TOYGUN builds + Scrap Builds

Watched your video. I like your humour. Do you think you could scrap build some kind of chaos dwarf scenery? Like a forge or a sacrificial altar. Or a bagage train. Maybe you should build a train, since you see them so much haha


i have no idea at all what i can and cannot build, it depends of how someone sees that piece of trash in the moment!
due to the everyday item shapes it’s easier to make a futuristic thing, but i could try small first and work some way into a CD material for sure!
ALSO i have already a chaos dwarf train planned, but wont say anything else yet on this topic :smiley:


Trash is paying off, because today I received my playmat so I had to take some quick pics!

Man this game is so much fun


After almost 1 year of this side project, I made my 5th car xD got plenty of scenery yet only 5 cars ahhahaha

So here it is!


They are cool cars though!

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Been almost 1 year since i did anything on this subject.
Gotta keep my mind busy and some shit is going on “lately” so impulsively yesterday night i started to glue random parts together and i ended up with the following!

as usual, a coat of spray paint changes the entire “model”!

it looks like a mosque? some meat silos/factory? shit i have no clue.
i’m thinking if add something on top of the dome for make it taller, like some peak whatsoever, no clue tho!


Don’t know what’s going on mate, but you’ll make it through it I’m sure!

And the scrap build is looking ace. :ok_hand:

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Randomly got an Art Attack and made this!

In 2 weeks I’ll be in a convention displaying my own Gaslands stuff, so this gave me some motivation

Food container, sand paper the surfaces for max adhesion, then beach sand and that’s it
Browns, grays, washes and that’s it!


Oh wow

When inspiration hits you right :grin:

Please get some pics from that con, would love to see all this work on display

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I did! It was so fun! Many people stopped by and I played many games!
As usual, couldn’t even win one ahhshsha those fucking dice are constantly against me lol

The best part out of this great opportunity, is that a teacher from an art school saw my work, she teaches plastic materials and asked me if I would like to hold a workshop in their school one Saturday to show and teach up to 50 kids range 13-15 years old my line of work!
It will be around end November early December and I couldn’t be more scared and excited ahahahah


That looks fun, nice turnout of people and congrats on the opportunity to teach kids about model building and converting.
Passing on your wonderful skills ( wisdom? :thinking: ) to another generation of Hashut hobbyists.
Please keep us posted on the teaching, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

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