Silicone/rubber modelling tools for Greenstuff/Milliput

Alright gents, what are you guys using and are you happy with it?

I know, some use their fingers, others use metal sculpting tools, but I’ve used both and I’d like to try out these rubber ones :slight_smile:

Specifically interesting questions are

  • firm or soft?
  • which size?

From what I could gather, harder epoxy (like Greenstuff) would need a firmer scultping tool, right? And sizewise, is it like it is with paintbrush-sizes, where we all started out with an ultra-fine high-detail 0001 brush because we thought “I’m painting small things, I need a small brush” but then all learned that like 99% of all steps are made with a size 1 or 2?


Greenstuff is relatively soft imo. Soft/firm does probably not matter that much – it’s more a matter of preference. I got this one from boesner (they don’t sell this exact model anymore but it was a size 2) I am really happy with. I cannot really compare it with anything else. It’s neither extremely soft nor stiff if that helps. Never had the desire to go smaller. For this I use metal tools.

Since writing this post I have been incorporating metal tools more into my work flow. Problem here is what’s currently out there (not naming brands here but just type green stuff sculpting tools etc into Amazon) is utter crap since GW retired its relatively decent sculpting tools a few years ago. I now use almost exclusively student-grade dentistry tools (which have the same shape as the old GW tools but a better finish. You can find them under the names Hylin/Le Cron/Zahle). If you have trouble finding vendors selling to private individuals, drop me a message… I have been trough this. Talking about domestic made tools here. There is import stuff on Amazon/ebay that may be ok as well.


Thanks for the input, that’s very handy!
I have the old GW metal sculpting tools (and also dentistry tools I actually use for my teeth), so I’m set on that front. Just want to dip my toes into this rubber thing :slight_smile: Good to know you had a size #2, that’s helpful. The firm/soft issue too.

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Right, I got carried away a bit. :laughing: In my opinion the best tool for anything organic/realistic folds on cloths.

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What? No, it was all super helpful! Thanks mate!

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I definitely agree that the smaller silicone sculpting tools are a lower priority. I have some of those and mostly find myself using the larger versions and then shifting to metal tools as things get tiny.

I find these three geometries circled to get the most frequent use.

Regarding stiffness I’ve only ever used one type. They seem fairly average stiffness. On freshly mixed green stuff I haven’t had any issues. Maybe softer ones would start to underperform if you’re trying to chase some sculpting in the end of a long session. Metal tools are better late in the workability window anyway.

Having some lovely blue stuff molds or a rivet maker to chuck spare green stuff in has become common practice. Keeps my greebly gubbinz bin full.

I also have really enjoyed metal ball end tools but they are probably more of a time saver than a necessity.


Excellent guys, so that’s two votes for rather large and stiff. (TWSS, right @MichaelX?)

That’s really helpful!

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I use FIRM and size 0. I dont find the soft ones very useful for GS, they are too soft IMO. On the photo posted be @Reaver above I use #1,3,4 from left-right.

Regarding GS tools, I find these very useful as well. Handy for alot of different tasks… :slight_smile:


Right on, yeah I can imagine those balltops come in handy!

I think I’m going to start out with a firm #2, see where this takes me.

Thanks again, fellas!

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Yes exactly! Those are the ones I have. Great for tentacle suction cups. Got them on a whim. Now they see regular use.


Same here, a bit surprised how often I used them at first.


I have the softish brushes, they’re fine for miliput and can be used for gs, but id go for firm too if i would huy them again

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