To all the folks who have never posted before

Just a quick note to say, tons of people have joined in the past month or two, and you’re super welcome!

In just 12 days, it will be one year since I made my first post and the whole community has been incredibly supportive and fun to be part of!

Since then we’ve made podcasts, met popular youtubers, and grown the community by a huge amount. Soon some of us will even meet in person! If you do want to post, I bet you’ll find lots of exciting things will follow.

But even if all you do is read and enjoy the same hobby as us, you’re welcome here and we’re happy to have you!


I agree 100%. Posting here is the best way to get motivated in the hobby and feel involved.

^^^^ Actual footage of you (and your threads) being welcomed on the forum


One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!


So many new people are viewing the community this week and this month. @MichaelX has seen a huge increase in the back-end stats for unique users and signups. Many more eyes are on us from all sorts of places, whether they are Total War fans, YouTube lore lovers, or game designers typing “Chaos Dwarfs” into google while trying to hit a deadline.

Some of us were just discussing on the Discord - we ALL found CDO and spent a ton of time lurking and reading and enjoying all the blogs and contest entries. Some of us chose to start posting - and some not.

So whether you post or not, we appreciate you, and we’re excited for what the future holds.