Question on what counts as batg

So if I paint say 15 models and it takes away my score and I trade them away does it reduce my score? What if I traded it for 15 unpainted models is it a wash but if I paint the other 15 models does that add to it I personally don’t think it should but do I have to take it away and then add it back when I’m done. What if I get already painted models in a trade obviously that doesn’t add to my score but does that add to my overall purchased amount even though I don’t plan on painting them

Hehe, maybe overthinking it a bit? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you bring home/print an unpainted model add to the score, if you paint one reduce the score.


What Tjub said. BATG doesn’t care what you do with your painted models once they’re finished. BATG also doesn’t care about any fully painted models you acquire that you don’t intend to paint.


Just making sure I’m doing some trades and buying some models currently and plan on painting them and making it neutral either way. But there’s a unit in getting that’s paint scheme is solid so I’m leaving it/trading a unit I painted for it as well

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All that we ask is that you post pictures of your painted models to prove you actually did it. And honestly self-report your acquisitions. There’s obviously no real way of assessing that last one.

BATG is a race against yourself, even bragging rights only really apply within groups of friends.


Oh I’m shooting for the badge :smiley:


That’s the spirit!

I’m expecting Christmastime will feature a lot of proud pictures of the 2022 armies.

That should be the trigger for badges.


Good shout

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@Shef as I understand, sold/traded/given away modes don’t affect the score in BATG. It’s just models in minus models painted, although early on I think someone clarified that models sold, traded etc that you were going to paint count as -1 each. This is why I’m on +20 rather than -80 :smiling_face_with_tear:

OTOH there is also “Shame Golf” (linked on my BATG thread) which has a few differences:

  • models given away, sold, etc count as -1 each
  • gifts don’t count as added to the pile
  • bonuses for completing units & boxsets
  • penalties for buying new release models

You can join me in Shame?