Models for Chaos Dwarfs with Crossbows?

Well, I was wondering about those!

I’m playing WCE (1, 2, 3 for who is not familiar) – and now have started a CD troop for using them there – and the most recent rules update added crossbowmen to the CD list, so I was curious what models could fit.

The origin for including them in WCE was probably that someone in Bavaria having some old 3rd ed. minis lying around, or maybe that the CD had, for the lack of GW publications during the current millennium, too little model variety and the 3rd ed minis were an excuse.
I’m not that much into archaeology and definitely not old enough a CD player (not even at all yet) to be punished by nostalgia, so I’d like to talk about contemporary miniatures.

Of the manufacturers doing Chaos Dwarfs (real or 3D models alike) I found none. Lost Kingdom had some 2016 previews showing a command group for their “Death Guard” with crossbows but I found nothing further. Russian Alternative, Raven Twin and who else also only have models with blunderbusses if at all.
Still I remember stumbling on some CDs with crossbows before, which might have been from this same command group or from another source I didn’t remember later.

tl;dr: Tell me if you know any!


You mean these guys, right?

Yes, these are Lost Kingdom Miniatures Death Guard, which they used to sell as physical models. Nowadays they have completely switched to selling STL files, and I don’t think they have the crossbows available there.

So I bought 30 Death Guard and the command unit some years ago, but I assembled them with Arquebuses. Which means, I have all those unused crossbows lying around. Happy to give them to you! The Arquebuses used the same left army, so unfortunately only have the right arms with the crossbows themselves available, but still. And of course you would need suitable bodies :slight_smile: If you have access to a 3D printer, you can get the bodies from LKM of course.
Alternatively, maybe it’s worthwhile contacting LKM directly about this. They might be willing and capable to sell you the stl for the crossbows!


Yes, I meant those, and, oh wow, getting the crossbows this way would be great!
I don’t have a 3D printer, so I’m relying for models from 3D-only producers on ebay.
Having the crossbows I’d have to decide if I want the original base models (keeping the arquebuses left over) or different models at all. After all the originals would need different heads, with decisively less mask and more hat, anyway, so I could just look where else the arms are fitting onto. Maybe the LK warriors (which do wear proper heads) could be converted into carrying the crossbows.

Alternatively RA to make them better fit the rest of the units.

Also, does the Cologne thingy next to your blog mean you are from there?


Yeah locations are on some people’s profiles


Conversion is not even necessary, the regular LKM Warriors have the exact same bodies as the Death Guard, just different heads.

Indeed it does, Cologne born and raised :slight_smile:


Aaand… shipping crossbows from there? This would make things very fast and unproblematic. :grinning:

Oh, great! Just missing the left hand then, I guess?

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Haha, yes, it can be done :slight_smile: Ship where to actually?

Let me rummage again through my bits box before I make promises I cannot keep. But yes, only left arms should be missing then.


Hanover, and thanks!

Write me a PM, I’d like to send you at least some money for the inconvenience, and you’ll need my address. :slight_smile:

Also, realistically I’d use at most 20 of the Crossbows for WCE, not all 30.

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Lol, well isn’t that convenient :sweat_smile:

Macrocosm make cd crossbowmen, they are smaller than lost kingdom though.

Old school miniatures will release crossbow cds soon…

The assault group do dwarf crossbows with helmets.

Em4 do dwarf crossbows that you can cut heads off and put cw helmets


Oh wow, so many manufacturers I didn’t even know about!
(And for a good reason, I‘m afraid.)

So let’s see,


Old School (CD store page for lack of the kit):

The Assault group:


One of them is called Old School and the rest of them look even more so. ^^"
I do think that KL crossbows could happen to be bit too big, but they are probably closer to the design I’m aiming at.
Still, thank you for helping complete the list!

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Vanilla GW dwarves had crossbow options. If you need some more in the future you could also buy the bitz and use them on whatever CD miniatures you like.

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IIRC I checked this option before but the crossbows there look quite conventional, or there was something else I didn’t like about it. Maybe they were just not that easy to get?

Hey @Kuanor, since you live close by too… in april we are having a little CDO meetup 2022 if you are interested.