Slaves to Darkness: The Horde of Lord Magnon

This blog will be documenting the rebasing, partial repainting and new additions to my warriors of chaos army. One of my first fantasy armies, originally bought for Age of Sigmar around 5 years or so ago, this army is slowly being transferred to square bases and getting small updates for use in whfb. As well as this, new units are being added to the horde.


  1. Lord Magnon - the least favoured champion of chaos
  2. Miniature Showcase
  3. Hobby blog.

Infamous members of the Horde of Magnon

Name: Lord Crow Magnon

“Pillage the women and rape the livestock!”

Age: 45 (For the last five years according to his press bio)

Occupation: Chaos Lord

Likes: Livestock, hitting things, staircases, his “beguiling gem”

Dislikes: Nurgle, The Undead, losing.

Religion: Dedicated entirely to Khorne (Khorne does not reciprocate this affection.”

Name: NoCan the Barbarian

“Crush your enemies, see them driven before your, and hear the lamentation of their livestock”

Age: 30

Occupation: Marauder chieftain / underwear model

Likes: 80s cinema, Protein shakes, locker room shenanigans

Dislikes: clothing

Religion: Claims that Slaanesh worships him

Name: Yor Magnon

“Yor’s world, he’s the man”


Occupation: The Hunter from the Present/ battle standard bearer / disappointing son to a chaos lord

Likes: Flag waving and tub-thumping

Dislikes: Fighting

Religion: Worships Khorne but it’s really more of an Easter and Christmas thing. Just it would break his dad’s heart if he actually quit.

Name Skellibob


Age: Unknowable

Occupation: Sorcerer

Likes: Casting spells from the comfort of his own hut

Dislikes: Casting spells while under pressure

Religion: Chaos undivided/ whoever is listening once the fighting starts.


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