Warhammer: The Old World

As I am sure, by now everybody knows that GW is bringing the Old World back in some upcoming game. (We’re talking years from now at this point). Nobody knows what kind of game, whether the good old Warhammer Fantasy Battles is simply making a comeback with 9th Edition (somehow doubtful) or if it is rather a new form of Warmaster or something else entirely. The original hook was that square bases will be coming back though, so let’s see. In their latest news, they focussed on Kislev, bringing this old range and lore back. Please pay particular attention to the very first sentence:

One of the coolest aspects of returning to the world-that-was is the opportunity to revisit certain aspects of its classic lore and delve into them in greater detail than ever before.

Now all they need to do is doing the same with Chaos Dwarfs.



This is highly promising! Sounds rather a lot like what I’ve been hoping for.

Chaos Dwarfs have good chances for new toys. We’ve always been the strongest faction in Warhammer’s periphery.

It remain to be seen if entirely new factions will come into being. There is enormous potential for expansion given the historical basis of Warhammer Fantasy and the real world-ish world map; think Inca Dwarves and fantasy Songhai.


Yes, so much potential here… :smiley:

This is looking amazing - always wanted a kislev army.

They have cool hats too

Yes! This is what I was hoping for Warhammer Old World!

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More Kislev was one of my two greatest wishes for Warhammer. Now I just need more Chaos Dwarfs and I will be satisfied.

And if we get the smallest taste of Ind or Araby, then I will conclude Games Workshop is working for me.

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Those less common human factions are probably the only humies I could see myself collecting. Would be pretty exciting.

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My guess would be that the go for factions that the can tm, so none of the too generic stuff. Hopefully our Big Hats might fit there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you are right about big hats. I am sure they will go for tm humans. To be honest they would be sensible to do different human armies as they could then cross them over into.AoS. For a huge setting it has few different human cultures in figures. Also this would not impact existing AoS sales as they would not be in direct competition. My fear is that Old World cds May be seen as competition for LoA. So if they do them they would have to have a very different aesthetic, big hats? Or early edition stuff like the chaos dwarf renegades. We will see…

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Still no news on a potential Chaos Dwarf return, but at least we got another update, this time with an extended map of Bretonnia.
That means so far we have Kislev as a new army confirmed and a return of Bretonnia basically confirmed. Lets keep our fingers crossed that they keep using this project to feature some of the more niche armies.


Bretonnia are one of my favourite armies from WFB, I’d love to own them but their prices are even higher than CDs.

Cool to see they’ve added HE outposts on the coast, and highlighted Athel Loren too hinting at other (most likely) playable factions.


I wonder what they will do to be able to TM Bretonnia, IMO they were the most generic historical army there was.

I wonder if we’ll see regular knights instead mounted on something else like pegasus or demi gryphs or something? And they become the new “core” instead of horses - no doubt with some over the top name :sweat_smile: - that way GW can trademark them? Thats just a shot in the dark though honestly.

Mmm, we’ll have to wait and see. But that seems resonable… :slight_smile:

Love the High Elf outpost additions!

Horse cavalry is a given for legacy reasons, but we can probably expect something fantastic for elite units similar to demigryph knights, beside the already existing pegasus knights.

Demigryphs for Empire was one of the best additions, background-wise, in all of 8th edition, by the way. After all, when places like Cathay would receive stone dog cavalry, martial arts monks and similar exotic wild stuff had they received an army book, then places like the Empire (and Bretonnia) should receive likewise exotic and wild stuff fit for their themes. It’s valuable to design places with an outsider’s view of the strange and the weird in mind, leaning into the exotic and strange (such as fantasy creatures like demigryphs and fanatics like flagellants) even for cultures which seem more mundane because they are closer to home.

Chaos Dwarfs have always been designed as weird and exotic, and we’ve benefited immensely from the sheer strangeness which the GW/FW studio folk have approached us with.

Bretonnia is in most need of fantastical additions to their range out of all WFB armies. They were originally in the 1980s historical medieval Citadel miniatures used for Warhammer fantasy, and it still shows in how Bretonnia was designed through the editions, strangely enough. The beauty of army lists is that you can still build a very low-fantasy, quasi-historical army by not including the more fantastical elements, if you so want. So the more the merrier.

That is also one reason why more grounded, familiar stuff like knights on horses certainly won’t go away. GW have long known the virtue of making stuff that people will recognize at a sight. Demons, orcs, dwarves, elves, vampires, undead ancient egyptians, knights, landsknechts, winged hussars, dragons, treemen and so on. It’s a historically based fantasy smörgåsbord that gets creative with already well known concepts, rather than trying to come up with entirely new stuff just for the sake of it. Instead of removing any of the more grounded down-to-earth bits plucked from real human history, Warhammer usually works by adding fantastical elements on top of the mundane, not by replacing it.

And since the current GW studio still clearly gets what their 40k setting is all about, they’ll probably stay rather true to the spirit in which Warhammer Fantasy was designed while obviously also building upon it and explore new stuff like they’ve always done. So my prediction is to expect grounded down-to-earth stuff to remain even as elite units in particular get all the more fantastical.

As to IP mania, expect redesigns of stuff like armour, dress and horse gear, beside more fantastical additions. Fingers crossed it will look good. :01:



Considering Bretonnia borrows from Arthurian lore, it might be a good idea for the new take on them to lean even more into it and other early British and French folklore for additional fantastical elements.

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Am looking forward to a return to the old world but after playing 9th age I hope they focus on balance as much as the amazing background

New update!

Some Interesting tidbits for us.

Students of Warhammer lore will also note that the borders of Kislev are very different from what they may be familiar with. The eastern border is not here defined by the World’s Edge Mountains, but in fact extends through the Belyevobota Pass, through the Great Skull Lands – northernmost reaches of the Dark Lands – through the Mountains of Mourn, and out into the limitless expanses of the eastern steppes beyond. Clearly, at this time Kislev was a vast empire indeed, its territories encompassing lands said by some to be haunted by Hobgoblins, Centaurs and Half-Orcs, though who can say which of these, if any, are true?

Also, these two about bases and scale:

Definitely square! Warhammer: The Old World is a reinvention of the classic rank-and-file game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Regiments move in ranked-up units, and strategic manoeuvring into position to launch or receive a critical charge will be as much a key part of the game as it ever was.

What? No! What madness is that?! The scale will remain the same as it ever was. We want people to be able to use their old armies if they wish, or to start new ones, or to add new miniatures to old armies – whatever they want.

Awwww yes. So, quick recap:

  • good-old 28mm scale on square bases, old armies apparently fully playable
  • Map shows Chaos-Dwarf-Icon, “Uzkulak” and “The Dark Citadel”
  • Kislev’s border is much more to the east and potential conflict with other races is already mentioned

I like a lot of what I am seeing here!


Sounds what we all hope for, cheers. Lets hope they write the rules for adults rather than children. Fingers crossed


Hobgoblins and Hobhounds teased in new Old World post:


What does this mean? I think its safe to say that we’re getting more Hobgoblins in future and an update to Hobhounds, this also more than likely confirms Hobhounds for Total War 3 too… no mention of Hob-Trolls…