TOW Fire Dwarfs / Blanchitsu

Blorcs cleaned up and primed:

First batch of guys in progress. Having fun painting these guys up:

For the skin I used an ancient bottle of army painter color, that was my first choice to use for my hobgoblins, but I :smiley_cat:’ed out. I think it works great and think it’s funny that it’s so aptly named on the bottle:

Once this unit is done, I’ll be good and ready to do the much awaited tournament.

I’m so confident that I’ll have them ready in a timely manner, that I’ve offered to help a traitor dwarf player with painting up a part of his throng, for the same thing. I should slip a pink beard in there or something :smiley:

Have a good one everybody. These boys will have to wait until tomorrow to get finished.


Three first boys:

Really digging these sculpts, especially the squinting eye of the great weapon guy, and the sort of dopey expression of the standard bearer. So much character. I’m having a blast painting them. Some rough patches that I’ll cover up during the next batch, but overall I’m satisfied with this standard.

The red face idol things are a bit plain. Usually people paint them with white teeth, right? Maybe I should give that a go :thinking:


Awesome project. Lot of coll stuff.

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Thanks a lot :pray::blush: Once the orcs are done, I’ll be looking at ordering some bull centaurs, likely ~125% scaled originals, an iron daemon, a new magma cannon, and maybe some wolf riders. Debating myself whether to get the three monsters as well - Lamassu, Taurus and Wyvern, or at least the first two. Or one* :thinking: I’ll have to find out. Money is a little tight right now :confused:

Concerningly slow progress on the black orcs :grimacing: I have to leave early on Saturday and I have 4 more to go. Gotta crank them out tomorrow somehow :paintbrush::zap: At least I wasn’t able to get the 30mm bases on time, so I won’t have to worry about basing. Turns out there’s actually not a painted-models-required rule at this tournament, so in the end it’s just a self imposed stress factor. But alas, I do my best work under pressure :sweat_smile: Here’s where the fellas are now:


The whole group finished friday evening :point_up: The NMM armour was rough due to the time constraints, but I pulled it off. No possibility to do bases, but I still managed to pull off a prize for BEST PAINTED ARMY at the tournament yesterday!!! :astonished:

Stiff competition, too, with a gorgeous high elf army and a rambunctious all-proxy army of… Garden gnomes…?

Here’s super photogenic me accepting my diploma and who else but my brother won the tournament overall, smashing all opposition with only two units lost in all games combined :see_no_evil:

I’ll do a separate post with pictures, impressions, and learnings from the tournament. It really was a grand old time, and luckily the TO agreed and is already thinking up a 1500pts tournament and a 2000pts one. I’m all for it.

And here it is: [TOW] Tournament Report


Man, with you on the Skaven, exactly.BUTT…

Kerspar, the unfriendly looks like a turd in the punch bowel.
I really do love you man.

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Yeah that guy has been sidelined for every subsequent battle :laughing: Too many points for a few re-rolls and nothing else. Might as well give both warmachines Hellbound and enjoy the benefits that entails (except for the misfire debuff :grimacing:)

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Hey I just reread this, please don’t think I referred to Kerspar as a turd AFTER the paint. I replied to the Mar 7 photo and it showed up at the end.
Love your Army. All Praise.

Hehe, I got it :sweat_smile: He’s still at the stage of painting where I last showed him off. I’ve been deep into 3d kitbashing an iron daemon these past few days. I did get a game in yesterday, will make a report soon-ish. tldr I won vs tomb kings by out deploying him.

Nice, I’ve never faced tomb kings ever. All insights would be helpful.
Just reordered 300 bases for the army to redo the 20 MM bases.

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The blog has been silent for a while since I pretty much ran out of stuff to paint. I’ve been gathering and tinkering with some STL’s and have just now put in an order to get the next batch printed. It’ll be:

  • various black orcs, both rare and interesting
  • some old big hats that I digitally remastered
  • blunderbusses of old and new (Brawniac!)
  • Brawniac’s Lamassu with fabelzel wings
  • The Fabelzel Taurus with an old sorcerer on top (remastered banner poles, proud of that)
  • Big hat Iron Daemon! :fire::steam_locomotive:
  • 4 oldschool bulltaurs, upscaled and converted to all have great weapons
  • a Bulltaur Tau’ruk / Fabelzel bull chief, mirrored and new left hand disarmed
  • ogre loader by maxcat152
  • 2 different hobgoblin bolt throwers

I think that’s it :flushed: It’s gonna be amazing :star_struck:


9 days until the new models arrive :dizzy_face: Can barely contain my excitement, so I made some magic cards:

They’re in sleeves to protecc, but also to hide the fact that they have cornflakes on the back :grin:

Besides that, I’m getting ready to make some better (well, good) banners, compared to last time.

I’m really quite looking forward to showing you guys what I’ve got - most of the stuff has been modified in some way, and comes from an array of sources.

Lovely evening to all :pray:


I’ve received my shipment of 3D prints and have been a little overwhelmed with the amount of work this entails. The number of minis is smaller than previously, but the variety is higher, so there’s a lot of conceptualizing required for the various paint schemes.

Be that as it may, I have been chipping away at the bull centaurs for the past sessions. I won’t be sharing WIP, cause they’re at the ‘ugly, but stick with it, it’ll get better’ stage :sweat_smile:

I did finish up the golds on my new infantry
champion, so he’s moving into the realm of looking acceptable:

Obviously he’s a dark wet fart, aka. Zhatan the Black, but I altered him so he has just more scalemail instead of the lump for mounting back banners. I figured since the CD melee characters are so lackluster, I’d make him a champion to allow him some table time.


HIP,HIP, HOORAH. New stuff.
I like dark wet farts, AKA Shartz all.
I see bulls hanging out in the back field.

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Awesome Progress so far!

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The throng is mustered. I don’t think I’ll ever field more than 17 IG or Ironsworn at any given time, so I’m calling this unit done (when I get the banner on there, but I’ll do bullies and these guys at the same time). Now the final push on the centaurs and some Blorc basing, and I’m ready for a game tomorrow!

The 30mm (and 50*75mm) bases are done though, so it’s just a matter of plopping them on there and adding some grass tufts after a bit of varnishing. Should be doable within the timeframe.


As far as I’m going to go for this evening. Bulltaurs ready to tabletop standard, blorcs properly based, mortar crewman missing a finger :see_no_evil:

The army is shaping up nicely, if I do say so myself. Nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing.

Also: figured out that the deathshrieker has three crewmens (!), guess it’s cause the Azgorh version has three. So I’m putting my old IG champ (aka “Hashutu akbar!”) to use as their bodyguard.

Update: [TOW] 1500pts vs O&G's


Need suggestions :open_mouth: I want to give my bulltaurs a worthy banner, but I’m undecided how to cut it… I saw this picture and was sort of inspired:

I think the secondary banner is too much, but the flaps on the side look cool, something like this:

You could also just use the secondary banner without the flaps, but I think that doesn’t really take advantage of the width of the banner top:

Lastly, I could do just a standard flappy flag like so:

:point_up: But that seems sort of generic.

I think I like the flaps more. It would look cool on the battlefield, when the centaurs ride out, banner flaps fluttering in the wind :thinking:

For now I’ll do my infernal guard banner, it’s rather bog-standard (bsdum tshh), but that’s fine for them, imo.

Edit: looking at these pictures, I realize I forgot to weather the skulls on the rightmost bulltaur’s hat. Oups.