Tww2 mod ass cannon

Hello after being introduced to the lore of the Dawi-Zharr by loremaster of sotek I’ve watch the last The Brazen Broadcast #3.5 and in it, there was a request for a mod for total war warhammer 2 with the use of the hellcannon and I said to myself, why not do it.

With the images that come with this topic I want to ask advice on the unit stats for tww2 of this unit based on the table top. Would be closer to a hell cannon a mortar a dwarf cannon? How much its upkeep and so on ( (this site allows for the comparison between unit stats)


Amazing, no better way to blast onto the forum than by expanding the legend of the asscannon! Now you just need to find a hellcannon model and make this conversion for tabletop! Glad to hear people migrating this way from the podcast and the Sotek video. Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the TWW discussion soon to be released from Sotek coming onto our podcast.


Amazing work! Well done!!!

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