The grand, hopefully not too grand, archive bugs thread!

Hello Hashutians (and more importantly, Walhutians),

With the archive nearly transfered (81% done as i write this post) its a good time to start a Bug thread.

If any of you at any point find someting bad (i’ll specify what we can fix later in this post) please leave a reply in this thread with a link to the bad post (if applicable) and what you think should be fixed. One of the staffers will then check it and when possible fix it.

What can we fix:

  • posts that are made using your name, but aren’t yours.
  • posts that are made by another user, but are yours.
  • discourse links that point to the wrong post/thread. There are some bad matches.
  • Image uploads that arent correctly shown
  • in some rare cases the tool could have made a double post, or split a thread in 2 threads.

What can we fix, but is very low prio:

  • spelling errors
  • weird signs like → �
  • old html/mycode tags like ->[align] [/align] …

What cant we fix (please don’t report these):

  • Dead external links. We are trying to reach out to old forum members to see what we can do but we assume there is nothing to be done. we are talking about posts that are between 2 and 14 years old.

I will reply to this post immediatly with a list of bugs i already have. We’ll update it as we go.


Wrong user name: Rename messages by @Anzu to System for unzul and anno
Wrong user name: Rename messages by @Jasko to system for “Jake” and “Jaakko”
Wrong user name: Rename messages by system to @reaver for “reaver of uzkulak”


@Reaver your posts are yours again now mate!

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@Anzu You should be free of the weight of owning unzul’s and anno’s posts! please let me know if there are more issues.

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@Jasko You should also be free now mate, Jake and Jaakko should now be posted as System.

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Mhm, not yet mate, I’m still Jake :slight_smile: ,e.g. here

I have some notifications where I see you’ve changed something about those posts, but I can’t see any difference between before and after

Yup, i just found out too.

its weird because it did work for reaver and uzku (as far as i can tell).

I get an error for your account.



But hey, it’s as I said, don’t lose any sleep over this, we have a complete archive now and that’s just awesome, happy to post as Jake and Jaakko here and there :wink:

Haha no no. it doesnt work like that… my brain demands to know why this happens!

but that isn’t on you :smiley:


Hahahaha, I respect that, I think I’d be the same :slight_smile:

Anything I can do from my end to help?

No not really.

It feels like its a posting limit. A sort of timeout. As i started with reavers name changes (170 ish posts) and then Unzul and Anno’s posts, another 300+ posts. but there shouldn’t be a limit…


Script is probably like “Geez, are we done already? What now? Ohhhhhhh, some posts got misassigned, big whoop, you gonna cry now? Screw this, I’m done for the day”.

Can’t blame it.


It’s only when i try to fix your posts it seems. I have just changed a post from oxy to me and that worked.

Very strange.

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Scratch that… its when i change ownership to system

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@Jasko as usual it was a very stupid issue…

user System is actually system…when creating posts, topics,… it matches the user just fine…

for change ownership however… it doesnt… so System does not exist…

its fixed now!



I had the same issue. Good to hear you sorted it you, Daemonsmith @MichaelX ! Wizard indeed. Turning to stone a bit, are we? :wink:

Haha I does feel like it with age :sweat_smile:

@MichaelX Thanks! Anno’s posts are gone but Unzul is still there. Since you wrote unzul, perhaps a case sensitivity issue?

Good shout. I’ll check. But. I did check those. Weird.

Do you have an example perhaps?