New Badge: BATG Progress

If you do a 20-reg a month and don’t buy any minis you’re fine incha

This is all gonna be fine lads. Pay no attention to the grey mountain blogs and what they suggest about my buying behaviour. This is all gonna be just fine

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so, if i understand this right, the larger the shame, the larger the award?

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The larger the initial shame.

Providing you outpace your new shame with management of previous shame, you’re in the clear.

I uhh… I have to return some videotapes.


ah so it aims to help you clear the shame overall. Understandable. If you have, say, 300 unpainted models, as long as by the next judging session you have lowered it by 1, you could qualify for an award. makes sense now. i thought it worked the other way. thank you for clarification Chitz. You are a true credit to the team. Might as well be a dang mod by now!


Well, as long as you paint at least 1 model MORE then you buy you get a medal.

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They are live

BATG - Gray
BATG - Bronze
BATG - Silver
BATG - Gold
BATG - Blackshard

Now! Prepare your brushes and aim for that Blackshard medal!

This medal will not be awarded for ongoing BATG threads, only threads started after New Year’s eve are viable to win you medals!



Definitely not painting shit now until January 1st :tonguewink:


I’ll add to the badge overview/explanation tomorrow!

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Would these reset every year or would they be year-specific?

:batg0: :batg1: :batg2: :batg3: :batg4: :batg5:
at our service!


I think like the competition badges, you’d be able to earn them more than once.

And each year would be a hard reset. Which could be great for those losing the war, and unfortunate for those at -199


Quick!! buy all the things this year!

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This sounds awesome (I’ll never make it :sweat_smile:)! Just a tiny question, is this supposed to be a backlog of only unpainted CD-faction miniatures or all my unpainted minis? It would be quite a hassle to tally all of them as they are packed in boxes… :slight_smile: :smiley:

Any painted model counts :slight_smile:

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And therefore I should tally all my unpainted minis to have a correct size of my pile of grey for the start of the new year… crap :rofl:

Ooorr… Am I to understand correctly that the size of my grey mountain is irrelevant and the only thing that matters is painted vs. bought minis?



Every year you start with a clean slate. Just reset the total to 0 and start again.

The idea being if you paint a bit more then you buy you will still slowly kill that pile of shame!


I collect even trash firnmy builds xD how do I count that? Shhahaha :batg1:
Also, serious question, is it there an app/software that helps you keep track of those things without the need of Excel files?
I don’t buy stuff anymore because my backlog is huge and I don’t play, so even just to see wtf I have around would be helpful


Build a rash model → add to gray pile
Paint a model → add to painted pile

There are collection manager apps you could use?

I could build a batg app… but that would take a bit of time…

Man, now I really hope Greebo sends the kickstarter models before Christmas! :scream: