Reaver's Battle Against the Grey [BATG 2022]

I’ve been dooting around with musician builds for too long. Some long overdue ideas are now ready to be primed and I’m happy to be back painting again.

Elden Ring the way too expensive board game looms large as the end of year approaches. I have a few secret (for now) purchases I’ll add before end of year.

Now for the reason I’m here. More Ankh! These were fun and quick to paint. They are easily (with obligatory :orange_circle: :arrow_right: :orange_square: base converters) 1 to 1 stand-ins for Tomb Kings scorpions and carrion birds.


Oh boy… this is causing timb king itch…sexy stuff @Reaver !

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So worth the BATG hit, these metal minis from Four A are such top shelf class.


Study that higher lower model it is so well sculpted and cast. I cant think of anything better. What willyou proxy those demons :smiling_imp: as?

Love getting packages of varied metal goodness

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Absolutely one of the best metal pieces I’ve seen.

Might use the fishdudes as sneaky gits?

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Small pain reclaim with more Ankh minis.


Today was not productive, printed a fog wall door for Bloodborne and painted it crudely. I have some crappy clear FDM filament and figured I’d give it a go… it’ll serve for a board game token replacement.


You know what they say,
“the last 69 hours are the hardest” - Shia Lebeef, archsage of the BATG elders, probably

mental gymnastics intensify


Well I printed another thing, this time a large headless from Sekiro (the base is 110mm). Edited out the hair digitally since it wouldn’t have printed easily and sculpted my own back in after. Original sculpt was post processed from the game files by a Fromsoft enthusiast I met on the Bloodborne Board Game Discord.

A couple stages of airbrushing to start faking the lighting off the sword. The headless are always found in dark places and the first light you see is the purple glowing sword in the mist.

Oh good looks like he’s painted now. Knocked it out in one sitting. It’s rather fun pushing thinned paint around a large canvas, letting the purple airbrush undertones bleed through.

In reality this took place slowly over months, nice to have it over the finish line so I don’t have to claim a +1.


Fantastic work, as always! On what chart was it that you roll to see if your gargant accidentally decapitated himself with his giant katana ?

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Those pinkish purple skin creases :pinched_fingers: mwah!


Proud Brian moment. I passed the test by passing, and boy was it a test.


Go buy a load of models to celebrate your self control :partying_face:

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I closed the Elden kickstarter tab… but haven’t closed the ogres kickstarter tab haha. And one of the stretch goals has a pirate hat, so I’m screwed. There’s also a Westfalia kickstarter running with some dead fishy pirates.


Ding Dong, more Ankh minis are at the door. I submit this offering to CDOs vaunted halls of wizened dong sages.

Many realistic bull (centaur) anatomy discord chats, links to fantasy pleasure barge sculpts, member visits to phallological museums, and the bountiful banter on the subject of historical phallic art… lead us to Bes, the first meme.

(Ctrl-f “dong” on the discord server for a good time)

I found the original Ankh sculpt to be quite lacking, so I had to overcompensate, wholly driven by historical source material. Once I get to Tawaret you’ll see why this board game needed more equal representation among the deities of fertility.

Here are the not safe for WIPs. Mostly a quick repose and sculpting of musculature although I did add a hat and the dong rider seen in some classical Bes art.


not safe for WIPs!! :rofl:


:notes: Simply the Bes! :notes:


Here I humbly submit my small petition to get @MichaelX to paint his own Tomb King army in 2023.

Couldn’t resist spending some quality time on these nostalgia kings, my first warhammer fantasy army. Credit to BATG for the impetus to dig into my rainy day box of things I panic bought, :notes: the day the toooomb kings died🎶

:notes:I started singin, bye-bye these here Khemrian guys :notes:


Thank you for drawing my attention to the fellow along for the ride on ol’ Bes, I’d never noticed that before :laughing:


Drove my Chevy down to khemri but the khemri was dry :notes: