. More pics at some point soon once I finally get the paint scheme and details down

And yes, I do plan to make masks for the three who’s face you can see. Just need to figure out what I want those to look like.


So why skaven? Based on the position of Karak Vlag, the most logical initial source of slaves was the nearby skaven clans that would have invaded the mountain shortly after Karak Vlag’s disappearance. Once the city and its now Hashut hat-loving followers returned it would make sense that they would take advantage of the immense potential for chaff.

Despite the fluff excuse, it’s obvious that it’s cause skaven are cheaper than hobbos.

I got these from @Reaver when a friend of his decided to get rid of his massive skaven army. So we split it into two like any allied Chaos Dawi would do. I got these and started trying to make them my own. Conversion-wise they are very vanilla. The only addition is the backpacks.

My logic was that my army is carried into battle by massive blimps. The Chaos Warfs themselves are the only ones that are “gently” placed onto the battlefield. The skaven units are not so lucky and have to jump to the ground wearing jetpacks and rebreathers. So, in order to translate the fluff into reality, I settled on plasticard backpacks and greenstuff tubing to go into their mouths.

This is the frontline chaff infantry, expendable beyond measure, with a couple of fillers units (mainly two rat ogres and a couple of two-rat teams to help fill the soul balloons)

The balloons are the collection location for the souls that will end up in the blimps and in the fireglaive unit rebreathers. I have two different siphoning units in the skaven unit, one here and the other as a one-rat unit

More work to follow, since the weapons are mostly not finished, and I need to paint in the level of each balloon on each unit. But here they are, for now:


So the concept for my fireglaives mainly came out after the models, since I got so excited about getting two units of fireglaives off of an eBay auction on the cheap (and by that I mean $5 tops off of OG FW pricing pre-blowup) that I assmbled them and then realized that I wanted to convert them… but the ship had sailed. So now I have 1 or 2 units that comprise my firing line.

The concept behind them is that of those units that are too damaged to fight on the frontlines post chaos torture, and that can fight once fueled by the souls of the slayed. They all have rebreather packs that feed them souls to keep them going despite the fact that they should all be dead.

I made two units of filler. The first one, which can be seen above, is somewhat of a swivel deck gun. The firing lines (at least in the fluff) both chill on the blimps, enjoying some height advantage and protection from the railing.

This was from a resin printed kit that came in a goody bag that @Reaver sent me at some point, and for which I immediately knew its use.

The second was more of a challenge since I knew I wanted one for each 14-dawi squad. Since I had used the bodies of the remaining 10 fireglaives for the Immortals, I figured I had too many spare fireglaives to not use, so I made a little rack for them, and proceeded to use two unbased fireglaives to fill out the base.

Thus my infantry lines were complete, and with three different trays, I have a lot of added flexibility!

As with everything is my army, this is also WIP, with more detail painting to come (since I hate working on the small bits, it takes me ages to get any detail work done)


Spaceholder for HQ and characters

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So there are four pieces of artillery so far, all in various stages of WIP:

  • Magma Cannon

The Magma Cannon inspiration is that of a ship of line deck gun (or shall I say, “blimp” of the line, har har har). The only mod I made on this one was small iron rings to accomodate the lines that will hold it tight against the railing

Hopefully I’ll get it to look like this once I’m done with all the messy stir sticks and random other materials
Deck Gun

  • Iron Daemon

Another very vanilla piece. No changes from the normal one. I actually had two of these and used the pieces to make the Skullcracker Blimp.

  • Skullcracker Blimp

My pride and joy, and also my personal nightmare. This piece has gone through several revisions, since I can’t seem to make up my mind on the color scheme and, more importantly, on the balloon the blimp is going to be carried by. Yes, that was a POM bottle that was in strong contention for first place in a “what am I gonna use” competition. Still open, mind you.

It is, however, by far the best piece of the army so far, despite not being finished.

  • Hellcannon

The inspiration for the Hellcannon is a cross between a ship of the line swivel gun and a mortar, obvious oversized.

So far I am trying to fix the cannon, since I got it second hand from someone who used too much glue and did not align it properly (gaps are terrifying in models)…

So that’s the four pieces that I have so far. Hopefully they’ll be done getting painted and joined by a mortar (at some point).


Spaceholder for hellcannon

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I managed to sneak in the project that I wanted to do into the Golden Hat XVIII!. I had been sitting on both the concept and the model for a while, since I knew what I wanted to make, but was a little uncertain how to do it, as well as too scared to actually start it (the destroyer being somewhat of a centerpiece for the army, and all that jazz).

I caved when @Reaver sent me this amazing head piece for me to use at some point. I first started with the neck and the head, since those would most likely be the focal point of the model, and decided on a cooled-lava flowing skin look in order to match the detail on the massive turtle head. After that, I gave the head a couple of horns, cause k’daai destoyers need horns. So I assembled the rest of the forgefiend kit, made him a massive tail wrapped around a metal wire. It was then time to make tiny little rocks of cooled down magma on it. The process was the same as that for the neck and the body. Once that cured, I added some flames to the end of the tail to add some flair.

For the minotaur, the idea came from our very own @chitzkoi’s Among the Wicked Dawi description of the bull centaur getting a “fire-spirit” to submit. This brought me to finally decide to repurpose the Rat Ogre I had lying around that originally belonged to a screaming bell, and turn him into a minotaur to lead the k’daai to the fight. So i shaved down the face, getting rid of almost all details on it, shaped some hooves for his legs, then moulded the snout, followed by the rest of the head. Finally, I gave him shoulder-plate for armor.

I then started working on the base with the ambitious desire to combine flowing lava, grass (my first attempt at static grass, I’ll add, which was exciting in and of itself). I found that using a balloon worked decently well as straightening the static grass, so that the applicator isn’t quite necessary.

For the painting of both the base lava and his skin, I started with a yellow basecoat, followed by white lines to show where the hottest lava flows would be, then proceeded to alternate between staining the outer edges with a blood red and re-highlighting and wet blending in the orange and yellow colors.

The cooled down lava was then repainted with black drybrush or detailing (especially for the head).

So, finally, below are the photos that I used for the GH entry.

Hope you liked seeing this as much as I loved building it!!


Excited to see these!!

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You had me at blimp, tbh. Really want to see that!

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The lost blog of Karak Vlag has begun!!


I’m reserving my excitement for the hellcannon section!

I like what I see so far


Your army looks great so far. Some of the conversions look like really hard work!

I definitely see similarities between yours and reavers building and painting style.

I approve of the skaven slaves in your army, however they must die extra specially qyickly and in the most brutal fashion every game :cd1980:


Finally made a list on BattleScribe for the army. I definitely need to find a list that shows all of the options. For now, this is the “damage:”

++ Standard (Chaos Dwarfs LoA - 8thBRB) [3,839.50pts] ++

+ Uncategorised +

- Army Size: Army (0-2999 points)

+ Lords +

Sorcerer-Prophet [510pts]

. Sorcerer-prophet: AB - Black Hammer of Hashut, AB - The Mask of the Furnace, Great Taurus, Level 3 Wizard, Lore of Hashut

+ Heroes +

Daemonsmith Sorcerer [145pts]

. Deamonsmith Sorcerer: Level 2 Wizard, Lore of Metal, Naphtha Bombs

Daemonsmith Sorcerer [145pts]

. Deamonsmith Sorcerer: Level 2 Wizard, Lore of Death, Naphtha Bombs

Infernal Castellan [120pts]

. Infernal Castellan: Fireglave

+ Core +

Hobgoblin Cutthroats [143.50pts]: Murder Boss, Musician, Standard Bearer

. 27x Hobgoblin Cutthroat: 27x Hand Weapon, 27x Light Armour, 27x Shields, 27x Throwing Knifes

Infernal Guard [332pts]: Deathmask, Musician, Standard Bearer

. 25x Infernal: 25x Blackshard Armour, 25x Hand Weapon, 25x Shield

Infernal Guard [457pts]: Deathmask, Musician, Standard Bearer

. 25x Infernal: 25x Blackshard Armour, 25x Fireglave , 25x Hand Weapon, 25x Shield

Infernal Guard [287pts]: Deathmask, Musician, Standard Bearer

. 17x Infernal: 17x Blackshard Armour, 17x Great weapon, 17x Hand Weapon, 17x Shield

+ Special +

Bull Centaur Renders [200pts]

. 5x Bull Centaur Render: 5x Hand Weapon, 5x Heavy Armour

Iron Deamon War Engine [285pts]: Steam Cannonade

Iron Deamon War Engine [315pts]: Skullcracker

K’daai Fireborn [220pts]

. 4x K’daai Fireborn: 4x Spite and Hellfire

Magma Cannon [145pts]

. 3x Chaos Dwarf Crew : 3x Hand Weapon, 3x Heavy Armour

+ Rare +

Hellcannon [210pts]

K’daai Destroyer [325pts]: K’daai Destroyer

++ Total: [3,839.50pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe

Tagging @Oxymandias and @MichaelX for the count


Just awarded the 2k badge. There is no 3k badge but there is a 4K one which you are only a “gnat’s dick”away from achieving!


Sorry I don’t really understand, what do you need to find?

The unit options in 8th fantasy are limited to 1. Slaves, and 2. Infernal guard. That means there are no acolytes , or normal chaos dwarves, or immortals for that matter. I’d need to find a better list option within battle scribe that provides me the flexibility I made my units with. Does that make sense?

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Ahhhh, got it.

So, I made a BattleScribe file for the 8th edition Chaos Dwarf army list from the Warhammer Armies Project, which has all those units you mention. Would that work for you?

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Ummmm, yes! Absolutely! Haha. I’d love that

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