New Badge: BATG Progress

Hey All,

@Reaver, Myself and a few others have done a BATG and we love it. I was talking to @Oxymandias about it and we came up with the idea of awarding badges for successfull BATG reports.

I’d love for you, the community, to give some feedback/input on this.

The idea is simple.

At the start of the new year you make a BATG thread. You keep track of all new models you buy (add to the total BATG score) and all models you paint (subtract from the total BATG score) in that year.

At the end of the BATG year we will award the following tiers of badges:

BATG Score Badge Level
-1 Bronze
-25 Silver
-50 Gold
-100 Platinum
-150 Blackshard

What do you think of the badge tiers?

Finally, What kind of badge should we commision from @Loidrial ? Oxy suggested a brush, or a gray little dwarf.

Let me know folks!


I’m the gray seer at this point. I rolled back into Skaven army due to the amount of bullshit I have to paint.
Even my resin is gray xD damn!

Also, what if my score just increase after the end of the year instead of decreasing? Because that’s my condition…

Anyway I might work on some basic 50*50 CD model and paint the various stages?
Total gray/primer/base colours/paint done/basing?
Idk, just an idea

that sucks… the idea is you start the year with a new slate. and tally the score at newyears eve.
That said… maybe we should exclude december due to Xmas gifts and such, or allow fols to add Xmas gifts to the new BATG. No idea…

Thats pretty cool too! a gray dwarf to start and increase the color spectrum through each badge tier!

Love it.

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don’t make blackshard too easy for me boys


if they can just make oathbreakers stupid and lame, I’ll be black-to-black backshard champ in 22 and 23 at this rate


So you’ll paint 150 models + whatever oathbreakers you buy? :sweat_smile:

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Oh and… warmachines and such…

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i like to collect things. collecting badges sounds fun!


I wholeheartedly support this!


There’s no earthly way I’ll do it in 2023 if oathbreakers are good.

I’m going to count a single stand of 15mm minis as one mini. For me, the count will be by base. If it’s an individual base, it counts as one.

If diorama makers want to individually count the guys in the diorama they’re welcome to do so.


Well, the thing is, as long as you count per base for both new models AND painted models it doesnt matter!


I’m on board for blackshard at 175 or 200.


-200 blackshard is fine by me too. It needs to reflect the difficulty proper anyway!

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200 has a nice ring to it because it keeps the doubling effect on the other levels in place. No shame in Platinum. You need a hell of a backlog to be able to play at that level regardless


I’m not particularly fussed about the levels of badges and how many below 0 = what badge. But I think that rewarding battle against the greys is a great motivator.

I buy more than I paint and I think with me soon getting more space it’s likely that will get worse haha !

I’ve also got some big rebasing projects planned next year (not that that will contribute but both will contribute to me finishing or adapting what I’ve got as opposed to buying for buying sake)


let’s say, something done properly, but on a base similar to this?


Love it! Gets my vote.

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Goblin green base! Perfect!

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Yes! Love it. And then the background done like the other badges?

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Well it won’t impact batg in both ways so any model you paint is a win :slight_smile:

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