[WHFB 8th] BattleScribe file for WAP Chaos Dwarfs

For a while now I am using my own BattleScribe files, modified from the ones by Vincent Goede. Since there are no “official” ones for the 8th edition Warhammer Armies Projects, you are very welcome to use mine for the Chaos Dwarfs army list. It covers the complete army list with all special characters and FAQ’ed main rules. Notable changes are the addition of cavalry-sized Bull Centaurs and the Dwarf Relentless rule (the same one Chaos Dwarfs have in WAP 9th) instead of the weird triple march so it is ready and compatible with the CDO meetup 2022. I will update it with everything else we decide on in the FAQ & Errata thread.

:arrow_right: Jasko’s Chaos Dwarf battle scribe files

You’ll finde the main WHFB file and the corresponding Chaos Dwarfs file. You will need to install this as a second source in your existing battlescribe. Please make backups of all your battle scribe stuff before you add this! I am not completely sure how it will interact with existing files, should be fine, but better safe than sorry.


I would like to use this, couldnt work out what to do though. I thinkbi narrowly avoided paying £10 a month…

No idea how to get it onto the battlescribe app…

Apologies im rubbish

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So the way I do it is syncing Battlescribe with Dropbox.

There is a folder structure

Apps → Battlescribe → data

Put a folder there “Warhammer” (or whatever) and put the files in there.

This should also work with the free version of BattleScribe.

@Oxymandias was able to set it up (it’s been a long time since I did it), maybe he can help. :slight_smile:


Grins vacantly…

Did you notice you can heal your taurus with the buff fire spell in the 8th wap book? Pretty cool i think

Someone will sort it for me in caveman language

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I did it on my PC @Zoddtheimmortal . I can talk you through that if you like.

You’ll need a computer, the internet, a flint hand axe, a mammoth hide and the ability to grunt.

Seriously tho, message if you need help


Got a hatchet ,a viking drinking horn, and a 8.5% beer from my advent calendar. Ok ill try on a puter instead. Dont like that drop box, 1 click away from £10er a month!

When i fail, ill give you a shout, cheers


On Android you can do this

If you use a file explorer and go to Android/data/net.battlescribe.mobile.editor/files/data/

Create a new folder in their and copy your new files in. I’m not sure about new files but it works well when testing new files for existing sets.

Thanks mate exactly what i needed

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On my droid i just opened the file downloaded with battlescribe and it imported automatically

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