How should a Video Gaming section look like?

First of all, pardon me for inexact use of Discourse terms. I’m rusty and still too used with old forum terminology.

Secondly, we can look forward to a Chaos Dwarf debut in Total Warhammer III, with a potential for lots of new members streaming in thanks to this future showing of Dawi Zharr might. @vigario is a forerunner here, with his pioneering TWW2 Asscannon mod.

We need a proper video gaming section, where everything Chaos Dwarf from Total Warhammer to Medieval II and Banner Lord mods have their home. We also need a resource library, where all Chaos Dwarf mod assets can be found. The question is, how to implement it?

Do we make the Video Gaming section a subforum to Chaos Dwarf Discussion, or its own proper section/forum? If only a subforum, do we put the resource library as a thread in it? It seem a section of its own would be cleareast, because then the resource library will simply be a subforum of the Video Gaming section. Or will it risk bloating the amount of sections? Or is there some other way to go about it?

Let’s see what seems most rational, and then set it up.

Thanks to @chitzkoi for bringing this up. Let’s stay two steps ahead of developments.


I prefer the video games section has a subforum of the chaos dwarf discussion, the resources to modding and all other stuff like it should go become a subforum to the “Library” and to the people that want to talk about other stuff related to video games other than chaos dwarfs in video games should use the off-topic discussion. That being said all of these 3 subforum should be somehow connected so if others feel like it should be it’s own forum together I can see their point.


Id say give it its own section, I’m not worried the forum will get “bloated” and if that in case should be the feeling we can always edit it later on.
I know on the old forum there were discussions about this in regards to Google hits etc, dont know it thats still something to keep in mind? :thinking:
But as a “content base” its own section would be preferred IMO. But I guess it depends on how active it would be etc…

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This ^

A category for video games and maybe sub sections per game type?

And maybe a second branching like CD and not CDs
So like:
Chaos Dwarfs/ other races

Like a sub auto"ot" thread but still relatable?

Or is that maybe too much in detail?

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Could always start with one and if needed branch out. :slight_smile:

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