Scribe's Contest XIII - Winners!

Winners of Scribe’s Contest XIII: Fouls and Fumbles


Just like all the other rounds, we had a neat turn-out of entries, with submissions spanning from career summaries to events on the pitch. It was great to see such written upon dry Orc-skin parchment!

No doubt the texts were all written in spilt blood with trembling hands, or carved into the skulls of foes. :hatoff:

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the winners!

Entry #5: @flagellant04 (1st)

Text Version

Soft Spot

Aktur found himself musing on the value of a hobgoblin life as he shuffled back to the line of scrimmage. Worth a score of orcs in daily life, incomparable to Dawi Zharr blood. But on the pitch…

He glanced at the green form being hauled away.

They were a body, same as any other. And they were running low on bodies.

In fact, Aktur was pretty sure they were out. With Adad and Namtar out in the first half, Ulzkai and now Narg down in the second, he steeled himself for playing a man short for the rest of the match.

He lined up opposite a bloodied marauder, tightening his chin strap. The brute was tall, a whole head taller than the top of Aktur’s substantial helmet, but lanky and built for running. He eyed Aktur with that black hatred reserved solely for sports rivalries.

Aktur dropped to a 3-point stance. If he could take this receiver out fast he had a clear shot at the thrower. As he waited for the whistle he lowered his head, angling the spike of his helmet towards the chest of the hulk before him.

“Hashut’s hooves!” he gasped under his breath. With his lowered gaze he saw Narg’s replacement being dragged unceremoniously onto the field behind him, his stone feet cutting deep gouges into the turf.

He hadn’t forgotten their last player but he had certainly not considered him. Before his very eyes the venerable stone form of Gurak Grazhoath was taking position.

“There must be some soft spot left on his head,” thought Aktur, “or he’d be on his way to the hallowed halls of Zharr Naggrund!”

The brute was still howling with laughter when the whistle was blown. Aktur lunged forward, slamming his spiked helm square into the bare chest before him. He stopped hard letting the screaming marauder slide off before pressing forward once more. The thrower still had the ball and was letting his catchers make some extra distance.

Another marauder, a bruiser of a man, moved quickly to intercept. He sprung at the dwarf, arms wide for a tackle. Aktur planted his right foot and ducked low. Instead of a clean grapple the marauder slammed his thigh into the Dwarf’s shoulder pad. Aktur lifted and threw, sending him cartwheeling over Aktur before landing hard on his back.

Noticing his sudden vulnerability the thrower hurried to make his pass - too late, Aktur took his legs out from under him and the pass went wild. Aktur followed the ball with his eyes. No longer was it headed for his receiver, well downfield and free of his coverage. Now it was headed straight for Grazhoath!

The great sorcerer spun a grudging inch as the ball careened off his permanently outstretched arm, launching high into the air. Aktur spun around, took three steps left, and caught it clean.

The crowd was in chaos as Aktur crossed into the endzone, and somewhere, deep beneath the stone, Grazhoath smiled for the last time.

Entry #1: @Ikkred-Pyrhelm (2nd)

Text Version

Players of Renown

H’rah Furnace-Born

Race: Bound K’daai

Position(s): Blitzer

Team(s): Brak’s Bruisers (2503-2504), Hashut’s Fists (2504-2509)

Status: Deceased/Banished

H’rah Furnace-Born was a creation by the infamous Daemonsmith Dreng Onetusk, a K’daai Fireborn bound in a fully mechanical construct in the shape of a Dawi Zharr warrior. H’rah was originally signed on as a blitzer for Brak’s Bruisers in 2503, where during a game against the Khemrian Knockouts it not only scored two touchdowns but graphically mutilated and torched opposing team leader Pharaoh Ramset IV. This event earnt H’rah Hashut TV’s Best Kill of the Year and caused a slew of complaints and walkouts by Tomb King teams on the use of fire on the pitch that lasted until the 2506 Bandage Agreement. After Brak’s Bruisers dissolved in 2504 after a cursed gold scandal, H’rah was quickly signed over to the infamous Hashut’s Fists. It’s ironclad form leading the team to victory in the Magma Cup in 2506 and 2507.

H’rah’s career was tragically cut short in 2509 after rumour began that it was in talks to transfer to Brimstone’s Burners for an exorbitant sum. Supposedly, a jealous teammate sabotaged H’rah’s binding runes during the 2509 match against the Skryre Assimilators with catastrophic results. The resulting conflagration wiped out both teams (with the petrified Igniz Stone-Cursed the only survivor) and a McMurty’s Stand, leading to both teams having to pull out of the Undivided Cup. After this, several Skaven teams were inspired to create their own daemon bound constructs with varied results.


Uzkul Cup Best Newcomer: 2503

Splat Magazine’s Top Eleven Hottest Players: (7) 2503, (8) 2504, (7) 2505, (3) 2506-2507, (6) 2508, (2) 2509

Hashut TV Best Kill of the Year: 2503

Enginseer Monthly Most Watched Player: 2504, 2506

Magma Cup Most Valuable Player: 2507

McMurty’s Sponsorship of the Year: 2508-2509

Hashut TV Most Destructive Death: 2509

Entry #3: @Brawniac (3rd)

Text Version

A Team of His Own

Gray banners flopped morosely over the muddy pitch. A light drizzle and a chill wind combined to make the few attendant fans as miserable as possible. Among them sat Simeon the farmer, pouting as he pondered his cruel fate. Being pockmarked, poor and short, Simeon felt he had been dealt a bad hand in the chess game of life. To top it off, his local team had been wiped out to a man, and he had thrown away his homemade supporter’s gear in disgust.

The thin crowd for once gave Simeon a decent view of the pitch. Little good it did him, though, as the day’s favourites were but a bush league orc team. When the players entered as ceremoniously as they could manage, Simeon noticed that the opponent team consisted of two quite different sorts of players. Most of them were hunched greenskins, who Simeon guessed to be hobgoblins, but the rest were dwarfs. Resplendent in curled beards and enormous hats, the dwarfs were clad in brightly lacquered scale mail that jingled as they marched. Their outlandish costumes and otherworldly, rhythmic song made them appear as proud warriors of a bygone age.

But short, thought Simeon.

The orc team, calling themselves the Crooked Teef, formed a haphazard line of scrimmage. Their coach had long since given up on tactics and was resigned to watching his team make a single continuous brawl of it.

The linedwarfs formed up in perfect symmetry. Their breath was visible in the cold as they panted in anticipation of the impending violence. Simeon edged forwards in his seat.

With a yell the ball was kicked high, and to an orc, the Crooked Teef left their posts and sprinted towards it. Except for their front line, who were viciously grappled by the dwarfs, or expertly tripped by the hobgoblins. By the time the orcs had battled over who got to hold the ball, half their team were concussed, and one or two were shivved. Boxing up, outnumbered but defiant, the orcs prepared to drive upfield, but met a new line of scrimmage forming nearly on top of them! And now began the true test of brawn and aggression. The orcs were strong and tough, but lacked anything like focus or cohesion. Distracted by an eye-gouging hobgoblin here or a fake referee’s whistle there, the greenskinned warriors went down one by one, only to be mercilessly ganged up on and dispatched.

And almost unheeded, one of the hobgoblins had scored! In the wild celebration on the field, one of the dwarfs shook the referee’s hand effusively (his hat neatly blocking from view two hobgoblins pounding an orc further into the dirt).

Simeon discovered himself to be shouting with the rest of the tiny crowd. What a display of sportsmanship! Such bloody-minded thuggery!

The rain suddenly seemed far away and the wind was barely noticeable. Simeon sat grinning like a child. He had found a new team. And he had a feeling they would go far.

1st Place - Gold Scribe Winner: Entry #5 - @flagellant04
2nd Place - Silver Scribe Winner: Entry #1 - @Ikkred-Pyrhelm
3rd Place - Bronze Scribe Winner: Entry #3 - @Brawniac

Also, an honourable mention to @Bowser and @Jasko , who trailed bronze closely. Should anyone have received a Scribe’s Veteran Medal by entering 5 Scribe’s Contests, please PM me.

The Entry Key!

01 - @Ikkred-Pyrhelm
02 - @MichaelX
03 - @Brawniac
04 - @Bowser
05 - @flagellant04
06 - @Abecedar
07 - @Antenor
08 - @Jasko
09 - @Admiral

Medals are incoming! If you wonder how many votes your entry received, PM @Admiral

And now for the gold prize, from @Abecedar, who gifted his previous Golden Hat prize on to this contest. @flagellant04 will win a €30 store coupon at Warcolours, courtesy of @warcolours :

While the @Ikkred-Pyrhelm will carry home an unpainted kit of Tjubbutaur Herd from @Tjub:

Whereas @Brawniac will win an unpainted Ewal Dvergr Centaur from @Zanko and @Clam !

While @Bowser combs home the random draw prize, namely a kit of Tjubling Hat Command from @Tjub and Admiralty Miniatures:

The winners will be contacted shortly via PM.

A big “thanks” to everyone who participated and voted!

Be more than welcome to post the entries as new threads (or posts in your own thread) in the Stories and Background section of the CDO Forums. :wink:

A Scribe’s Contest section will soon be set up in Contest Galleries.

That concludes the thirteenth instalment of Scribe’s Contest. It is a valuable addition to the growing mass of Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin writings accumulated on CDO. Well done, everyone!

Next up: A special round of Artisan’s Contest!

The Staff


Congratulations all, another phenomenal contest i loved reading all the entries, thanks to all the entrants.


Congratulations everyone!
Was hard to choose, but for the first time 100% of my contest votes ended up in the Top 3 :slight_smile:


Awesome entries everyone! There were a lot of seriously funny stories and exceptional writing on display here. There is so much talent in this community. It’s time for me to start digging into y’alls post histories’ to find any other writing you’ve done! :laughing:


Brilliant job everyone! Seriously, some amazing talent on display here. Also I am super excited for that TjubGob Command. Amazing models.


Congrats to the winners and all other participants - great job everyone! :hatoff:


A fine contest! Congratulations to the worthy winners. :hatoff:


Congrats to the winners. Well earned!



Congratulations to the winners.


Already got these TjubGob Command pieces planned out.


Haha, lovely cards there @Bowser ! :hatoff:

We’ve got a special Artisan’s Contest coming up next. Please expect some waiting time: I’m still drained after a bout of cold, still have some unusually stubborn migraines, and may have my hands full over Easter with what energy there is left over. Will try to cobble it together next comp as soon as a good window presents itself.


Awesome stuff guys - can’t wait for the next one


Would totally try my hardest in the next one. Excited to participate!


My BATG thanks you :laughing:!


@WillLiam & @MrVonBeckman : Cheers! Glad to hear.

@MichaelX : Get crackin’! :smiley:

Back home at last. Will try to get next Artisan’s up tomorrow.

Besides, during circa 2014-2018 we used to have one Scribe’s Contest in-between every competition. This won’t happen again soon, since the modelling & painting comps is the most thrilling for most people, and minimum AC & GH deadlines are now 2 instead of 1 month.

Pondering having just 1 SC per year, or perhaps 2? They take up circa 3 weeks or a bit less, and parallell contests is a confusing no-no. Thoughts?


One or two a year seems reasonable. 2 would mayhaps make more sense as you could do

2x 1 month scribe, or 3 weeks and a week rest
2x 2 months AC a year and 3x 2 months GH a year or vice versa, or alternate every year.


Also, working on it! Another 42 rats shall be done in the coming few days. Hopefully another 40~60 before may!


I think this is the right call. AC and GH are where the meat is at. I would suggest one SC per year, but in that case allow for 1000 words entries and have them open themed. 1000 words allow for a decent flash fiction piece, and if there is only one per year, I think it should always be open themed. If there would be a second SC in the year, maybe with only 500 words, this then could have a theme.


Excellent feedback, thanks folks!