Shef’s 26 year pride and shame

That Hero model is just so iconic, probably my Fav from the whole range. Very nice Shef!


Cheated mostly. I bought at some point another persons army and they had these blunderbuesses done up rather nicely I’ve left them as is but had to go through a touch up all the paint finish 7-8 of them as they were just sliver with nothing else and resbase all of them as they popped off in shipping I’m assuming. So honestly I only really only painted 12 models worth of work out of the 24. Re did every bit of red and redid most of the sliver again as they were badly chipped. I didnt do the first coat but I definitely did the second. I kinda like the fact that he never did eyes that he just left it flesh. I think I might do that too in the future as every time I have done I so far it looks like the model has seen some shit


The army as it stands.

In the back is the sorcerer and three bulls I’m doing next. The painted one will mostly get touch ups maybe a full army helm repair. But these will have black bodies. And that mage needs a repaint bad.


Touched up the one mostly painted bull centaur to match my current scheme. Did the same for a lord on Taurus. Only thing not painted over are the Taurus horns as that’s better than anything I can do. I think his hat reminds me of Chinese restaurant decor and I’m ok with that.


Finished the hobgoblin bolt thrower. Think I’ll try the red for the wood next time. I’m happy with it I just think it could be better.

Now the sorcerer on foot was my next project and I didn’t know what to do for robes and such color scheme then it hit me. I’ll paint up one of the few chaos dwarfs special characters that’s out there that almost everyone forgets about…

The Black Dwarf!

That was a huge pain and I didn’t have the paints or skills to match it 100% but I’ll take my 60ish%


5 more gits done just to get some numbers on the board

Finished the “last” (10 more to go) of the bull centaurs

Used my first “dry” paint to age the standers bearer have to say he’s my favorite so far cause his helm was a pain in the butt but looks the best.


Holy heap,
You go at your minis at an impressive pace.

Looking forward to seeing the whole army, will you paint all the Tauren with heroes?


12 more gits done. That should be all my 27 now. Need command group for them.

Was going to do more rank and file plastic warriors have a idea to do 20 with a more Granite style ish armor or the best facsimile I can pull off to rep out some long beard type troops but my army primer black nozzle popped off and I had to chunk the can as it’s unless now. So I tried priming them with wraith bone white and not a fan at all. Everything is to vibrant when I need it more dingy and dark, so I’m going to get a new can a try that later. So I’m going to do some hobo warriors next as the lighter palate is where I’m going with them. More old school motif.


Are you saying will I paint the all the great Taurus? Yeah plan is to paint everyone. Ideally before I burn myself out. I’m cheating my 5 a day rule but these don’t feel like before where it was a chore. I’m actually having fun with them.


Archers! Loose!

Little extra range. Really wanted to do a earth shaker but I’ll need that black primer first.

So far the army as stands

25 warriors

24 blunderbusses

5 bull centaur

27 sneaky gits

15 hobo archers

Bolt thrower

Death rocket

The black dwarf

Hero on foot

Lord on Great Taurus

I never thought I’d have this much done at any point if you asked me a month ago.


So much goodness!!! :heart_eyes:


Got the primer, so it’s time for a little heavy support

Painted two but only one crew were finished


Ground rumbles with iron boots of the dawi-zharr

And that’s the end of my plastic warriors. Just metal
Warriors and command groups left.

Not sure if I want to finish the blunderbusses or work a sorcerer lord. Maybe more hobgoblins warriors. Not sure yet. For sure finish the other earth sakers crew and probably the third earth shaker and crew today.


Reveal of the second earth shaker and finished the third and crew for both.

Each earthshakers metal fittings is a different type one copper one silver one gold as somewhat of a unit difference

Current state of the army

Feel like I’m about half way at this point


I have come to the conclusion that either ;-
A…You don’t have to work for a living…
B…You do not have a significant other making demands on your time…
C…You are not easily distracted…
D…You have no life or
E…All of the above.

I’m all of the above but not real sure about “D”


He’s just a man with a mission mate.


This is why I got burned out as a kid it’s compelling to finish or to do a few more, but the difference this time is I’m enjoying it as opposed to slogging though it.


A I’m the GM of a restaurant and work minimum 50+ hours a week on a slow week
B…I’m married, she’s on the couch watching tv while I’m at the dinning room table painting, she thinks their cool and is glad I’m finally finishing them, she’s the one talking about curio cabinet placements.
C…Only work will distract honestly
D…I don’t technically have a life as I’m very happy being a shut in not going places and hanging out with people, I’m a my wife and dogs kinda guy. But today is our wedding anniversary so i doing think I’ll have anything done today…. Maybe

But I’m technically on vacation starting yesterday till the 9th so I don’t know if that will increase the pace or slow it down


You’re just doing so much better than me.
Every day I seem to have another idea or revisit an old stalled one,
Or I get distracted by , ooh look a squirrel

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We will not tell my wife that while she napped I did this

And we won’t tell her that I came to bed later than normal to finish this