New Signatures plugin

Hello All,

On @Loidrial’s request we installed our very first plugin that allows you to make signatures on your profile.

Go to Preferences → Profile and scroll down all the way to


EDIT: You can use images by using MyBB code like so


Great idea @Loidrial .
Thanks for sorting @MichaelX

Let’s make some Sigs!!!

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o shit, we’re a real forum now!


Get ready to read my OC’s entire backstory on every post I make



At last! Yaay! Signatures are a core feature, and allows to find all core content from various users who list links in their signatures.

However, a note of caution for the future: What strangled the old forum was that it was so heavily customized that it could no longer be updated. This must never be allowed to happen again.

As such, let’s hope that updates can be installed without a hitch indefinitely going forward. If signatures get in the way, then signatures plugin will be removed. It is in the hands, I mean cloven hooves, of Hashut.

Sig it, baby! :hatoff:

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Not working for me… :frowning:

Try again please

Praise Walhut! (I think, actually unsure about the added clutter especially on mobile)


Okay, so… the signature might potentially clutter the forum up quite a bit. Let’s reevaluate it after a few weeks and decide what the community prefers.

I’m starting to believe that the implementation of the “User Card Background” and “Featured Topic” overcomes the need for signatures. People can click on a user image and read pertinent info, link to blog, link to external websites if desired, and other info.

Just my quick thoughts. I have mixed feelings here

Below are some of the user card settings you can manipulate

User cards can be looked at by clicking on avatar images anywhere on the discourse and look something like this depending on how much information you have filled out.

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 3.44.18 PM

User cards have more information than you would want to contain in a signature and are hidden from view unless queried. They are pop-ups that do not navigate you to a new page whether on desktop or mobile

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Nope, featured topic is last one I got. Might have to try with different browser… :thinking:

Now it works, it was because of the browser…

I enjoy(ed) the clean, clear, no-signature look we have had so far compared to traditional forums. A lot of our replies on threads are a single sentence and many are only a few words. For me, sigs that are longer than that (which is a natural thing for people to do) sort of shit on our dialogue with each other by breaking it up repeatedly. If I eventually get a sig I will keep it very minimal, but for now, it’s not for me.


Yeah I Played with a complicated one but then scrolled through my threads and thought it looked ugly.

Changed it to a simple link- I don’t think that detracts from the conversation too much

Apparently you only see others signatures if you enable it for yourself?

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Yeah from what I understand


Michael looks pretty feckin disappointed…

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Yes, we should limit the space the signature can take up. A slim line or three should suffice, I hope. Mostly useful for linking to project logs, tutorials, stories, art threads, homebrew rules and other personal content. Make it easy for people to discover all your best stuff. :slight_smile: